Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enjoying the last bits of Summer and also getting ready for school again.

Goodness, where did the Summer go? Don't get me wrong, it was such a fun Summer this year. With Disneyland for Noah's birthday. A visit from grandpa, the local "old school pool", Toy Story 3. The Guam trip, "Twilight Eclipse" for me and "Despicable Me" for the boys. The big pool with wave pool etc., that we recently went to. Not to mention the countless bbq's we enjoyed here at home over the Summer, plus the gardening the kids got to enjoy. And many dvd rentals and family movie nights with big bowls of popcorn and the family time. We also played a round of Sorry! (family board game) last week. So we did really enjoy our Summer quite a bit. Just sorta sad to see it go....sniff sniff. : ( And I guess a bit sad to get back to the school year once again. But, I know it is I will do my best to prepare us to go back to school. : ) So what have we been doing since last I blogged? Honestly.....just enjoying every last bit and second of Summer we can. School doesn't start for us here until this coming Wednesday for B. And Noah starts this coming Thursday. So Sept 1st for Branden and Sept. 2nd for Noah. Noah will have half days for the Sept 2nd and 3rd. But yep, the running here and running there will start for me once again this coming Wednesday. ; ) The pic above is of when we were in Saitama last week sometime. We were hanging about enjoying the bits of Summer left and since we were in the area...and it was lunch time, Noboru suggested we have lunch at Costco. I agreed so we went.
This is the Costco, I blogged about once before, it's near an Ikea and a lalaport. I think it's in Shin-Misato? Don't quote me on that though...I am not from that area, so I could be a bit off on city/area names. ; )
It was so crowded in there and all we wanted was lunch and a pizza to take home for dinner that night.
There was no place to sit, so we walked around and around and around for a spot. Finally some nice people left and we got a spot. We sat and ate and then I saw a man and his wife looking for a spot too as we were just about done with our lunch, there he was holding his food and drink just waiting. Boy did I know *that* feeling of wanting a spot to eat while the food is still actually hot...we just had that same feeling 30 minutes earlier. ; ) So, I waved him over and gave them our spot (we were done anyway), boy was he happy! : ) So, the 4 of us got up and gave our spot to the guy and his wife, meanwhile then Noboru took the boys to the boys bathroom to go pee before we drove all the way home, I was standing holding the huge box of pizza and the lady/wife we just gave the seats too, went to get toppings on her hot dog and she gave me the biggest smile and head nod/bow. I smiled and head nodded back. Right on, I thought.
Cold by the time we brought it home...but when it was dinner time we just reheated in the oven.
For us rarely getting to Costco, we have had Costco cheese pizza twice this Summer so far? Pretty uncommon for us. Good thing we just happened to be near one.
I washed Branden's shuji clothes yesterday. Just black basic shorts, an old black tee that used to be Noboru's and a cheap smock that we don't mind if it gets black ink on it or not. And it has. Ha ha ha. Better these clothes then his regular clothes I'd say. I washed them, they dried in the sun and are now folded away until school starts. His gym uniform, actually both the boys gym uniform I will wash this coming Monday that way it's still fresh and clean for when they start this coming Wednesday and Thursday. Oh dear I already sound like I am going into school year mode, let me gong myself real quick. ; ) Side note, those tomatoes are going out of control. We don't even know what to do with them anymore. We are officially tomato-ed out!
With school starting soon, I checked my calendar for September and had a few things written on it already, which surprised me. I have Noah's sweet potato dig written down and Branden's undokai/sports day coming up. So, I started to write a list last week, of what I needed to get from the 100 yen/Daiso. Because sometimes I go in there and get my 2-3 items and then at home go d'oh! And realize I forgot this or that. So not wanting to do that again, I started with my list. And yesterday/Thursday the boys and I headed to the Daiso. For the sweet potato dig, I needed a pair of kids sized gardening gloves for Noah and because we have 2 kids and Branden comes with on sweet potato dig day, I bought 2 sets of kids gardening gloves. So, there I was yesterday with my list with my 2 boys and looking at the huge selection of gloves. Found what I liked and started knocking things off the list while we were in the Daiso. Went and paid and we left. Then we headed to do the weekly shopping.
