Monday, March 07, 2011

Olvera Street, China Town, Korea Town. And the Academy Awards and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Not sure if you can make out the sign too well. But it says Korea Town. We wanted to go walking around there after the museum on the Friday we arrived in LA. But as it started to rain, we went to Popeye's and only drove through Korea Town. It was very very went blocks and blocks and blocks. And would have been very interesting if we would have been able to walk around and site see. But as the weather wasn't the most cooperative that Friday when we arrived in LA. We took what we could get and opted for a drive through Korea Town instead. So that was still cool.
Saturday was what I posted the last post. Sunday morning, we went to Manhattan Village which is where Sephora was. I had a list and went in knocked things off the list. A Makeup artist wanted to do my makeup but since I was sorta pinched for time, he did my lips and I thanked him and left.
We ran to the South Bay Galleria after hitting Sephora on Sunday. I went into Nordies real quick. Just needed some Kiehls Ultra facial moisturizer. She gave me quite a few free samples and then I headed to the MAC counter and bought their newish foundation they have out. I wanted to try it. I usually use MAC studio fix, have for years and still use it. But I wanted to try the newish pro longwear liquid. It won't replace my beloved Studio Fix for sures but it'll be good on like important type days where I need to wear more then compact foundation. She color matched me as a NC15 for the liquid which I am the same shade in the studio fix too. Then we went to Target which is in the same parking lot as the Galleria.
This was the Nordies.

Noboru and the boys went walking around. He said we'd meet up in 40 minutes. So, I quickly walked around. Found some cool plates and bowls for the boys. Found this Easter platter for cheap. Went and tried on some house shorts. Hanging out at home or doing the treadmill shorts. Plain black ones really cute for like $7 bucks or so. A few packs of undies for both Branden and Noah, some socks for them and a few packs of undies for myself. And 1 white bra. I usually get black or colored Bali or other ones from Macy's but I really only needed a basic white one for the odd chance I actually need a white one. So didn't want to spend a fortune on a bra I might wear twice a year tops. Since I really prefer black bras or patterned ones or pastel colored ones.
This is an escalator just for your cart. Not for you. Just the cart. We rode the escalator for humans next to the cart escalator. ; )
Noboru grabbing our cart. : )
Everyone was hungry by now, so we went back to the South Bay Galleria and went to have lunch. I had this...El Pollo Loco. So good. And I did watch what I ate the whole trip. Here I had a 2 piece chicken white meat, which was 1 breast and 1 wing. I actually walked so much this trip too. And I was shocked to come back from vacation to find out I actually lost 8 pounds total since I started this health change/switch and getting fit thing. And am a total now of 4 CM slimmer. And I now am officially a whole other size smaller in pants. Yeah....Noboru had to buy me 2 pair of pants when we got back from California because my pants were just getting too baggy for me during the trip. And American pants are so low waist everything nowdays. I don't like the ultra low wasit pants. Don't want to show butt crack or near butt crack. ; ) So, I bought my pants in Japan. Bought some shorts in the US though at Old Navy. And the house shorts from Target.
Kids had Mc D's combos.
Noboru had to go and get something to eat from the Japanese food place. But he said it wasn't very good. : (
Then we headed to the car and headed to our next destination.
Bath and Body Works. Love this store.

Good Year blimp.
Do you see that Hollywood sign in the distance? Click it to make it bigger if you want. : )
Goodbye malls. Now time to sitesee once again. We were now in a place in Los Angeles called Olvera Street. It is a very interesting place. Very lively, lots to see.
This is a street where there are many Mexican American things for sale. Many delicious smells coming from the restaurants. Here was someone selling some sausages.
These stalls and market reminds me a bit of the Marketplace in Honolulu. But different of course too. But the same in the fact all the stalls are near one another.

Candle shop.
A cute little girl. I imagine she was probably there for her First Communion. : )
Candy and other treats
Purses and whatnots.
The kids ohhed and ahhed at everything. They learned so much this trip.
This under 3 dollar scarf. Well with tax it was a flat $3 US. 300 yen for you in Japan. I saw a scarf that caught my eye. And the price was right. I got that scarf, and I plan to wear it and it will remind me of all the things learnt from our trip to California. All the different types of people and experiences we got. And so...this 3 dollar scarf will make me smile whenever I wear it. Sentimental value. : )
We heard mariachi music. Just the whole vibe being there was really cool.

I really liked that hanging veggies and fruit.
Now this animal foot thermos/drinking cantine, I wasn't too sure about though. But you least I saw it...and now I know.
Eggs hollowed out and ready to put something in.
This shirts were an interesting read. And food for thought. : )
I recognized Frida Kahlo right away. It was just really interesting being here for an afternoon.
I loved these religious bracelets and being Catholic myself, I regret not buying the more conservative one on the right bottom, 2nd to the right bottom actually. : )

