Sunday, March 30, 2008

American Idol!!! : )

This weekend on American Idol in Japan, was so cool, because it was songs from the 80's!!! : )

Saturday was 2 back to back shows! The boys went first! Then the girls afterwards!

First up was Luke Menard, he sang, Wake me up before you go go, by Wham! What did I think of it? Honestly? I thought he sang it too high, it was like 2 octaves higher then the original song or whatever. It sorta sounded really off to me. What did Randy say? He sad it started off rough, and a little bit corny and a bit pitchy. Paula said she was surprised he picked this song. Simon, said, he didn't like it, a bit girly, and wasn't very good sorry.

Second up was the glorious David Archuleta. He sang, Another day in paradise. Is this Phil Collins? Randy said, it was like watching one of your concerts but a couple of pitch problems. Simon said, it wasn't as good as last weeks. My thoughts on his vocal? I really liked it! : )

Third up was Danny Noriega, he had purple steaks in his hair, I noticed right away. He sang, Tainted Love by Soft cell (love this song), Randy said it was a little rough. Simon said he hated the performance, hated the vocal, hated everything about it and also hated the arrangement! What did I think bout Simon's comment? OMG! I actually liked his little attitude and stuff when he sang this song. I thought he did good.: )

David Hernandez, he sang "it's all coming back to me"...was this by Meatloaf? I only vaguely remembered that song. LOL. Randy said it was a nice song choice, Paula said he's finding his groove and niche. Simon said it wasn't as good as last weeks. I thought it was a good vocal.

5) Michael Johns, he sang the theme song from the Breakfast Club, I love that song. "Don't you forget about me"...don't don' don't don't. Ha ha ha j/k! Simon said he liked it but didn't love it. As for me, I wasn't too sure about the vocal for this. Hmmm, sorry.: )

David Cook, sang Hello, by Lionel Ritchie. I have to tell you, I thought this was the best vocal of the night!!! I thought he blew it outta the box! I loved this! I really did! Randy said, great arrangement and he thought this could be a single today and a hit! Simon also loved it and said "David it was a very brave thing to do and I loved it!!!"

7) Jason Castro, sang Hallelujah, I thought he did fantastic!!! Randy said he gave him props. Paula said it sounded effortless and he is unique and recognizable (which is true) and Simon said it was absolutely brilliant!!!

Last guy of the night was Chikezie. He sang, All the woman that I need. Randy said it was a tough song choice. Paula said his vocals sounded so good tonight. Simon said it didn't work at all and it was rather cabaret! I liked it. : )

Next on Saturday/same night was the Women and they also sang songs from the 80's. Yay! : )

Asia'h went first, she sang a Whitney Houston song, I wanna dance with somebody. Randy told us, how he recorded that song with Whitney and he thought it was hot. Paula said she nailed it. Simon said, she was a second rate Whitney! Yikes if that wasn't a horrible comment to get. My thoughts? It sorta didn't work.

Second was Kady, she sang a song by Queen, Randy said it was pretty good. Paula said to date it was your best performance. Simon said it was definitely better then last week. But he said she sings/performs like a robot and a bit like a Stepford Wife. Yikes about what he said, ha ha ha. I like Kady a whole lot. So, I felt sorry for her.

Third was Amanda, she sang a song by Joan Jett, I hate myself for loving you. I loved her performance tonight. Randy said, now that's the Amanda we love! Paula said your face is beautiful ad I like your hair tonight. Simon said.."If I am being honest, I thought it was fantastic and you nailed it"

Fourth was Carly Smithson, she sang, I drove all night, (btw her mom flew in from Ireland to attend) Randy said, you keep smashing it every week and other great performance. Paula said she was totally in her niche. Simon said, once again, I don't think you picked the right song.

Kristy lee Cook, sang Faithfully by Journey. I thought she had a nice country vibe to this song and I loved it!!! Randy said he worked with Journey for years. Which we know and that is cool he did though. Paula said it could be a hit for her in country music. Simon called her performance good but she was forgettable. Yikes! Ha ha ha : )

Sixth was Ramielle, she sang, Against all odds. Randy said she needs to find her confidence.. Paula said she deserves to be in the top 12. Simon said it was old fashioned, predictable and he wasn't jumping out of his chair!