I chose these because I liked that they had non slip stuff on them. I recalled seeing some kid using something similar last year. Sorta made a mental note of it and remembered it this year.
New inside shoes for Branden, with Kumon and regular school he needs 2 pair. And Noah got a new pair, before Summer started so he only needed 1 new pair for Kumon.
The bag from Daiso.
The shoe inserts are for up to a size 17cm, and Noah's size is 18cm white shoes. I think I can get away with this size of shoe insert this one last time and then I will start buying the bigger size and just cut them down with scissors around Christmas time. But these will work fine for this semester. 2 new washing the school rags for Branden. A nylon body wash scrubby for Noah (Lightning Mcqueen, B just got a new one recently) and kitty for myself, because I have sensitive skin and the adult ones are a little too rough for my skin. A potato peeler because mine broke last week. And this is sort of funny but, the potato peeler selection was so huge since last i bought one, so many new ones to choose from. New cool ones and yet would you believe I picked the one I had bought 5 years ago? Yep, just too many new styles and I couldn't make up my mind on them and I finally decided to just get the familiar and yep, I picked the same potato peeler and the exact same color as last time. @_@ Speaking of which. The new camera? I hate it. Okay maybe hates too strong of word. But...I just didn't like it at all. I took it for the Guam trip and it just drove me bonkers. It was not even remotely like my old camera. My old camera may have less pixels or whatever. But it was a camera I was used to, am comfortable with. And the new camera lacked the "take a pic through a glass setting" and the "swimming pool setting" Thing is, at the swim school I do often take pics through the glass window and we do swim at a pool a lot and I did love that pool setting. So, when I got back from Guam, I traded cameras with Noboru. He now has the brand new camera and I now have my old was broken and now isn't camera. The camera Noah "fixed". ; ) And I couldn't be happier. Hmm, I really do sometimes stick with things familiar don't I? Oh dear.
What's car (looks sorta like a VW beetle to me) band for the metal winter obento. Our measuring tape needed replacing (why do you ask? Well because My darling husband took it to fishing with him to measure how big his fish he caught were and the tape measure came back smelling all eau de fishette. So, I said he could just keep it) and so that's why I needed to replace our home measuring tape. @_@ Yep, husbands, gotta love em'. ; ) Straws, the bendy kind. Cotton swabs for ear cleaning. The 2 pair of kids gardening gloves and 1 mini hand rake thing for the upcoming sweet potato dig. Man am I on top of the getting ready for school stuff or what? I'm trying...I am certainly giving it the old college try here. : ) Fruit picks/sticks for obento and some obento cups, the mini small ones for veggies.
These I loved. Because usually obento cups are cartoony or colored. Arty. Hmm, horrible description but I think you know what I mean. Hopefully. You know like pink ones, green ones, Or you can get ones with bunnies or frogs and stuff on them and I do like those too, I do. But these ones are real pics of tomatoes. I've never seen them before and I do go to the Daiso at least once a month for something or other. Anyway, I liked them and so I bought them for Noah's obento stuff. They had them in the different sizes too.
See the different colors? I wonder what the other pictures will look like.
Since it was Summer, I let the kids eat the jelly's that were in the pantry for Noah's obento's long ago. And so, I luckily remembered to buy another pack of them to actually prepare myself a bit for obento making. I'm slowly getting the boys ready for the return of school.
