Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, the condo we stayed at and our first day spent in Hawaii...

Monday evening, July 20th, and our family was onboard the flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, ready to get our summer vacation kicked into gear! We were seated in first class but this time, we were lucky enough to get seated in the upper deck, which is very private and very quiet. Each seat is like a little cocoon type pod area and the seats lay down to 100% flat, lay down beds, if you choose. Very spacious for each person. The amount of leg room you get is so insane! You definitely walk off the flight...fresh as a daisy and well rested. Hi Noah, sweetie pie. : )

Because the seats are so big, nobody really sits next to one another, we sit behind one another. Like in a little duck row. Hi Branny B and I see you Noboru way back there! : ) Again, we book end the kids for their safety. There's 2 private toilets upstairs in the upper deck, that only about us 14 people use. 

I have been *dying* to see this movie! This was the first movie, I saw on the flight to Hawaii. I liked this movie a lot. It was really good. Not sure if I'd buy the DVD, but I liked it a lot though.

A tad blurry, but you can get a peek of the upper deck. You see both sides of the plane on top have the pod seats. I'd say 95% of all people upstairs were crashed dead asleep. I stayed awake though, because I love movies and I wanted to watch as many as I could on the flight. : ) 

The meal on the flight to Honolulu. Steak, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. The salad with feta cheese, with balsamic vinaigrette was delicious and I loved the pretzel bread with butter. I'm not sure what my family picked to eat, because the seating is set up to be so super private....that unless I stood up to go to the restroom, I didn't see them.: )

So there I was, watching Black or White and enjoying my meal. Goodness it's quiet upstairs. Especially since most folks were sleeping. 

I had a soda with ice with my supper. See, you have this great big side table area too. 

Some ice cream to finish up my first movie. 

Next, I watched Get Hard! Again, I had been superly  wanting to watch this. It was just as hilarious as I imagined. 

Just so many movies to choose from...

I actually watched the movie Still Alice about 2 months ago, via YouTube for free. Someone had the entire movie on there (not sure if it's still there or if YouTube took it down) anyway, one Sunday afternoon while the kids were outside playing with friends, I sat and watched it. It was a very good movie. I did not read the book. But, I was glad I got to see it before it was ever released in Japan and for that is always nice. I liked the movie, but I wouldn't want to own the movie. Spoilers ahead but... I do want to talk about a few things. In the movie where she peed in her pants because she couldn't remember where the bathroom was in her own beach house. You could really get an understanding. When she made a video for herself to help her commit suicide (which she did not)....but again. It was just a very good movie I thought. The saddest part for me was when she went to watch one of her daughters perform in a play and then after the play, she seemed to forget that actress was in fact, HER daughter until her other children reminded her..."mom that's so and so" And she said...yes of course. And again, if you didn't see the movie and you dislike spoilers, please don't read this paragraph and I already warned you ahead of time, but this is MY blog and I want to talk about this movie in a bit more detail...when her husband leaves her in the end, to take a job in another state. But he half heartedly asked her to come. I was like... what a huge jerk! What happened to the vows of...through sickness and health and to death do us part. So yeah...Alec Baldwin was perfect for the role as her husband. Haha. Yep...I didn't see that movie on this flight, but I did see it about 2 months ago and I just wanted to mention a few things about the movie that...I personally thought about.. after watching it. Still Alice a very good movie.

The last movie, I had time for was St. Vincent. This movie was EXCELLENT! May not look like much but was such a good. Noboru told me after we landed he saw, Stand By Me, pictured to the right of the movie and he told me...that main character, a young Wil Wheaton, playing the character Gordie Lachance...looked so much like Noah and I're right he did when he was younger that actor.. looked an awful lot, like Noah.

By that time, the flight ended and we landed. On the flight back to Japan, I saw The Wedding Ringer. This was so funny. I also saw, the movie about Roger Ebert, called Life Itself. He was a legendary American film critic. I used to watch his movie reviews on TV when I was little, he was so good to watch, straight to the point and usually always right on the reviews. After that, I watched a movie called Love, Rosie. This movie was so good. So good in fact, I'll probably buy it on DVD. 

We arrived Honolulu, Hawaii super early, around 7:30am. It gave us time to deplane, walk and get ourselves through the airport, catch our shuttle to the rental car place. Get our car and go and enjoy the day! First day in Honolulu, Hawaii, Monday, May 20th! We were on our way to Pearlridge mall to catch the first showing of, Terminator Genysis. 

Yes, the tickets don't lie! We purchased these tickets at 10:56am and the movie started at 11:45am. It gave us plenty of time to, all go to the bathroom, grab our snacks, take some cheesy pics in the lobby of the movies. And go and find some seats. Yep, that just about covers it! : ) 

Yes, we did see this later in the week. But you know..these types of pics will crack up the kids when they're adults someday! : )  So, I'm glad we always take the time to take pics like these. : ) How was the new Terminator? Amazing! But then again...we're Terminator freaks! We love all the Terminator movies, we own every Terminator movie here at the house and we'll surely be buying this one as soon as it comes out on DVD. 

We all went to Arby's at the same mall as the movies, after the movie let out. And we each had a sandwich. You know..just to tide us over until dinner time. 

As, I said we stayed in a suburb. And this was our nearest Ross, we also had a TJ Maxx.

And this was our closest Target. Not sure if you can see but the greenery on the Target was actually, lush green but it had gorgeous tropical purple flowers throughout. Funny, I remember when Oahu had no Targets, then I remember when they had just 1 Target. And now I got to enjoy all 3 Targets this trip. But this was my closest Target to our condo. At Target we picked up yogurts for the week, for quick breakfasts. We picked up drinks cheaply at Target for the condo. And we also picked up Reese's Peanut butter ice cream. That week, we picked up 3 cartons of it, during our stay! The kids loved it and we don't have anything like that in it was nice to be able to give it to them, while we had our big chance. So no worries...about that! 