7) Brooke White, sang Love is a battlefield. I personally say her song and arrangement of this song was my favorite tonight of the girls. And David Cook's, Hello version, were my favorite of the boys tonight! I loved this version of Love is a Battlefield! Randy said he liked it. Simon said it was an original take and a great performance.

Last for the girls tonight was Syesha, She sang a song by Whitney, Saving all my Love for you. Randy said it was good. Paula said it was sophisticated and lovely. And Simon said it was a bit predictable, but good. I thought she sang beautifully.

Who did I think gave the best performance tonight? I thought David Cook, with the Hello, by Lionel Ritchie. And Brooke White's, Love is a Battlefield. Both of them were so original with their arrangements of the song and the songs actually came out so cool! : )

Sunday's Show! The results show!

The top 12 are revealed. 16 people in this room, 4 people gotta leave. 8 faces, but only 6 places!!! I'll get right down to business and tell you who left tonight!

1) Kady Malloy
2) Luke Menard
3) Asia'h
4) Danny Noriega

I was upset Kady left. But I am in a dead shock about Danny Noriega! You know, he was one of my favorite guys and I was just blown away, that he left tonight! Big grumbles came from my house tonight! I will miss Danny and I think the show won't be as fun without him! Sigh!!!!! But, we must move on! Show must go on and all!!! Sniff, sniff! : (

My Favorites as of right now.
For the boys:
David Archuleta
(hmm feels weird not typing Danny here)

For the girls:
Carly Smithson

How about the rest of you, anyone have any favorite people from this season, so far? : )

Big test day!!! : )

So, Sunday was here before you know it, and today was the big test day for the kids taking the extra course! I knew probably a whole bunch of fathers and other family members would show besides the moms I saw all week. And I was right! Good thing, we left the house at 8:18 am and we were at the school at 8:30 am. I thought we would get there early and yes we were first there. However, while I was upstairs and had my bench for Noboru, and Noah and I. Other families started coming in droves and I do mean droves! By 8:48 am all the benches were gone! Which was sad, because a few families came in around 8:55 am, with their drinks and snacks, only to find out that they had no place to sit. I felt badly for them, however certainly not badly enough to give up my seat! Sorry, that's why we got there early. Know, what I mean? : ) Anyway the kids came right out and they started with the warm up exercises as usual. Moving their heads down.
Heads up!
Heads over here! A few more exercises and they got down to business right away! Every parent in the place, seemed to bring their cameras. And I saw at least 3 camcorders. We also brought our digi camcorder! Which I will be sending a copy to my dad, grandma Mitsuko and my mom and also keeping a copy for B, for when he's old and grown! Ha ha ha. : )
So there's like what? 6 techniques each kid has to master before moving up! Okay we got that part, so the coach let each kid go in and practice each of those techniques, a sorta warm up before the test. She molded their arms or spoke with each kid after and told them one last time, what they needed to do in order to pass. Meanwhile, we parents watched from above! Branden did one move here and we looked on.

Breathing technique for this as we were reminded in the week, his head has to go right up, not tilt in any way at all. His head went up and he was dead freakin' on! Boy, did I sigh a sigh of relief, but again this was just the warm up, to the test.

Other practice move.

Sideways technique, he has this down and she didn't tell us anything he got wrong about this all week, so we again just looked on.

Looked right. This move he has though, we knew that. PS, see the little girl also pretesting below B in this pic? She has pink goggles. Okay the warm up practice swim was over very soon. Now on to the real test. Gulp! LOL. : )

By the way, I wasn't going to mention this but, I am sure if you read since, the start of this week, there were originally 2 little boys and 2 little girls in B's swim number right? Well, the little boy and his mom apparently accidentally overslept on Friday (how sad : ( ) and didn't make it. So, he was not allowed to test today. I felt really badly for him/them. That sucks! : ( So anyway, now we were down to the 3. Coach had the 3 kids get out of the water. This was it. You can see coach getting out of the water now. Branden went first. The coach walked the length of the pool with her clip board watching ever so closely Branden swimming. I have no actual pictures of Branden's actual test, because I video taped it for the grandparents, sorry. : ) I tell you, he did so perfectly you guys, not one thing was wrong with it. I was really proud of my son, with the way he swam this morning! I really was! Next was the little girl. Her parents were sitting next to us.

Okay, this is the pic with the first 2 who just completed the test. The last girl was in the water taking her test.

I quickly snapped this pic of the last girl, you can see the coach with her clipboard.