Yesterday while buying the weekly groceries. I also bought the weekly popsicles/ice-cream. I bring my calculator with me to the store every week (not that I really need to, I just like to). I've always done that. And I try to get the best deals, save the most money I can. I enjoy doing that. But I always buy 1000 yen of snacks for the fmaily every week. $10 dollars. It isn't so much when you count all 4 of us share. I usually get some popsicles/ice cream. Some cookies (those butter and/or the chocolate chip 100 yen ones are great.) A few bags of chips or senbei and that's usually about it. This week, we got the generic cider popsicle ones (98 or 99 yen), the generic/store brand fruit ones and some cookies and cream icecream. Not bad treats for the week. We also got a few bags of chips (88 and 98 yen each bag), curry senbei (88 or 99 yen) and 1 box of butter cookies (100 yen) and 1 box of choco chip cookies. Thrifty but still enjoying snacks. : )
These are the last 2 DVDs for August, The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. Love Sandra Bullock and saw this movie in the airplane but I picked it so Noboru and the kids could see it, it's a good heart warming true story we'll watch it this coming week sometime. And the other one is...good grief the title for this is long it's....Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief . A good action movie and we saw that one already the other night, the whole family enjoyed it.
TV Talk: What have I been watching on TV lately? Cougar Town with Courtney Cox-Arquette started for us in Japan on satellite and it's really funny. I also am still enjoying, "How I met your mother" This show is so funny. All the characters are so funny to me on here. I've been watching, America's Next Top Model. My goodness can women be mean to one another or what? : ( What else have I been watching? Ghost Whisperer is getting SO good. I have been watching every week and look forward to the next week. ; )
What the boys have been watching.....Kids TV Talk, I guess: I've been watching Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana with the boys still. Suite Life. Phineas and Ferb is hilarious, it seriously cracks me up! Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and the Simpson's and King of the Hill. Oh yeah and the Pink Panther, lol.
Do you ever watch upcoming movie trailers or "currently playing now" trailers... on Yahoo? I do, I do! I saw the trailer to Nanny McPhee returns!!! OMG this looks so good and I'm not just saying that because I think Emma Thompson rocks. Vampires Suck...the trailer cracked me up. Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts sorta spoke to me too. And "The Switch" with Justin Bateman looked so funny too. The little boy (a self admitted hypochondriac) cracked me up so hard when I saw the trailer online! I want to see these movies. I am eagerly waiting to watch them. *happy sigh*
What else....anything else before I hit the publish button? (thinking thinking) I've been doing treadmill quite a bit lately. Wasn't feeling it this Summer so much.... but now that Summer's coming to an end, I am trying to get my butt in gear again. ; )
Noboru is taking both Branden and Noah to the movies this coming Wednesday. Branden gets out at 11am since it's his first day back at school. Branden had asked to see the Pokemon movie this Summer. And we didn't take him a promise is a promise, so hubby's taking him this coming Wednesday and little brother too. ; ) I'm opting not to go. Though I could end up changing my mind, I suppose. But for now, I think I'd prefer stay home...maybe read a magazine or read some more of my book.
Anyway I think that's it for now..5 last days of Summer left and we wanna enjoy them, the best we can. Anyhoo, I have a load of towels hanging on the fence, so I better go get them down and folded. And we need to have lunch here before Branden and I take Noah to his swimming class today at 3pm. : )

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer fun at the pool! : )

On Monday of this week, Noboru and I were talking about there only being 2 weeks left of Summer break. : ( And so we decided to do a few more things before Summer ends and it's back to the old boring grind (meaning school schedules etc ; ). So, we planned to go to the big pool the following day, on Tuesday. So Monday while hubby was at work, I got the cooler out for the next day, got the chicken prepped for karaage obento the following day. Rice cooker set.
Tuesday morning I woke up at 6:30am, had a cup of coffee checked my emails and then fried up the chicken for lunch. Packed a small bag of snacks, put the straight tea and lemonade in the cooler. Went upstairs brushed my teeth and put my swim suit on and dress over said swimsuit. The boys woke up had a bowl of cereal, brushed their teeth and we left. Here's a pic of Noboru setting up. Because of Noboru's job, he gets discounts for this place, the kids were free for us and our tickets we only paid 150 yen each adult to enter. I think regular people without the coupons had to pay 1500 yen or so each person. : (
And we set up. One cooler, one Costco bag and a swim bag. ; )
Nothing even remotely fancy. Just chicken, rice balls/onigiri. A good amount of granola bars, dried mango, pudding cups etc. And drinks were so cold.
