Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Catching up...getting myself Fall and Winter ready clothes-wise, many delicious and good eats and a few other things thrown in

Okay, so where did I last leave off, hmm. My dad left Japan this morning, it was a wonderful time with him being here. Noah had a lovely undokai, and the weather was gray and cloudy and nicely overcast, cool and breezy and perfect and not a dot of rain. : ) Anyway, so like I said, I had 2 big posts to get up (this being 1 of those) and now on top of that, I have Noah's undokai and my dad's visit as 2 extra additional posts to get up, so 4 in total and only 3 if I can get this sucker up and posted. : ) The homeless cat is still living on our street. Sometimes she sits on our front porch, or under the grandma next doors car or in the lady down the streets unused dog house. 

Random pic of me vacuuming the area rug in the living room.

Under the couch cushions and then under the couch.

I scrub the daylights out of Bran's JHS shoes every weekend, however they were twice as dirty after undokai, so I scrubbed them with shoe cleaner and a brush and then left them to soak in the washer with bleach for a good 30 minutes. Finally got them back to looking white.
When I was pregnant with Branden and Noah, I had heard many things...you can/it was possible to get stretch marks on your tummy or perhaps your feet may swell and in rare cases get bigger. All sorts of weird things. Luckily for me, I didn't get any stretch marks at all, but maybe because I didn't gain but 19-20 lbs during both pregnancies and I was eating properly and stuff, granted I didn't pig out but I just didn't get very big with either pregnancy, also though to the fair...no women in my family have them either, so maybe just good genes, go figure. However though, my feet went from being an 8 1/2 and never went back. Isn't that super weird. So I have been a size 9 for my feet ever since, size 25cm in Japan. I am glad I can find clothes given my size and I'm not very tall at all. But my feet...I do have a semi hard time finding shoes, granted not impossible, but at the start of any season, I will buy my shoes right away from either the US or Japan..just because I don't want my shoe size to become unavailable. : ( Hahaha. I found these cute black ballet flats with huge bow and ordered them. 

I also liked these, but ordered them in black.

A pretty large Gap/ON order.

I had been contemplating trying the pixie pants, so I tried this pair and I love them.

Two cute tees.

A three pack of cute sports bras, for wearing under my work out clothes during my morning walks or when I am home and not going anywhere. 

This color is called winter wine, thought it would be a great color for a fair brunette. : )

Boyfriend cardi, basic black.

Two pair of jeans, 1 pair of pixi pants, a sweatshirt, 2 black tees with wording and 2 long sleeved black tees and 1 pair of cropped black pants, etc.
The boyfriend cardi

These pants are so amazing, I wore these today with my black ballet flats with big bows and my fitted black tee that says J'Adore on it, when I dropped my dad off at the airport today in my black Nissan Leaf. And the music was Rude by Magic and All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor, lol and a bunch more songs of course, those are just 2 songs I've been listening to since July. : )

Perfect with my boyfriend cardi.

Love my pixis.

These jeans fit so amazing that I ordered an extra pair and my dad brought them to Japan last week.

Bought 2 of these "perfect tees" they're long sleeves. So a good basic for me to have. : )

Skinny jeans too. I like these a lot.

I like to shop smartly with sales etc. I also earned Super cash with the order up above, so used them on these things. Love this ooh lala sweater. The colors go with everything. 

The ooh lala sweater was as you can see $29.94 and I used my Super cash for this adorable sweater $24.01 and so my sweater was what...only $5 US? Seriously...to get that cute sweater for just a couple bucks is amazing and most people might not believe I got it for only $5 or so but...whatever...I know what I paid for it. And that's all what matters. I saved a ton with regards to the 35%-40% off sales plus the Super cash rewards. 

I liked this black fleece and so used some more Super Cash rewards on this too.

Again, got this for what....$4 dollars. I like dressing cute and being in style and stuff and still saving a ton of money too. Saving money...just makes me pretty happy.