During this testing, only 1 kid per level were in the pool. So the pool was so quiet and calm. Upstairs meanwhile you could hear a pin drop! The dad on the left of us semi joked and, said, "I don't think my daughter made it!" I told him, "she made it!" : ) And it wasn't like all stressful for the parents, it was actually the opposite, it was exciting! I mean, we all hoped our kids would pass sure, but I don't think any of us woulda burst a blood vessel or had a break down, if they hadn't either though, if you know what I mean!

Coach was talking to the 3 kids. And btw, we all had no idea if they passed or not. Not until the end when the kids were dressed!

All the kids were now done with the test. Kids didn't know if they passed and neither did we. But they got to play and they played downstairs and we watched and sipped our coffees upstairs. All scratching our heads and wondering, "did they pass or what" A lot of us were talking with each other and making jokes. I told them, "well, 3 days ago my son wasn't apparently breathing correctly with that one move", so we will see and we all laughed. And the father and mother said to us, "yeah well our daughter drank a big thing of pool water today", did we notice? Ha ha ha. It was fun.

We went downstairs and we waited for the kids to get dressed and come out. Here's a pic of Noah today at the swim school! : )

I slightly blurry one of Noah, shucks I wish this pic wasn't blurry, ah well! : ) And so what happened? Well, Branden came out of the dressing room and he told me "I'm going to Hollywood!!!" Clearly my boys watch too much American Idol! Ha ha ha! Yup, he passed! The other 2 little girls in his number passed too. We congratulated the parents and they congratulated us and we left. That was that! What an awesome week of swim school! : )

Cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan right now and looking quite lovely, I might add! : )
We went to Mickey D's after swim club as a sorta semi, let's celebrate for passing on the swim thing! : ) We 4 had combos and/or happy meals! And we each left with a small 100 yen shake each and went home. : )

And with out further ado, here is what Branden's new swim # looks like! #12!!!! And as always, as usual, I cover my child's/our last name. And I am glad that you are all respectful about our privacy. And I do appreciate that. I really do. : ) While my last name might be listed on a foreign club or two that is for strictly fellow foreign wives. I don't publicly share that sorta stuff on my blog, because a lot of people read this other then foreign wives and because we do have children, and such. So, I know you all understand. And while I doubt anyone would wanna harm or bother or yes even care. It's always something we do think about and so we do try to take the extra precaution and so thanks for respecting our privacy about that! And I am sure as most of you are parents you all can at the very least understand where I am coming from. So thanks. : ) So, anyways what does this say? It says for the test, he swam 25m in 49.24 seconds (not minutes) in the crawl swimming style. And yes they are also counted on their time and speed. Jeepers! Ha ha ha! : )

These were all the things he completed and passed today! Phew! Anyways, that was how the test went! He passed! : )

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday and Saturday! : )

So Friday morning, the last day for the kids to get in their compressed course of swimming before the big test day on Sunday! A lot of kids will make it and a lot of kids won't. This compressed course doesn't guarantee the child or parent they will move up, but everyone gets to test for their next level and see if they can complete the tasks to move up. I was early today as usual. I took a seat with my coffee.

Another empty pool waiting for the kids to jump in and start their day.

Trying to help you guys some and provide a good visual. All mom's and families get to sit on these little benches and watch through the glass. I was first up there and the lady in the apron in the background is the cleaning lady. I make a habit of ohayo gozaimasu-ing (sp?) her every morning, just to be polite and all you know, and she always gives me a smile and tells me good morning right back! Ha ha ha : ) About 2 minutes after I sat down all the other mom's came in, so I was only a bit early. Oh and if you are late, you might not get a seat and you will have to stand or sit on the floor, which happens to a lot to people. It happened to me a few times last year and I learned my lesson, which is why I try to get there a bit early.