There are different pools, salt water ones, regular chlorine ones, ones with pebbles. Wave pool. We chose to set up here near the natural looking one. It's water level was so shallow the kids could stand so we felt safe setting up here plus we had shade etc. We could watch the boys from our shade sitting spot when we weren't playing with them.
See, regular pool on the left. then the natural pool here. Also the things I liked about this place is they had snack bars everywhere, literally like 6-8 different places all over, all selling the same stuff. Hot dogs, churros, yakisoba, corn dogs, etc. So the wait in line time was none. Although we had brought our own was very well thought out, throughout this place. And modern. Not old school like the pool closer to our area. ; )
The boys and Noboru in the lazy river. I jumped in after I took their picture.
There they were going round and round. : )
All smiles. : )
The bigger tube is Branden's, but he rarely uses it. Which is okay, either hubby or I will use it but give it back when B wants it. And we have more at home, but because we know B doesn't care to use them so much, we don't lug more then the 2 normally. We also didn't lug that big dolphin floaty this time either. : )
They had these slides but they charged extra for this, just like the charged extra for the bouncy castle and doctor fish from the first pic of this post. We didn't do anything extra. The pools they offered were more then enough.
Pebble beach. The cool part about this pebble beach is it actually does morph into the wave pool but you have to go way way in the middle to get to the wave pool.So gradually the pebble floor goes into the blue pool floor.
This slide was free but the wait was forever so we didn't do the slide at all.
We buried Branden instead. He loved it!
Then we said...why the heck not! Let's bury Noah as well! So, we did. : ) He loved it too.
The wave pool. The waves come every 40 minutes. And they say over the loudspeaker 10 minutes before they come, so no matter where you are...if you wanna come over and join, you can.
Summer fun. : )
The perfect way to spend the day.

This water slide area was also a "pay extra" type thing...ehhh we didn't need it at all. We had more then enough fun with what was offered.
A view of the slide from across the pool area.
No matter where we went throughout the day, we brought our shoes because the cement was blazing hot. And we brought the plastic Spongebob bag with zipper closure because it held Noboru's wallet, and my camera. We kept the important stuff with us.
Everyone had a sun shade.
Another natural pool but not where we had our sun shade. A different area. This water park was huge.
A middle of the day snack of karaage and a few more rice balls. And a cold drink.
Then all 4 of us wanted a pudding cup. So we had our pudding cups while watching people frolic in the natural pool in front of us. Branden also had some mango and Noboru and Noah shared a Marie cookie.
Tummy's full once again and they went to play and I joined them!
Hi cutie patootie! : )
These kids had so much fun.

Noboru was so relaxed, just kicking back watching the boys and myself splash each other. The toilets were right back there and another snack selling stand behind us too. And the trash cans right back there too. We picked the best spot to set up, close to everything.

Now we were in a different pool altogether.
Hi Branden sweet pea.
Two boys hanging with dad.
And doing the wave pool yet again.
The wave pool was my favorite part of the whole place although the whole place was really fun.
Waves rolling along.
Jumping the waves.
The boy's were caught by the sweet smell of the churros. So we bought them one and they shared. ; )
At the other pool now. Not the wave pool.
See way in the background? They had a huge slide, they said it was free, but because you had to rent the "approved only innertube" for 400 yen each. So not really technically free then, ha ha ha. We didn't use the slides. We just played in this pool, and the big orange/yellow floatie in the middle of the water with slide was free, so B went on that a few times.
Family about to jump in this pool.
There were so many different pools that it didn't feel too overly crowded but also we went on a weekday so that might have helped too. ; )
By now it was nearly 5pm. We all rinsed off in the outdoor showers and I slipped my dress coverup on. And was ready to go home, I covered the boys in their swim towels and they got changed and out of their swim suits and put on their comfy house/play clothes. And we headed home. Fully exhausted from our full day at the pool. Noah had a leaf in one hand and an onigiri in the other. ; ) Anyway, just trying to make the most of our Summer here before school starts once again. ; )