The day I chose to cash in my Super cash for the ooh lala sweater and stuff, happened to be the same day they were having a kids pj sale. Perfect time to get some for Noah, since Branden needs mens pjs now. I picked up these...the colorblock striped set (top and bottom) in navy and green. Noah's 9 years old and super skinny but he's growing length wise so I picked the size 10 (only had a choice of 8 or 10) thought it was smarter to get the size 10 since he's 9. A bottoms only in navy and a bottoms only in navy/red rugby cute stripes, for these 2 Noah can just wear a house/comfy shirt with these 2 bottoms. I did get these 3 all on sale, so I felt happy they were on sale.

Baked ravioli for supper one night. Just layer it like lasagna. : )

Fresh hot baked ravioli. A store bought bag of salad and a baguette from the bakery and dinner is done. : )

Another meal, homemade from scratch cheesy gratin potatoes and 1 fried piece of chicken each, the 4th piece was still frying up.

American style fried chicken breast, gratin potatoes and green beans. Simple, but oh so good.

Sun is starting to set one night. Rain and a misty fog in the distance. Yep, the rice has been cut.

Another night, chicken teriyaki bowl with mushrooms and broccoli and some chili pepper flakes.
Another night, a delicious hearty beef stew.

On a Saturday. While the kids were playing outside. I baked a batch of easy brownies and waited while my pizza dough rose.

Once again the crispiest crust...you can see it! 

As big as a Costco pizza except made from scratch from an old family recipe.
I always have extra dough left over, so I make a smaller pizza. Not as pretty as the big one, but just as delicious and same killer...crispy yummy crust.

Another day...another day for hanging my laundry outside for the fam. School shirt and gym shirt for Bran and a gym shirt for Noah. Red and white hat for Noah, red and white headband for Branden. Bandana for Branden. Lunch lady outfit for Bran that particular week. Gym shorts for both.

Inside shoes for Noah, freshly clean so drying in the sun.

Another particular day, I got the laundry on the pole outside drying. I had my breakfast (yogurt with crunch... so I add cereal)

And I had already went on my walk, takes a normal person about 30 minutes (I've walked it with others before), but when alone, I walk freakishly fast, so I can do it in 20 mins. Especially while listening to my music, perfect way for me to start my day. : )
Another night, I made chicken and cheese enchiladas. I use a cheat...a can of medium premade enchilada sauce. So it's easy for me to make them. : )

The night before we had a nice regular curry and rice. The next day we had leftover curry and I did what I always do...I made curry spaghetti the following day. Just reheat the curry. Meanwhile, boil some pasta, then drain and toss in the curry. My kids love this! : )

Another day, another day of laundry. Sheets, pillow cases and blankets get a weekly wash here at our house because...and I'm sorry to say this but... it's just totally gross if you don't. People drop dead skin while sleeping, lose strands of hair, sweat. They just have to get washed weekly or I'd be wondering what's living in the sheets otherwise. lol. Sorry. This particular day it was Branden's bedding and everyone in the houses pillow case though. Hence the brown pillow case sliver in this pic. : )

Plus gym shirts.

This day it was Noah's. Including Jack, his stuffed dog he's had since his baby years. : ) He still sleeps with him every night. But....at least Jack gets a thorough washing.

Sheet and inside of his duvet cover was already in the dryer.

Another dinner...lots of lean sliced pork.

Spicy fried pork, cabbage and mushroom. 

This is really nice. : )

This cream stew and sliced baguette bread with butter, we had this the night I saved a spot at the local JHS, the night before Bran's undokai. 

This just shows you how silly Noboru and I are. We Line (message or call) back and forth often throughout the day. Anyway...have you ever seen the movie Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carey? They didn't pay their gas bill and so when the 2 people go to their front door of their apartment they assume they are there to "whack" them because they didn't pay their gas bill. Even wrote a note addressed to the "gas man" lol. Anyway...meanwhile...in Japan every few years they change and replace a meter and we got a letter that everyone on our block/street was getting a new gas meter, so to expect the gas man such and such week. As you can tell they did show up to our house. I am writing the message in green. Noboru is writing the message in white. I wrote him..."The gas man is here" Now think about the movie Dumb and Dumber....so he said his comment. And then I replied. lol. Anyway yep, we write stuff like this to each other...little funny stuff back and forth often. : )