You can see the coach standing up with her hands behind her back. She gave them a sorta pretest, to the test on Sunday. She was watching very closely. And during this compressed course, she would write notes to each family every day and tell the parent what your child is doing "right" to pass to the next level and she also tells each parent in writing every day, what your child is doing "wrong", in helps to correct it and help your kid move onto the next level. One day this week she told us in writing B wasn't breathing correctly during each stroke. Okay, we read that and told him and he corrected it by the time the next class. In Japan they really do teach kids to be fantastic swimmers. Very spot on with things. They do have fun, but it's not a place to just go and blow off and half pay attention, if you know what I mean. You gotta really love swimming and really wanna be there to get anything from it. And no, they won't let you coast and move you to the next level, unless you can actually pass the test. I know a kid who has been stuck on the same number of swim level for the past 6 month's or so. The kid doesn't wanna be there and he just floats there every class, poor kid. but yeah, they seriously won't let you move on, until you know the stuff. Anyways... : )

Friday afternoon, we did some yard work. We dug up the dirt around this stuff and threw weed killer down a few days before, today we leveled off the dirt and sheeted it up and put the edging around it in the shape we both liked. Bark will go on top. And as a final, we will be putting up like a white picket fence type covers over the mechanical things on the side, to sorta beautify them a bit. But that will be left to the last part. And grass will be all around when we lay down the sod.

OMG, that's seriously a lot of bark!

This size is small and the small size will fill in our play ground area, a nice cushion for the boys! And it will be all edged in and stuff.

This size is medium and it will be for the edging! And around the tress and flowers and stuff.

And now the one side is nicely filled in. Keep in mind it will look 10 times better with the grass, and covers and such. But, it's a work in progress. The man who has been hired by my husband, who will do the yard, said he will be here on Monday providing it doesn't rain. Which is good, because we have a ton of work that needs to be done back here! Ha ha ha. : )

After lunch and an hour of relaxing on the couch. Branden and I made some Toll House cookies together! Noah was napping! : )

Branden was chopping the pecans. And I do love how helpful they are in the kitchen and I am so proud, he knows the correct way to hold the knife and such. When chopping stuff like this, he has to use 2 hands and one on top and sorta rocking back and forth is easier for the wee ones (Obviously I would never let Noah even hold a knife until he was maybe 5 years old that's off limits for him). And yes, I always keep an eye on them and they help under my supervision. But, they learn heaps by getting to help me cook and bake and I love that! Plus he loves to help and he's not clueless around the kitchen and I love that! : )
Yummy looking cookie dough. : )

Noboru and I made the stickers for the math set on the computer today with the math set stickers and computer CD we bought at the store, they came out wicked! So, while B and I made cookies, Noboru was just sticking the stickers on the math pieces. It took Noboru forever by the way, poor guy! Branden would come and peek at daddy every once in a while between cookie stirs.

Okay cookies are all nicely done and ready for me to make in little balls and bake them in the oven.

2 and a half dozen, of some chocolate chip pecan Toll House cookies! Yum definitely a good thing to be munching on this weekend!

See the cookies are done, it's still light outside. Noboru is meanwhile still at the math set. And since I was done with the cookies, I helped him, so we could finish faster! PS, do you see Noah playing outside in the window? The boys were playing like maniacs out in the backyard! We also had to go to the school today, the elementary school to find out which class Branden will be in. There is only 2 first grade classes. And we were hoping that he and Genki-kun would be in the same class this year. His parents were hoping for the same. So we drove to the school and saw the results on the front of the school and. Yes, Branden and Genki-kun will indeed be in the same class this year!!!! I was very happy for both of the boys, I know how much they wanted to be in the same class! Talk about a huge happy sigh of relief! *sigh*No worries now at all! : ) Friday night, Noboru made me dinner and I relaxed all night. : )

Saturday: We did nothing, no yard work, no housework. Just relaxed. All day and all night. However, only thing I can think to add is sorta a semi bummer! Converse comes out with colors they sell just for a season. And the 2 new colors this year are orange and purple. Anyway, Branden will need new shoes for elementary school anyways. So, we just bought both boys a pair of the orange. However and I do say however....

Noah's were perfect sized, size 15cm (he's normally a 16cm these days, but Converse sorta runs big). A pinch of room to grow and stuff. But Branden's were absurdly too small. So now, we have to send them back, contact the seller/shoe store we bought via Rakutan. Which we love Rakutan, remember we got their summer towel blankets from there last year. But returning is always a huge pain in the ass. And, why buy online? Because we live in the country first thing, but second thing, if we drove to the bigger city it wouldn't necessarily guarantee us to find both the boys sizes anyway, sure maybe they might have one of our kids shoe size but they could be sold out of the other. And it would be a huge waste of gas if they didn't have them. And sure we could call place after place. But for us, it's easier to find the place online, and order and that way we don't waste or lose a whole day driving all over Japan looking for them. So, that's why we buy online. Anyways, I am sure we will get Branden's shoes all worked/sorted out. Noboru sent them an email already explaining the problem. Ah well. : )

