Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring break update so far! Homemade pizza baking, backyard play and movie night at home!!! : )

Spring break has been going great here! I'm back from Guam as well, but will leave that part of Spring break for a post all on it's own. Anyway, last week is when I think it was. We caught the Larry King program and it was the topic of hoarding. I usually tune into Larry King unless it's a repeat or a boring subject. ; ) The hoarding topic looked really interesting to me. And it talked about the show on TV that is on about hoarding on both A&E and the TLC channel. That pic is of someones kitchen and dining area.
And this beautiful home, yet the guy who owns the house is a hoarder.
That beautiful home up above, is owned by this guy in the blue shirt. He is an admitted hoarder. And his girlfriend who did not know until 3 years after dating. Apparently he just didn't bring her to his house for those 3 years.
This person trying to make it up the stairs but so much stuff is on the stairs, they can barely go up. I liked the program quite a bit. From what I gather they said there are 2 types of hoarders? People who hoard stuff/memories from the past. That can't let things of the past go. And then there are hoarders who save heaps of stuff for the future. Meaning they'll buy stuff they hope to use for future use. 3 old TV's maybe they'll need them someday type people. A person's first impression of them might be, why can't they just throw it all away. But I understand the problem is a lot deeper then that.... it's just not that simple for them. Anyway, just found the whole show really really fascinating. Granted I on the other hand, dislike clutter like you wouldn't believe in my own house. I declutter all the time. Granted I keep 1 box of kids school memories and 1 box of like special blankie and clothes that are/were sentimental/important to each child. But that's it. Anyway yeah a very interesting Larry King Live last week.
Went to the beef store. Bought some steaks. And some beef for curry. We had the steaks and the beef curry last week.
Getting ready to plate up the steaks. And if you live in Japan, you'll understand the small size of potatoes. I find big potatoes sometimes for sure. But small ones are the most common. Steak, baked potatoes, and corn for dinner that night.
Last weeks rental DVD's. 2012 and Transformers #2, Revenge of the Fallen or something like that. ; ) The Transformers was great and if you have little boys they'd love it. My sons LOVED it! Noah kept talking about Bumble Bee and Optimus prime for days after that! ; ) 2012, wasn't as great as we were expecting at all. A bit disappointed with it, especially after they hyped the movie so much. Some of the beginning was really verging on unrealistic. Case in point....the boyfriend tells his girlfriend at the grocery store..."I feel we're growing apart" and the words barely left his mouth. And low and behold an earthquake not only separates them in the aisle of the grocery store and leaves a huge gaping division between them. Even me....I found myself thinking... unbelievable. The ground just crumbled right behind their car and it kept disintegrating right behind the car they were driving. 2012 wasn't the worst movie I ever saw granted, but it certainly wasn't worth all the hype, that's for sure.
I've been watching a show on MTV for the past year or so. It's called Teen Mom. I think if anyone is a teenager and thinking of fooling around this show might definitely make them think twice about it. The show started for us in Japan last year I think is when. And it started at the start of their pregnancies. 4 or 5 girls. All their ups, their downs. 1 boyfriend and girlfriend decided to give their baby up for adoption. Their own parents did not agree. They got crap from their parents about it. It showed her pregnancy throughout and the day she handed the baby over. It was so sad for them though they don't regret their choice. Another couple, a girl named Maci, her true high school sweetheart the guy she lost her virginity to and ended up pregnant by. It again showed her whole pregnancy. After the baby came, she grew up a lot. She grew up big time. She's responsible and such a good mom. And her high school sweetie, always gone late at night partying like he has no child. Each episode she grew more and more frustrated. I love this show. It's a show you root for them. And you hope they can get their lives sorted and it's an amazing show. All the babies have been born and the show is continuing. Anyway it's a great show.
This is the young couple that made the very heart wrenching choice to give their daughter up for adoption. I totally understand their reasoning on that, granted not something I could personally do, but I can at least understand their reasons why. I have been rooting for them. Their love is strong but the girl she has a very troubled home life.
