Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our day spent in Tokyo! Ultraman, the science museum, and yakiniku!!! : )

On Sunday night we decided that on Monday we'd take the boys to the big science museum in Tokyo. So, Monday morning at 7am, we all woke up, had a quick breakfast of cereal and toast. Threw the dishes into the dishwasher and left. We knew we'd be gone all day and night. Sure enough....we were. After about 2 and a half hours, we finally got to the heart of Tokyo. And with following the navigation, we were on our way to the science museum. *And then*, as we were driving down a street, I noticed a big sign that said, "BANDAI", they make Ultraman among other characters. I said, look kids, (half joking) I said that's where Ultraman lives! They all ohhhed and ahhed as we drove past. Funny thing is, along the side of the building they had huge life size models of the characters Bandai makes. They had a huge Ultraman, which is pictured. A lot of characters I did not know. They also had Doraemo, and Pokemon. I told the hubby, "honey you gotta just drive around the block so I can let the kids take a pic with him" Meaning Ultraman. He said, okay. And sure enough after a lap around the Bandai building, he parked the car in a non parking area, put his hazards on. And the kids and I ran from the car, scurried across the street. With camera in hand, I took about 6 pictures. Just in case one didn't come out. I quickly checked a few pics back and they seemed fine. And I said, okay let's hop back into the car! It was a less then 5 minute thing. But my gosh, are we so glad we have these pictures! Ha ha ha. : )

Oh Ultraman, we sure do love you so in our house! Ha ha ha. : )
This is where the hubby parked. And here is what the row of life size characters looked like all lined up like that! : )

At the science museum! : )
This was sorta like a teeter totter. Except it had a big wheel in the center. And it went very slow back and forth. : )
A blurry pic of Noah.

We've seen these types of bikes at museums before. Not sure what these ones did, ha ha ha. : )

Easy Rider? Okay, okay! Branden on this motorcycle! Ha ha ha. : )

Branden trying a driving simulator. A bit tougher then a video game however.... What did I realize? Branden is a horrible driver! Ha ha ha! Wink, wink! : )

Noah driving the simulator as well. And what did I realize here? That Noah's actually a worse driver then Branden is. Didn't think, it was possible to be a worse driver then Branden was. However Noah, hit the curb, ran over a bicyclist. Thank goodness it was all in fun on the simulator, ha ha ha! : )

The kids loved this experiment, a bunch. : )
The aurora borealis (sp?). This explained it for us a bit.

Sliding out of this weird metal pipe slide! Ha ha ha.

A, NASA space suit!

A robot dinosaur. Kobby especially loved this.

I liked this one! : )

Branden's favorite was this life like Japanese lady robot. The one in Osaka speaks 4 languages, we've been there before, however this one in Tokyo only speaks Japanese. Branden spoke to her in Japanese. And she can respond to what you say. He told her Konichiwa, and she greeted him back with a konichiwa. The thing that got me about this lady robot, is that she looked sorta fake. But something towards her eyes almost looked *almost* real. And it was sorta almost a bit scary. Made me think of an old Twilight Zone old black and white episode and I wondered if she really comes alive at night. Ha ha ha. Nerd that I am...figures I would think something like that! Ha ha ha! : )

The closer you got to this dog house, it barked. How close can you get to this before it barks. Kids tried to sneak up really quietly. But it went off every time! Ha ha ha.

Second Twilight Zone moment of the day. When I went to this section and the walls were all different black and white configurations even the thin corridor. And then when we walked to this area and the center moved in circles. I could almost hear the beginning music to the Twilight Zone starting. Watching this, it really made you think you were moving. It sorta psyched me out a bit. : )

This trick mirror area. And said to count how many multiple you's, you can find. There were so many Noah's. It looked like there were like 5 Noah's. It was a bit weird! LOL! : )
Wanna get inside a life sized bubble? The kids loved this! : )

We assumed this was an arm wrestling thing. Lesson #3 learned. Never assume anything. This turned out to be an electric shock thing! Poor Branden! He was shocked by god only knows, how many volts! Ha ha ha. Then Kobby wanted to try. And sure enough he shocked himself. And then Noah shocked himself. Next thing you know they were all 3 boys shocked, they liked shocking themselves go figure. I did not try this. Wasn't so interested in feeling any pain, thank you very much. Even a light shock. No thanks. Ha ha ha. : ) Hubby said....as he walked the slowest..."don't touch the.....(didn't get to finish the sentence) as Branden was shocked first, lol. That's so funny! This picture has got to wind up in B's scrapbook just for that reason. Caption will read, this is the day you were shocked. Ha ha ha.

We left the museum after about a good 2 hours of being there. And we went to get some lunch.