Noah's cute little converse! : ) Anyway Saturday was a nice lazy day and night. It was nice to just enjoy it. : )

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our week at the pool so far! : )

I'll show you in a few bits and pieces, how we have been been this week and what our family is up to! : ) These first couple pics were taken on Tuesday. The first day, that the 5 day compressed course started. So here's Tuesday. Swimming started at 9:00 am and ends at 10:15 am. I went upstairs that morning with my Starbucks coffee mug filled with some nice hot coffee. Noah stayed at home with daddy meanwhile I, got to watch B swim. I had a bench to myself. Many of the parents just dropped of their kids (which is understandable), but maybe about 20 of the parents stayed, as did I, so there was plenty of room and everyone had their own place to sit. This pic was taken before the kids got into the pool.

Yup, a bit early, starting at 9:00 am, but I was already there and seated.

These courses are not for beginners. These are for kids who have a certain level and higher, which is why they were allowed/invited for this compressed course. All the kids warmed up and did some exercise before getting into the pool. And then all the kids went in and got right down to business, so to speak. They kids already know what to do and they went and swam in neat nice lines. Some doing the butterfly stroke and other rows doing different types of strokes. It really is a marvel to watch it from up above, like that. All the kids look so spot on and precise with it.

After doing quite a few reps, the coach stopped the group B is in and told them to start with another move the kids are working on.

Feeling really good after his swim, Branden and I went home. Noah was happy at home with the hubby. And as soon as I got in, Noboru went out in the backyard and started on the back. He started rototilling the ground. Meanwhile I started making some sandwiches and instant cup of soups for lunch, for the 4 of us.
After lunch Noboru went outside and started spraying a weed type killer down. He's wiping the slate clean so to speak. He wants all this stuff gone before the sod arrives. Good thing, Noboru's hobby is grass and landscaping type stuff, he is having a blast with it. And we are still in deep discussions about the trees. I'm voting for a white peach! Ha ha ha : )

Wednesday! Aha, I got here earlier today then yesterday! Ha ha ha. Today Noboru and Noah came with. I didn't mind at all. And Noboru likes to watch B at least once every 2 weeks or so, to keep track of his progress. So he came today. : ) Btw, I go without makeup to the swim club in the mornings. Actually most days I don't wear any anyway. But I do wash my face in the mornings with some face wash and a nice warm wash cloth, I hope I'm not scaring the ladies in the mornings, ha ha ha, wink wink! : )

Got coffee? : ) I am the type of person, I need my coffee first thing in the morning or I'm just a wreck without it! Ha ha ha. : ) Noboru and I each brought our own coffees from home this morning. Noah had a box of milk from the swim school. And some snacks, we brought from home.

The balls were not for swimming under water and finding them. Nope, today the coach had B and the rest of his group. Put a ball in their 2 front hands and swim like that. Weird to explain, I know. But I think it taught the kids how to cup their hands the right/correct way. And the plastic bottles were used in a rolling excercise. They are currently really working hard on the front crawl. And they use a tumble turn to reverse directions so this helps the kids perfect that tumble turn technique. : )

Branden leaving the pool on Wednesday! He's loving this morning class a lot. And I actually don't mind in the least. Because he's learning a lot. And it keeps him social over the holiday break with kids his own age. Branden also had an evening Wednesday swim class, as well. Since that's his regular swim night. It was fine. He woke up early Wednesday and he got to swim and learn new stuff and fine tune his techniques some. And then he went to the grocery store with mom and dad and then home, had lunch with his family, played outside with his brother while daddy did the yard and mommy cleaned the house a bit, but mostly chilled out and watched TV, heck it's the Spring break afterall, why not, ha ha. I'm no glutton for punishment here, ha ha. : )

Here's Noah on Wednesday right out front of the swimming school, in the car and all buckled into his car seat. By the way, Noah brought some Ultraman actions figures on Wednesday and he played with a little boy and a little girl, while B swam, ha ha ha. : )