Flowers and beauty...heading up with our carry-ons, big empty suitcases, food from Target and ice cream...ready to enjoy our week at our condo. 
It's so private and tucked away. The security for our condo was super tight. You need to show and prove who you are...what's your purpose. If you're not legit... supposed to be there, they have you turn right around. Our names were at the gate and stuff though, and we got a parking placard for the week for our car. Security though...drove around in golf carts all day and all night. We always felt really safe...really secluded, in a very private place. That is the condo complex...sitting surrounded by nature in the pic. We stayed on the tip top floor. 

Bran, walking and scratching his nose in silhouette. 

Noah looking out the window.

The full kitchen. Hi, Noboru scratching your head in the reflection of the mirror. : )

Fridge, microwave, toaster. 

The view was enough to stop anyone in their tracks. It put us in awe daily. 

The tropical kitchen/dinner table, couch, lamps and coffee table. Beautifully decorated.

Turtle pic.

Noah checking out the freezer. Guests leave anything foodwise that's still good and packaged if they want. Noah found popsicles in the freezer. hahaha.Love the beach-vibe decorations of the place...

Just loved the whole way the place was decorated. Just really nice...very tropical, but classy.

Our bedroom and it had that million dollar view. You could literally see for miles...all the way to the ocean in fact!

I felt our room was so beautiful and so perfect. The owner asks all people who stay, to strip the beds down when they leave/check-out, meaning take all bedding off, because he has his maid, wash all the linens, blankets and towels and so he has each family strip each bed, so he knows they're fresh. And all the bedding were so fresh when we arrived. Again it's the little things like that, that make you I am so glad we picked this place!

We also had our own TV for our room. This place was way bigger, then if we would have picked a hotel. 

There was this room, it was a room about 4 tatami in size plus 2 big closets. The closets had floor to ceiling mirrors and so you could easily check out your outfit, in the morning. And this place/room was the perfect spot for us to leave our luggage. We kept all our luggage in this room. The room at the back was the bathroom. And what a gorgeous bathroom it was.

Here's the luggage area. But still..wasn't it beautifully decorated though. 

The bathroom, had great big huge slabs of tiles. The toilet was cool and you could flush it 2 ways depending if you went pee, for a light flush or #2 for a bigger water flush. The cabinets had a stack of fresh spare towels. 

There was a blow dryer in there. Loved the facets and fixtures. Loved that everything was modern and nice and clean.

Shower curtain...

Just everything matched...everything was so super nice. 

Big giant tiles in the shower area, loved the dark chocolate brown metal shower head. The decoration tiles on the edges. Just small details like knew you were staying, at a top of the line place. 

That view though! We had the best view being on the top floor. We could literally see for miles and yes we could see the ocean!

We put our things from Target, into the fridge for the week. Vitamin Waters...

We cruised through the Taco Bell drive-thru and bought some bean and cheese burritos, so that if anyone got hungry in the evening, they could nuke some. We also brought some Powerade and Gatorade.

Some of the pay it forward folks...guests of the condo in the sky... left these drinks....

These beers...

I do not drink. I'm not holier than me, you know that, I just in all fairness think alcohol tastes like crap and it makes you have to go pee a billion times. And so...that's not me. And you know what... that's okay. So while nice they left these, very sweet in fact...we also left these untouched as well. : ) 

Seeing the Otter Pops made me smile. I used to love these. I told the boys if they wanted to have some they could, but they didn't have any. Go figure. There also must have been a vegetarian staying here as well, because they quite sweetly left veggie patties. Again we left both as well. Because we're all meat eaters in our family. But again super kind for folks to leave them. The icecream we brought ourselves. And we replenished said ice cream often during our trip. What did we leave for the future guests? The boys and I left a few breakfast Jimmy Dean sandwiches and Noboru left them an instant cup of noodle bought from Safeway, lol. : )

We sure do, love you kids and we want you guys to have the best week while there! And we did. : )

The condo super way up... high in the sky, was amazeballs!

It's ice cream time kids! They both got up and they grabbed one of the bowl and spoons we just bought from Target and we 4, just enjoyed our ice cream. And talked, we looked out the windows about a billion times. And then we all took turns showering. And we went to bed around 8:50pm -9:15pm. We tried to stay awake as long as we could, because we didn't want to be, too jet lagged and we weren't. We never seem to be jet lagged while in Hawaii, but our family is always horribly jet lagged, when we go to the mainland US. Hahaha. Not sure why but yep, it's true. What a wonderful life our boys have. It was such an amazing vacation.
Someone left us laundry supplies. The laundry room was on site. 

While our bed was made with fresh bedding. The boys pull out bed, had their fresh bedding in the closet all nicely waiting. And I sniffed and yep sure enough FRESHLY laundered. 

Where the boys slept. Both the beds by the way were brand *brand* new, you could see by the mattress. I tell ya, the owner must love this place, because he takes immaculate care of this place. We felt right at home.

About to enjoy my first nights sleep...

Little tiki.

The whole condo had central air, so the whole place is nice and cool and wonderful. You can see the beautiful bathroom way at the back. 

Painting in the bathroom. Again...just every room was immaculate. 

The nice and clean kiddos about to go to sleep. We were hitting the beach the next day...

Love you Bran, love you Noah. Honolulu, Hawaii, vacation 2015 was underway. : ) Next day, next post....hitting the beach.