As is Tokyo, trying to find a parking is nearly impossible. So, he parked in a non parking spot and hazards on and I ran inside and ordered. I ordered entirely in Japanese. Yet funny...the man spoke to me entirely in English. I again replied in Japanese. And he again replied to me in English. Third round, before my food came, I just gave up. Spoke in English. Sometimes....it's quite hard being taken seriously, when I speak Japanese. LOL. I did try though. Also, I think if I were in my 20's and without kids, and without car. I would like living in Tokyo for a year. Or Osaka for that matter, To get to cruise around in the big city and do exciting things. Always something going on or happening. However, as I am in my 30's and with kids, I am quite happy living in the countryside where I do. But I do get the lure of the big city that is Tokyo though. : )

Everyone got lunch and ate in the car as we headed to our destination #2. : )

Next stop. Asakusa. Have been here before. I think this is our 3rd time here? Which isn't bad considering we live so far away. We wanted to take Kobby here.
So so so many people here. So many foreigners. Americans yes. But there were also a few Russian lady tourists. And some extremely classy Spanish tourists. The one guy had Espana on his shirt and they were speaking Spanish. A lot of Chinese tourists. And just a whole melting pot of people all along this one strip. It was crazy on that strip. I tried to take a pic here the best I could, but so many people behind me wanting to take pictures here too. I wanted to walk back and get a better pic. but just no time. Other people were waiting.

Such a crowded little strip of shops. But sorta cool too.

Asakusa! : )

Sometimes kids just don't cooperate with taking pictures. See Noah's hands? He says, I had *this* much fun! Errr okay sweetie! LOL.

Now he's copying Branden's arm crossing thing. After leaving Asakusa, we hopped on the highway and headed back to the Narita area. Where we had planned to go eat some yakiniku!

We had so much meat. Coulda ordered too much this time actually. 3 rosu, or the lean red beef, then 3 of the more marbled beefs. Chicken too. A whole plate of sausages for the kids, since Kobby said he was fond of those. Just a bunch of stuff.

Unlimited drink bar! And Noah even had an udon soup as well. We rarely let the kids drinks sodas, but they did that night. They were besides themselves. melon sodas, cokes.
Cooking some up. We usually cook as you eat. So a bit by bit. It was a good way to end Monday night. We all went home. Noboru and Kobby and Branden showered. And Noah and I showered. And the kids all 3 went to sleep. I think I went to sleep 30 minutes after my shower, because I was also absolutely exhausted. It had been a fun day but a really exhausting day too. : ) Kids have been having so much fun together and us too! : )

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday baking and making coconut cream pie and also doing a bit of crawfish fishing! : )

Sunday morning, after I had finished making the kids breakfasts. I started in on making my crust for the coconut pie, I planned to make! As you all know, my 2 boys have always enjoyed and helped me cook and bake in the kitchen. I wanted to do this fun bonding thing with my nephew, but I didn't wanna force him either. So, I started the kitchen tunes. And quietly started getting the things ready for my crust. Sure enough, my nephew started peeking his head in the kitchen, asking me, "whatcha doing?" While making a pie, I said. "can I help, he said quite meekly" I said, "of course honey, go wash your hands first and let's make this together, okay? All 3 boys ended up helping me with the crust.
Everyone got a few turns helping roll the crust out! Here's Branden's turn!

Noah's turn! : )
And my nephew's turn!. Anyway, my nephew is leaving this coming Sunday, Aug 3rd. I hope he enjoys his short 2 weeks here with our family! We enjoyed having him here with us.

Fishing for the crawfish! Kobby and Branden didn't catch any this time, however Kobby caught about 6 frogs. Which we told him to let them go, cause they're everywhere anyway. Ha ha ha. Noboru caught 2! However, the fun they had hunting for said crawfish? Tons, tons tons of fun!!! They loved playing in the rice field behind our house! It was a good way to spend 2 hours on Sunday! : )

Man they had a blast!

Only 2 this time! You know how I always say, they can stay the 1 night on the porch and then we release them back? Like in the pics of crawfish hunting we did a few month's back? Well, this time...since there was only 2. We released them back right away before we went home!

But we did let them take a pic of them holding them! Kobby had never caught crawfish before. He really loved it! : )

We had yakisoba for dinner Sunday night, which I made. See my nephews laughing face? He's been having such a good time with us!

My kids eating their yakisoba.

Noboru sits with him everyday to do his homework. He hates homework, lol. But we have been keeping on top of his. 2 pages everyday.

Oh yes, can't forget the pie. Here's the coconut cream filling underneath.

And the whip cream and toasted coconut on top! The whole family enjoyed this pie! We are just trying to have the best and most fun we can before he leaves us next Sunday. : ) Maybe one day, he'll be a grown man and he'll tell me, how he enjoyed his summer at our house. I can only hope! : ) Anyway....that was our Sunday in our neck of the woods! : )

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday's summer festival!!! Natsumatsuri!!! : )

On Saturday, our family enjoyed a nice little summer festival!

Streets were nicely closed and blocked off from cars going through!

The floats. These are not the big ones from like a big huge city festival, that we have taken pictures of before. These are just the ones for the community, so they were small and simple.