This girl is my favorite. Though I like all the stories on there. This is Maci and her son Bently. Her true high school love. Was out dancing the night away at a club with girls. Yup he was. The MTV crew caught all the footage. Meanwhile Maci watched their son loveingly at home. Called him at 2am and he didn't answer, she called him at 5am and he did not answer. She finally left him because for the year Bently has been alive and them living together, he had been acting this same way and rarely home.She packed all her stuff and went back home to her parents huge gorgeous house. Meanwhile all her best friends are off heading to college to live together in dorms. And Maci saw them off and she said later...."it's hard seeing my friends get to do the things that I thought I was going to get to do" meaning head of to uni. Sigh. yeah, I feel for Maci, out of all the girls on the show, she has her head on so super straight. She's a good mama. And though I am not an angry type person, I feel I would love to just bonk Maci's boyfriend on the head! Wake up pal! He's got a great lady and a fantastic son. Not the life they expected granted, but hey can't turn back now. Anyway the shows getting so good. So so good!!!
Last Friday during the day I let the crust rest and then right before we wanted to eat it, Noah rolled it out for me. He's getting quite good at rolling the dough out.
This is the time of day it was, the sun was just setting. But it was still light though outside even just a bit. The picture above this one, looks totally dark in the background through the window, which is why I switched my camera setting.
A perfectly huge pizza. Yumm, this was so good last Friday! ; )
A load of towels drying along the fence. I love this plastic/rubber coated metal fence, things dry up so nicely on it.
Hmm, what were the boys talking about here....I forget.
See these 2 nets? That was our make shift goal zone. The boys and I played soccer for over an hour twice last week. It was Branden and Noah on one team and me all alone on the other team. The cheese stands alone, sniff sniff. ; ) ha ha ha. Just kidding.
Then we switched to basketball dribbles. The 3 of us had the, how many times can you dribble the ball contest. Man was Branden smiling and laughing in this or what? And what was up with Noah's nerdy expression in this picture as well? ; ) We have been having a laugh over here and I tell ya, it's so nice not having to race here and there and go and pick up this kid and drop off this one here. Oh man...I am loving this peaceful and quiet Spring break. It's been low key and so nice.
And more bouncing of the ball.
Hey you happy kiddo you!
Also last week, the Twilight New Moon DVD finally got here. I was so happy to get it. So happy. And a small Gap order came.
I have seen this twice here at home so far. Plus when we saw it, at the movie theater last Fall when it first came out. Also, on satellite here in Japan...Twilight, the first one has been playing quite a bit. I've caught it twice so far on satellite this past week.
Just 3 things for Branden. Not gobs, not tons. Just little by little. Same as I always do.
It's a raincoat and wind breaker all rolled into one.
A hat, a tee shirt and that preppy raincoat/windbreaker for Branden. I tell you, I wanted to buy Noah that raincoat too. In fact, I put his size in my cart. Went to bed/sleep and the next morning when I had time and was more awake, when I went back, Noah's was taken out of my cart it had apparently sold out while I was asleep. Gah!!! Don't you hate that when that happens?! Boy was I mad. However, the Gap in Japan should start selling their Summer stuff in a month or two and when they do, I'll get Noah's here in Japan. Unless it was a US version I hope not. Nah, it'll probably be available here too, crosses fingers.
Branden's raincoat/windbreaker, I bought his in a size 10. Why? well, because he's going to be 9 this year well at the end of October. And since they only sell 8 or 10, meaning there's no size 9. And given the cost of the raincoat, I didn't really want it to be something he'd outgrow in a NY minute type stuff. So, figured to get it a bit big, that way he'd get more usage from it, plus someday Noah will be able to wear it too. So, it was a good deal.
Trying on the hat and jacket. I think the coat will give him room to grow. ; )
It's actually a really good size. I like this one. Now if I can track this down in a smaller size for Noah, we'll be set.
3 things for Noah. his flippies were $2.50 US each. So a bargain.
Hmm all the kids shirts have bugs on them now days. Not sure if this is what's "in" for little boys. I sorta think so. So, B has the bug shirt in yellow and Noah has one in orange.
The boy's serving of yakitori from last weekend. Noboru had yakitori made from thigh meat though, his favorite type of meat, and we had white meat ones.
My serving, and we had quite a bit leftover, but the kids went back and picked up some more yakitori and actually finished them off. All in all, Spring break has been great. We've been watching DVD's and having movie nights at home as a family. We had some nice steaks. I took the kids to Mc D's to celebrate Branden being on Spring break. They've been playing in the backyard like crazy. I've been spending time with them in the backyard too. Just sorta hanging out. And baking pizza with the kids too. Just enjoying life basically. I still have the Guam post to get up and the Costco Makuhari one to get up as well. We've just been basically enjoying the heck out of ourselves here for Spring break. Anyway, have a great day everyone. The weather's actually pretty nice here today.

