Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guam May 2010! : )

On Sunday, May 23rd, we woke up at 5:30am. We left the house at 6:30am. Our flight left around 9am-ish. We arrived to the airport pretty quickly, checked in and went through the security TSA thing and went and sat near our gate. The flight was short and sweet. We arrived and checked into our hotel.
The amazing view from our room. The pool and ocean view were amazing!
We went to the mall right away after checking into the hotel. I got my eye brows waxed right away, it took no time at all, no appointment necessary and at $10 bucks, she baby powered my brows, then waxed me, tweezed me, trimmed any over grown brows, combed my eyebrows, then last she put a hot wash cloth on them and steamed my eyebrows. Goodness. @_@ Ha ha ha. We ate afterwards. Food court everyone's choice, which is nice. Branden chose KFC and had 2 mashed potato sides to go with his chicken strips. Noah had the Taco Bell kids meal. Noboru had KFC too. And I had Taco Bell. My dad also had Taco Bell.
Noah eating his taco, ha ha ha. ; )
Here's another thing we ate while there. Noah eating some breadsticks at Pizza Hut one afternoon when we broke from the pool for some lunch.
That was a very yummy pepperoni and mushroom pan pizza. And breadsticks.
Another meal we had, was this one, this was our first dinner there Sunday night around 6:45pm or so. Noboru had a cesar salad and a large chili. The boys each had a kids combo and I had a spicy chicken sandwich and a cheesy baked potato. We had shopped after we arrived and had lunch and the eyebrow wax. We were all shopped out and a bit tired since we woke up so early that morning, so an easy fast dinner like this was perfect for us Sunday night. We went back to the hotel all took showers and watched TV.
We all had drinks and it was just a nice quick meal before heading back to the hotel for the night.
A pic of Noah at Kmart. ; )
The grocery store, I shop at now carries my favorite of all time for like the past 15 years plus face wash....Basis face wash. *happy sigh* Where I'm from in Denver they used to sell it everywhere then it sort of stopped being stocked anywhere. When I couldn't find it in Denver, I used to order from When we lived in the US, which was sorta a drag but still okay. Then when we lived in Hawaii, they sold it everywhere there too. Which again was nice and wonderful. And when we moved to Japan, I have had to resort to stock piling tubes of this every time we go to Hawaii for vacation. I still have 4 bottles left from our trip last July when we were in Honolulu. Imagine my happy surprise when I saw it in Guam. Nearly did a happy dance right there in the aisle!!!Or at least a little jig! : ) : ) But since I have 4 bottles already, I did not buy 1 single tube of it this trip. Nope. Maybe next time. And yes, I'm sure I could expatexpress from of this but it's just easier for me to stock pile it. But now with it being carried in Guam definitely makes my life way easier. So woohoo on that one! ; )
The boys walking in the grocery store.
"Shrek 4 ever after" in 3-D was amazing! So funny! We went and enjoyed the movie after a full day at the pool on Monday.
The 5 of us went, we all really enjoyed the movie.
My 3 sun blinded guys! ; )
Noah doing the back stroke!
Branden's such a little fish! I tell ya! ; )
Hubby picks up Noah! And now it's time to drop him like a sack of potatoes! : )
Weeee!, how fun! : )
And kerplunk! Into the water he went. Noah loved this so much! Again dad, again. : )
And now it's Branden's turn! I also raced Noboru in this pool, the infinity pool. And the boy's were judges who won. Noboru beat me both times. Hmm! I better work on my speed for next time. ; ) Rematch, rematch I demand a rematch. Branden and Noah also had a race swimming as well.
Then it was some water basketball time. You know our family loves water basketball but we sure don't make a lot of baskets. Ha ha ha. Ah well, it was fun trying to get one!
As you can see by this pic, with a lift from dad, Noah did manage to put the ball into the basket!
Then we changed spots, we went to a different pool. We picked this big umbrella spot right here, think you can see Noboru's yellow Crocs near our 2 lounge chairs.
Noboru and Branden and Noah. Some Japanese lady with her mom and her 2 kids were also in the pool same time as us.
I love this picture! And I love that both Branden and Noah are such good swimmers. It certainly makes vacations easier that they can swim. Obviously we still keep a very close eye on them still. But it's so much fun that they can swim. Makes our vacations so enjoyable. We can all enjoy being poolside or playing in the ocean even. Noboru and I are both water people. The love of boogie/body boarding or snorkeling. We love the water. Glad our boys enjoy the water as much as we do. It's something we all enjoy as a family quite a bit.
Branden going down the slide.
And again.
The hubster going down the slide!
Noboru and Noah walking up to the slide hand in hand! ; ) These are the types of pics he'll love and cherish when he's older!
Being silly going down. And did I mention that I went down the slide more times then Noboru for sure. Branden and I went down the slide about the same number of times. And after I'd come down the slide, I felt all happy and went and jumped outta the pool area and walked pretty fast to slide again! I could go on this forever. I'd never tire of it.
Noboru and Noah sliding down!
Look at this tree, it has like clumps of long curly hair. Sort of like a ponytail tree, ha ha ha. That's one thing I love about tropical islands, looking at all the foliage and such. Seriously the leaves are different, the flowers, it's really pretty cool.
I see you tree! Ha ha ha. ; )
Noah as you all know, absolutely adores his big brother. Here he is waiting patiently for Branden to come down the slide.