Of course, we had to buy the boys popcorn! Ha ha ha! : )

Yay Noah! : )

Red rice and beans were given since it was an anniversary of this festival.

Oh Noah, last time you went to this festival, you were a tiny babe and I pushed you in your stroller! This time, you got to walk it! Right on! : )

Noboru wanted them to make a Noah sandwich. The hubster, told Kobby to be on one side and Branden to be on the other, as to sorta make sure, he would be protected, because sometimes, kids fall down and get knocked and crushed. So, this way, the older 2 were acting as a Noah safety buffer zone. LOL. Worry wart, Noboru! Ha ha ha! : ) We also were standing by the kids too.

Kid on the opposite side as Noah, he was the same age as Noah. Very friendly kid! : )

One kid on the other side of the rope, actually fell, and he sorta got a bit stepped on by a few other kids today.

: ( It does happen.

This kid with the khaki colored cap, wanted to badly make friends with Noah. Not sure why. But he kept touching Noah's hair. And Noah said..."my friend" and so Noboru told Noah, he could walk next to him then. And so they walked near each other until the end. He was making Noah giggle and laugh.

Here is Noah laughing hard! The kid too. It was funny! : )

After they finished with the rope thing. All the kids who helped pull the rope. All got some mighty cool snacks! They got popsicles and a neat bag of treats! The boys were happy! : ) Here's Noah getting a lick from his cider popsicle. : ) Holding bag of treats with the other hand. : )

Lick, then takes a look. Licks again and takes another look! What a funny funny boy! : )

Branden enjoying his popsicle as well! Kobby was still in line! : )

Treat bag! : ) I found the treats impressive. They even had oreo type cookies in there on the other side and everything! : )

Cousins enjoying their popsicles! : )

Then there was, 2 contests. Both Branden and Noah entered both! We didn't ask them to enter obviously, Branden wanted to do it and asked Noah to join him! Noah being so laid back said, "sure". We just said, ummm okay then, have fun and we watched! Ha ha ha. First contest was the cutest, most kawaii yukata/jinbei contest! And the last contest was loudest kid/which kid can yell the loudest! My kids are not so loud, I didn't think they'd win that. But they like trying anything and since they are so outgoing and not shy! I say, go for it! : ) Here were the kids going to start the most kawaii yukata/jinbei contest!

Here, is when Branden was next to go, and Noah had to go on after Branden!

The guy interviewed each kid. And here Branden was giving his answers! : ) Nope, not even the tinist bit of shyness! What a kid!

And there went Noah! Since he's so young the lady escorted him! For being as young as he is, he was so brave you guys! Our little Noah, walked right up there you guys and did his thing! Go Noah, go!!! We actually video tapes this as well, boy will our families be surprised to get the video of this! Ha ha ha! : )

Now this part was the loudest scream contest. The judges voted after both contests were done! B's # is different for this round. Now he's a 7. For the other contest he was 14 or something. Noah's holding a present for one contest already. : ) Though neither was fully judged or determined yet at this point.

Waiting their turn to have at it....with a scream! ha ha ha! : )

Here are the kids waiting while the judges voted. There were 3 judges, by the way! : )
3 winners were chosen for the most kawaii outfit contest!!! Out of all those contestants! Branden happened to win for the cutest yukata/jinbei contest! He was one of the 3 to win! No little kids won either contest. Only bigger kids. Noah really didn't care either way, he was actually bouncing his water balloon in this pic, you can see the band on his finger a bit, lol! I was so proud of both my sons, I really was you guys! So much actually! Because #1, Noah showed he's not shy and he is up for anything! Just by entering those contests! So I thought that was pretty damn awesome actually!!! And Branden, I was proud because he has no fear, he's so outgoing. He, can make friends anywhere! And he won, his personality really shined through on that stage tonight! He was truly dazzling to watch! So yeah...we were totally proud! Proud of the both of them! : ) What did he win? A 1000 yen book gift card! Excellent prize for the kids, I'd say! Now he can go buy a new Ultraman book, lol! : ) And most of his classmates from elementary were there and saw him try out and end up winning, go figure! They will know him even more so now, as an outgoing boy! And he's always been outgoing anyway. But yeah, so many of his friends went to congratulate him afterwards and everything. It was just really cool, you guys! It really, really was! : )

There were also hula dancers and a musical group that played Hawaiian music! I just *love* Hawaiian music, so it was awesome! : )

You boys are such good kids! : )

After the festival, we went home. The boys took a shower with Noboru, all 3 of them, so 4 in all. And I showered all to my lonesome and boy was that nice! : ) Noah zonked out immediately, must have been all the excitement from the festival! And then Branden and cousin Kobby watched Alvin and the Chipmunks on the mini DVD. Meanwhile I watched the big TV. They went to bed. And then I just watched my shows with the hubster! Man, what a nice time we had at the festival! : ) Hope everyone is also having wonderful weekend and enjoying the summer, as well! : )