At the store, I got my usual weekly groceries, a bag full of different meats (beef, pork chicken whatever), and shrimps and such. Got another full bag of all sorta of veggies. Another big ball of drinks and then some bread, english muffins and some fruit. Because this family has to have their weekly fruit. Kids always wake up and eat a banana right away, while waiting for breakfast. Or they'll have a cup of fruit cocktail as a snack between lunch and dinner or whatever. Or maybe some peaches. And for dinner, it's nice to have some fresh strawberries too. I'm also making jello this week, so a can of fruit cocktail is always nice to throw in, right? : ) Ha ha ha. I'll probably swing back to the closer to me, store on Sunday and get a bit more fruit to tide the kids over. Probably get another fresh thing of strawberries or whatever they have fresh. : )

I think this detergent is maybe seasonal? So, I bought it because it smelled fantastic at the store today (I love that they have testers at the stores in Japan for a lot of stuff like this : ). I usually have my one favorite Japanese laundry soap/detergent I buy (Yes I got a fav, I'm a nerd). But, I figured what the heck, since I go through 1 tiny box like this a week, because I am constantly doing laundry (yeesh, grrr! : ). So, it won't be bad to just try it, for this week and next week, what the heck, I'll go back to my regular stuff. Ha ha ha. : )

For Wednesday nights dinner, I made some chicken chow mein. I think I made that about 10 days ago or so? But, I love it and it's healthy with all that fresh veggie and lean cut chicken breast slices, so I don't mind eating this at all.

I fried up my chicken in a bit of olive oil, and then stir fried my veggies and then got my sauce mixed in and let it boil. I added some shoyu and chili oil for a pinch of a kick. And yum.

Chicken chow mein on a bed of crunchy chow mein noodles. Noboru bathed with the boys. And then I went in and showered after and took a nice long soak. Got my night shirt on and cuddled on the couch. I stayed up late and watched the new episode of Dexter. OMG, it's getting so good! What else have I been watching lately? Let's see, I secretly watch and enjoy "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". And I also admit I like to watch Hannah Montana (shh, please about those 2 shows : ) I've also just started watching Desperate Housewives. I like it so far a lot. It comes on Lala TV here on satellite (I think that's the channel:) I like the Terri Hatcher character a lot (Susan). And I also like the mom of 2 twin boys (Lynette). I really can relate to both those ladies a lot. So, I like and can relate to Susan and Lynette a heap. : ) But that Marcia Cross character, Bree, OMG! Is she like a total Stepford wife or what? She has like no emotion. Ha ha ha. Her character freaks me out a little. Ha ha ha. Anyway, I just started watching, so I don't know a whole lot about that show yet, but I'm loving it so far! : ) I also like to watch a show called Cold case, I like it because of the music they play is really awesome, but I also like the lead character, she is very interesting and also caring, so I have been watching that show a great deal. Ahh well, that's just some of the stuff I've been watching on TV lately, no big deal really. : ) I also watched Legally Blonde 2, last week on satellite, and AI last week sometime too, hmm have seen AI, like 3 times these past few month's ha ha ha. And I really love watching Delia Smith's cooking show. She's from the UK and she speaks really soft and seems like a warm kind auntie sorta lady, so I love watching her a whole bunch. : )
Thursday: This was taken from this morning. I'm glad I enrolled him in this compressed class during the break, you guys. It's really really good for him. And he just loves it! He goes back to swimming school tomorrow/ Friday morning and then the final day is this Sunday.

And Branden leaving the pool from today, Thursday. What's our family doing right now? Well, I got a load of towels in the washer right this minute, including Branden's swimming towel, sigh, ha ha ha. We will have leftover chicken chow mein for lunch today. And for dinner, I'm thinking ebi chili! : ) Both boys are playing like maniacs outside in the backyard right now. The backyard is all fenced in and no one can get in, so I say, let them have at it! Play their hearts out and get tired! Ha ha ha. Noboru is also out back right now, doing yet more yard work. I asked the hubby if he needs any help about 30 minutes ago, he said not today. And so here I am, the house is clean already, did it after swim club this morning : ). The laundry is all done, except for the load of towels in the washer. : ) And there's nothing really to do now except, relax. And I'll definitely take that, ha ha ha. So, I am about to jump on the couch, grab my blankie and turn on the TV for the rest of the day, lol. And in an hour, I'll warm up some lunch for us. This week has been just a nice relaxing one. Hope everyone has been having a nice week, as well! : )

PS: We bought Branden's entrance day short suit already. It is *really* cool! I'll share some pics of it when I can. For now, the couch awaits! Ha ha ha. I hope you all are doing fine and are all well and happy wherever you all are! : )