Branden's last two days of the 2nd grade!!! : )

With last Monday being a holiday in Japan. Tuesday and Wednesday both half or shortened days by the way, were his last days of school. Tuesday he got off at 1pm (so they had lunch at the school) and Wednesday B got off school at 10:30am, so no lunch at the school Wednesday.

Last Tuesday, during lunch. The Yuka sensei, pulled out three big bottles of Matsuya Cider, two big bottles of some oolong tea and two bottles of some Aquarius sports drink for her 20 kids in the class. She did that as a special treat for her class. Branden had said a few of the girl students were sad and crying how they would miss the Yuka sensei not being their teacher. And they all spoke about it being sort of sad. But the class loved that the Yuka sensei brought the drinks. Branden said he had a cup of cider and a cup of the sports drink. ; ) Bringing the drinks to the school for her class! Huge thumbs up from the students, they loved that!

Wednesday their real last day, he said, that was it. The pictures that hung in their classroom of each student were taken down. No longer did it say...Branden xxx was in this classroom. Nor Genki, or Saya. All their pictures taken down. Branden said the entire class cried. And I asked him if he cried, and he said a little. ; ) I told him, nothing wrong with that. It's normal to feel things. And it's only natural to be sad about having such a good wonderful teacher for 2 years and then her not being your teacher anymore. Totally understandable. He smiled in the car. And I'm glad we can talk to each other like this. It was barely 10:30am. And I knew Branden did not have lunch yet. So, I took both the boys to Mc Donald's to celebrate Branden's last day of the 2nd grade and for going on Spring break! : ) Noah had a cheeseburger happy meal. Branden had 2 cheeseburgers, 1 shaka shaka chicken (black pepper flavor) these are so yumm. And he also ordered a large fry. And they both split a Cinnamelt. Cinnamon roll thing. We got it to go, and the boys and I headed home. Spring break officially started for real in our household. Whichever ichinensei this year, gets the Yuka-sensei this year is going to be *really* lucky. She was a wonderful teacher to our son and a lovely person to our entire family!!! I hope Noah is lucky enough to have her as his teacher in a few years from now!!!And who will be the 3rd grade teacher? Hmm. That's the main question on our minds lately.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating my birthday! : )

Monday, March 22, was my birthday! Noboru had off work anyway and with it being a holiday in Japan, Branden had off school and Noah was on Spring break anyway. : ) At 8:30am, I was half awake half loving the option to snooze in since it was a no school day for the kids. Anyway I was just being cozy in my bed when Noboru and Branden and Noah walked in and sang...."Happy birthday to you,.... happy birthday dear mommy happy birthday to you." That was a nice way to wake up. I went downstairs, grabbed a cup of coffee. Looked out the big patio window at the beautiful Japanese countryside, rice fields....past my backyard. Then I checked my email. My dad emailed me, A wonderful lovely "happy birthday email", a couple cousins wished me a happy birthday and from my mom, I got a Hallmark birthday e-card and Gap electronic gift card. From hubby I got that Amazon book and dvd order and a big order from Nissen of Summer stuff for me. 2 pairs of shoes (both black sandals, 1 dressy, 1 casual) 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of house shorts/comfy terry material. And something else but I forget, besides the order won't ship until May. By then I am sure I might forget what's exactly in the order, detail by detail and then pleasantly be surprised all over again. ; ) I did pretty good for my birthday, I think would be a pretty fair statement. ; ) For dinner, I was thinking, the Outback Steakhouse or Capricciossa. But in the end, I was feeling more in the mood for Italian. So at 4:30pm we headed to the restaurant in Narita city. In the picture, a great big salad. A toasted crusty loaf of bread with olive oil, basil and fresh tomato, so good.
Big delicious deep fried rice ball with melted cheese inside. This alone is reason enough to eat there. ; )
Delicious pizza.
We had 2 extra large servings of pasta. Sodas for us all. They gave us the private room in the back, at our request.
The kids ate, and ate and drank and ate some more.
They brought out cheesecake the raspberry sauce was on the other side, should have taken the picture from that angle, whoops. Orange Sherbet which is Branden's favorite. Chocolate which is Noah's favorite. The desserts are complimentary and free for people having a birthday at our particular Capricciosa, so were the 2 coffees that accompanied the dessert.
That smile right there, is how my husband usually looks. Mr. Smiley husband. : ) But if he knows I am taking his picture he usually gets his typical serious face on. So Japanese style, right. The serious face. ; ) But in real life, he's like this in this pic, happy and smiley. They clapped and sang ,me Happy Birthday yet again. Hmm. I think they probably sang me Happy Birthday about 5 times Monday! Ha ha ha. The wait staff peeked their heads on us periodically to clear plates or to see if we needed anything. At one time when one of the waitresses popped her head in, I was laughing so hard (though we are never loud patrons), literally happy tears coming out the corners of my eyes type laughing. Hubby was laughing so hard. I bet she wondered, "what in the heck are they laughing about in there?" But she smiled and that restaurant really likes us and knows us already. They know we are a happy family. And yup, they heard Noboru clapping and singing me Happy birthday and the kids too. They must think we're silly. : ) We're definitely their fun customers. Not a bunch of grumps that's for sure. And always very polite to the staff always, always always.
Was this my birthday dessert? ; ) I had 1 bite...Noboru had 1 bite. I gave it to the boys. They devoured it. And I absolutely loved watching them enjoy it. : ) I meanwhile sipped my coffee. And after a little chit chat we left.
A very close friend of mine, a yochien mom friend I met back when B was in yochien, our older kids were in the same class, brought me some chou creams about 2 hours before we left to the restaurant. Bliss. It is so nice to know good people, and to have such good friends in this life. Seriously as cliche or lame as it sounds. To have good friends and a good solid family. I feel really blessed. And all week, last week and even up until Sunday, Noboru asked me if I wanted a birthday cake and first year in many years, I said no. Nope, not this year. I was thinking the birthday dessert from the restaurant would be plenty.... but then when a real good friend ended up remembering my birthday earlier in the day, and brought the chou creams called...super chou creams because of their big size. I thanked her a whole bunch of times and waved her goodbye (she had to go but just wanted to drop them off) and we put them in the fridge for later. And there we had it. After we got home from the restaurant, I started some coffee for hubby and I and our family of four had a chou cream. They were huge. Seriously the picture does not do them justice, they were freakishly big chou creams. But so yummy. ; ) And this was the beautiful card my dad sent me. He wrote a very special message for me and put $200.00 inside the card. He said that way, I could buy myself whatever I want. Thanks dad. : ) Anyway, this was my quiet low key birthday this year.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beyblade Sunday! ; )