Anyone see that wresting movie with Jack Black? See the wrestling masks up above on that stall. There really was a whole lot to see.
They also had dancers dancing. We stopped and listened for a few minutes.
And I wanted to buy something to eat. Just anything. Just so I could say...we at least tried something from here, we usually eat something here Noboru and I when we come here. Yet we were going to the Red Lobster that night. So, we had a choice of the local street vendors selling the sausages or the mango. We chose the fresh mango. The lady said, do you want it like usual? I said, yep...give me the regular way. So, she chopped up a whole mango, squeezed some fresh lemon on it and some sprinkled chili on it. Considering I am a very opened minded person. Come on...I once ate an avacado popsicle and had some of Noboru's corn posicle at a shop in Olvera Street the last time Noboru and I were here (before we had kids) and those posicles were very good. So, I said looking at our mango...looks good! Thanked her and we went on our way! The kids each took a slice of the chili lemoned mango and said...too hot! Noboru ate one tiny bite and said...he did not like it. @_@ So, I enjoyed the spicy fresh mango all by my lonesome. Sure it was so hot, I think I could have had fire coming out my nostrils and mouth. But I enjoyed it. : ) And I enjoyed trying something different. And this is one of the places that got me addicted to putting chili sprinkles on my corn. And now I even do that in Japan. : ) Although a few places in Denver does that too with the corn and chili.
Looks like just a few chili sprinkles but it was pure fire! Good but hot.
We also bought a bag of pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds from Olvera Street were 100 times better then the ones I make for Halloween, even the boys said so. : ( And I agree. By now my camera battery was blinking like crazy. It had been blinking when I started taking pics of the guys dancing at Olvera Street. Bummer. My camera battery nearly died or died every day in California, it was used so much. : (
See what the sign says...Chinatown. China Town is right smack next to Olvera Street. Like literally the next block. Our parking spot said for...Olvera Street and China Town. So it is literally...a kill 2 birds with 1 stone destination. We went to China Town and it was a nice weather day. So, we walked 3 blocks by 2 blocks of China town and got 2 packs (4 egg rolls total, 2 in each pack) and ate them all the way to the car. China Town is amazing. I actually hope to go back again real soon. It was truly so fun and we learned so much and saw many tourists like us. It was fun.
Charged my camera in the car, a bit, not on full though..... thank goodness for car outlets. Phew. Now can you see the Hollywood sign a bit better?
Look at the Hollywood walk of fame. I shouldn't maybe say this. But it's not nearly as pretty as we always imagine. We've been here before. But...yeah definitely interesting.
Also lots of the building were for lease or had gone out of business. Near the Walk of Fame.
A site seeing tour.
Ripleys Believe It Or Not!
The Beatles Apple poster/billboard above the Gap.
Crowds of people gather around.
I think the Gold and tin man are better in Honolulu. This guy moved a bit too much. Sorry.
Break dancers.
And this was cornered off and lots of seats. Do you know what they were getting ready for in a few short days? The Academy Awards.
See, as you can read..nope I'm not kidding. The acual spot where they will start and have the Acadamy Awards. Where Natalie Portman (for Black Swan) And Tom Cruise, etc etc will get off and out of their limos.
See we have satellite here at our house and catch these shows on here and they always show that Kodak Theatre shot on there.

This is where they'll walk through and a red carpet will probably be on the floor. Very interesting stuff.
Storm Troopers.
Diego. Having just come from Olvera Street where there was plenty of Diego and Dora stuff. The kids shouted Diego! LOL.
Spiderman and the Little Mermaid.
The Chinese theater. Pretty famous.
Dundundundun!!!!! Captain....AMERICA! lol! ; )

Madame Tussards wax museum.
Bye Barney! And yes we wondered to ourselves in the car....were these people actually hired to wear these costumes? Or were they just random weirdos and strange-o's. : ) Seriously now days you can never be too sure. : )
On our way to the Red Lobster. And what did we see...we weren't looking for it. Pinks Famous Hot Dog Stand.
Look at that line...just for a hot dog! That line wrapped all the way to the back of the restaurant! We didn't mind because we knew we'd be going to their 2nd location at Knotts Berry Farm. But yeah we marveled at that line and I had to take a pic of it. A line that long for a hot dog!
Now we were at The Red Lobster. Noboru had a cesar salad and I had a garden salad, everyone loved those cheesy garlic biscuits that are free and they keep bringing you more and more and more. I had the shrimp lovers meal with 2 types of shrimp and Noboru had the shrimp lovers meal with 3 types of shrimp. The kids had kids meals and hot fudge sundaes afterwards. We sat as a family and marvelled how much we had seen that day. From the 2 malls, to that Target with the crazy new cart escalator : ) To Olvera Street, the getting ready for the Academy Awards bit we got to see (yes we're such tourists, lol)...the storm troopers and even down to Barney. ; ) Every single night we went back to the hotel, we would shower and veg out on the bed surfing the TV channels. I'd perioidically check my emails every couple days. But Noboru would snore so loudly every night because he had such a full fun day and enjoyed himself but was also tired. And the kids would fall deeply asleep right away too. They saw so much this trip...learned so much....gee from the start with taking the BART, to the drive from San Francisco to LA. All the fruit trees and stands. The museum. Just everything. A trip they will remember when they are older.
I had the shrimp scampi (garlic butter shrimp) and the fried shrimp and baked potato.
The kids only got 1 thing only that they got to pick. Branden's was $16 US. And Noah's was $11 US. Noah wanted the transformer "Bumblebee" and Branden wanted the DS cartridge Ben 10.
On Monday...we went siteseeing all over to different spots. To the Santa Monica Pier, etc. And for dinner, we were so tired we just ordered a pizza to be delivered to our hotel room and a drink. I had a huge bottle of Evian in the hotel fridge for myself. Though I did have 1 small cup of soda. We all enjoyed the breadsticks and large mushroom and pepperoni pizza. Showered and channel surfed. Am working on the Knott's Berry Farm post tomorrow.