Branden comes down and Noah goes running to greet him. Meanwhile I was saying...."you're not supposed to go toward the mouth of the slide" Go back go back. Ha ha ha. ; ) Worry wart that I am! ; )
Two brothers chatting. They were smelling that flower and saying how sweet it smelled. Hmm, they are apparently loving all the landscaping, flowers and such on Guam as much as I do.
Dad and Noah waiting for Branden to slide down the slide.
A backwards tummy slide! ; ) And yes I did a backwards tummy slide too. I just had to. Seriously I did. ; )
And of course not to be out done by our backwards tummy slides, Noboru and Noah had to go again as well. ; )
After a full day of play, about to grab some lunch. Enjoying that amazing view from our hotel balcony and the water in the ocean was so crystally clear we could see where the coral was and where the sand was.
Monday evening after our movie, we decided to all go and eat some dinner. Noboru and Branden and Noah walking among the crowd of Japanese tourists.
Okay so, we were just innocently walking to Vitale's for dinner like I said from where we just parked our car. And suddenly there appeared an Elvis impersonator! Yep, I mean seriously. Not kidding. He starts trying to strike up a conversation with my dad. My dad's being very polite. Yet still be on his merry way. And Elvis was still chattering away. Noah said, "who's that man talking to grandpa, he's dressed weird mama" I said that's Elvis honey. Who's Elvis? Gah! @_@ Clearly way way before his time. Ha ha ha. Now to be fair Noah knows exactly who the Beatles are and John Lennon and same with the Rolling Stones. ; )
I snapped this pic of Noboru and the boy's while my dad was being chatted up by Elvis! ; ) My poor dad. Ha ha ha. The boys had a medium pepperoni pizza. My dad had the lasagna. Noboru had the eggplant parmesan. And I had the lasagna.

My meal, lasagna, garlic bread and an iced tea no sugar.
Hubby digging in.
Kids enjoyed their dinner after seeing Shrek and the full day of swimming. It's not surprising they both fell asleep as soon as we got back to the Hilton.
This was taken the day we left. We swam both Monday and Tuesday (the day we left) we didn't fly out until 4pm. So, we had a full day in Guam that day. Monday we swam from 7am to 3pm so we could get ready for the movie, not counting the Pizza Hut lunch. Tuesday, we swam from 7am until 9:30am (2 and a half hours was plenty the last day, we had our fill this trip for sures). We took showers, got dressed. So we wouldn't smell like swimming pool for our flight. ; ) And then we had time for lunch we went to Mc D's. We went to the mall to get Noah's big birthday gift for July 7th. And then we headed to Home Depot. So it was indeed 3 full days of fun and 2 nights of a comfy sleep and stay. A perfect short little get away.
Two smiling happy brothers at Home Depot! : )
Hi Noah, hi Branden! ; )
And if you look at the temp gauge in the car for outside the car. 92 degrees! A very hot tropical vacation.
Noah in the lobby of the hotel the day we checked out. ; )
Noah holding his lemonade bottle. And yes if you look on the front of my blog, the picture of Branden that says "my prepster" This is the same outfit, except now Noah gets to wear it. Noah's a lucky boy he gets so many cool clothes from B.
Hi Noah. ; ) Ready to go back to Japan? : )
Our last lunch in Guam. I had the grilled chicken club and fries. Branden had the mighty kids meal (for older kids) Noah had the regular kids meal (for younger kids).
Can you see the "Shrek 4 ever after" happy meal box? Each of the kids got the same toy...the gingerbread man aka, "Gingy" Ha ha ha. Yep, the package even said..."Gingy".
So here we were now at the food court at the airport before heading back to Japan. Like I said, we went swimming that day, showered, went to lunch before heading to the mall to buy Noah's birthday gift. And then an hour spent at Home Depot. By the time we headed to the airport, the kids weren't starving by any means, but ehh, they could eat a bite. Noboru too. I was filled, so didn't have any.
Man this place is so yumm. We had these in Denver growing up. Noboru was ordering in this pic.
And patiently waiting.
Branden and Noah decided to share a hot dog with ketchup.
Noah taking a big bite. : )
And the 3 of them shared some chili cheese fries.
Very American taste buds! Ha ha ha. ; ) Our flight was nice, we arrived around 8pm-ish, but by the time we deplaned, cleared customs, got to our car and went to a restaurant to eat dinner. By the time we got home it was near 9:30pm. Kids were up past their bed time, exhausted, so they took a fast 5-10 minute shower, washed their hair and bodies real quick, Noboru went in with them and quickly showered too. The boys went right to sleep. I took a fast shower and went straight to bed myself. Set the alarm. Next thing I knew it was 6am and Wednesday, time to get the kids ready for school. Ha ha ha. It's okay, I feel really refreshed, recharged and energized. So it was fine. After sending the kids to school, I unpacked the suitcases Wednesday morning. Did laundry of what we wore while there. Then I went to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping but besides unpacking, the quick load of laundry and hitting the grocery store, I really just took things easy. Today being Thursday is my first chance to get this up and posted. Tomorrow (Friday) I have a lunch date with 2 of my yochien mom friends. Well techinically Noriko-san's daughter graduated yochien in March. But we met there and became friends from there. : ) Jogo-san and Noriko-san and I are going to our favorite Indian restaurant for lunch tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I still have yet to post, the what we brought back on vacation post yet. I'll get it up, but will stick it behind this post, not in front. So it should be up by this evening.