Anyway, before I start with Sunday. Let me finish off Saturday real quick. After we got back from fishing on Saturday, it was about 12:30pm. Kids in our area don't play between 12-1pm that's the lunch hour (even the bell chimes for lunch at noon) The kids had lunch at home and at 1pm Branden and Noah, "boy next door", BND's little brother, the boy who lives 2 houses down, G-kun, A-kun. Hmm that's 7, but I counted 8 kids, so I must be forgetting someone. Anyway there were 8 little boys all playing in our backyard Saturday from 1pm-5pm. I brought drinks out and 8 paper cups, a big bowl of popcorn, and some chocolates, some Easter stuff just a small bowl. All the kids had a great time out there. At 5pm, when the bell rang for the kids to all go home, they did. And Branden and Noah came in and had dinner with us. Saturday was awesome. Anyway so Sunday, we had sort of decided to get both the boys a new beyblade. Because Noah has 3 beyblades. Branden has 4 beyblades. And to us we think that's more then enough. However for example, The boy next door has about 30 beyblades. Yup, the biggest box you ever did see amount. We tell the boys, wait until your birthday or Christmas. Even the kid who lives 2 houses down who's an ichinensei has about 15. We think we're doing what's right for our family. We don't want our kids to be overindulged or anything. Not saying our neighbors are though at all, that's not what I mean. We love our neighbors. But yeah, and with 2 fabulous good students like Branden and Noah are....we started thinking Saturday. You know....we should go and buy them an extra one at least. ; ) So Sunday, we woke up and the boys knew it was the day we were going to find them a beyblade. Beyblade has a huge catalog of "which beyblade is which", which one is rare. There are 2 types at least. One is a defensive type. And the other is an attack type, that is a better one to get. If you wanna battle against the others. Anyway, to make a long story short, we drove to Narita city. Went to the Aeon and they had a whole aisle but the whole aisle was empty, everything that had to do with beyblade totally sold out. So we left and went to Toys r us. And same thing. They had 1 beyblade but it was a defense type meaning not a good fighting beyblade. And that's probably why it was still there and not bought. By now the kids looked crushed. Perhaps we could not find them anything. These are so popular right now. We had one last chance...Ito Yokado.

Again because they're so popular they were having an actual big beyblade battle at the actual Ito Yokado in Narita. About 80 kids and their parents showed up. It was a mad house. We did not know this was going on when we walked in. Boy were we surprised. We went to the beyblade aisle and they surprisingly had a lot of stuff in stock. Not everything but a lot more then the slim pickins' we saw at Aeon and Toys r us.
Oh yeah, also we picked up a banana case for Noah for when he goes back to yochien. Again doing little by little. With getting ready.
Branden got 2 attack type beyblades. He was so happy. ; ) Granted now he has 6 beyblades total which is not much compared to the rest of the kids in our area but he's pretty happy at least. ; )
And inside this bigger bag.
We bought the boys a big square bey stadium. This is their 3rd stadium right now and they were so happy getting this one. They also each got a white bey shooter. All the kids have those around here. Our kids did not and they were only 550 yen or so. So, we thought what the heck...and they each got one of those as well. And Noah got 1 beyblade which is pictured. Beyblades are named after astrological signs like Scorpio, Libra etc. Anyway with the boys getting a bit of beyblade stuff on Sunday they were seriously super happy. We came home and had lunch.
They played outside Sunday afternoon and I baked some cupcakes. For dessert for later.
They played ball.
And even more ball. Then they came in and had dinner. After dinner they went upstairs and played beyblades until bath time. Two happy boys went to sleep perhaps, dreaming about their new beyblades Sunday night. ; )