Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer fun and movies in Guam

The boys and I flew to Guam July 22nd and we would be flying back to Japan around 3pm July 24th. So a 3 day 2 night trip. When I was growing up, summer's always meant endless backyard bbq's. plenty of summer movies, our once a year vacation, a few mini trips to the hot spring/onsen place in the mountains in Colorado. Playing hide and go seek with all the neighbor kids on my block. Parents watching us all on their porches. Summer was fun basically what I'm trying to say. And I want the same for Branden and Noah. And I think I do a pretty good job of making sure they enjoy summer for the most part. Anyway, since we took our "big" once a year Summer vacation of going to Hawaii already. So now that...that's crossed off the list. I want to make sure they get to see plenty of movies too. So Monsters University was watched when it first came out in June. And so this time.... we flew to Guam to enjoy 2 more movies. My dad picked up us at the airport, we dropped off our luggage at my dad's condo. And we went and grabbed some lunch. Look at Noah's cute fries that came with his happy meal.
They wanted to go to McDonald's because the commercials have been showing they had the minion toys from Despicable Me 2.
I had a small fry and a hot fudge sundae. I went and got my eyebrow wax after lunch and then we went to 2 Cost u less stores, then dropped stuff back at my dad's and then to enjoy a movie for the evening. We went and saw Turbo! Turbo was SO good! Honestly it was awesome! The story was so good and the characters were funny and the music was really good in this one!
Our Turbo movie tickets. Since it was after 5pm, the price was not the cheaper day time price. But it was still super cheap. The day time tickets usually are just $5 for any age. So the boys tickets of being $5.25 wasn't much more. My dad's a senior of course, so his full price ticket was just $5.75. Mine is a normal adult ticket and $8.75 but still cheaper then the cost of a ticket in Japan. We had a big bucket of popcorn, Butterfinger bites for the boys. And 2 big drinks/sodas.
These are the tickets from the next day. We went in the morning so it was just $5 bucks each person. And we went and enjoyed Despicable Me 2. I actually liked Despicable Me 2 better then the original/first one. This was funny. Turbo was funnier, but this was really good too.
All the movie ticket stubs this trip.
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 as you can see, is coming out in September. You can tell by their clothes this was taken the first day we arrived. So this was taken when we went to see Turbo.
After Turbo, we were sorta hungry. Not super hungry or "let's go to a restaurant type hungry" So we went to the food court at GPO, which is about a 1 minute walk from the movie theater we were just at to see Turbo. I had a small baked ziti and a bean and cheese burrito. My dad had a small pasta also and a bean burrito.
Noah had 3 tacos.
Branden had a KFC crispy strip meal. All in all, a really great first day in Guam. We had lunch, I had my eyebrow wax. We went and enjoyed a movie and had a light dinner. And headed back to my dad's condo. The boys showered and put on their pj's. I showered. My dad showered in his own/other shower. And we all watched TV.  The next morning we woke up, and went and had breakfast at Wendy's. And then we went to the movies again.
Since we had popcorn the night before we ordered the large nachos. So yumm! At the movies about to see Despicable Me 2.  Branden's Vitamin Water in the pic.
Noah's Vitamin Water too. They sell them there. Anyway we enjoyed the first showing of the day of Despicable Me 2.
Before we left the movies, the boys wanted to play their favorite game there. Terminator Salvation game.
Kids being kids! : )
Though they saw it the day before, they still wanted their pic taken next to the Turbo movie poster.
After the movie we went and grabbed some fro-yo (frozen yogurt)
Yep, I think they're enjoying their summer alrighty! Which makes me so happy!
Tasted like an Almond Joy.
I had the Almond Joy one, coconut and Kona coffee.
The rest of the afternoon we just relaxed. The boys each got a new 3DS game from Game Stop. I did do a handful of light shopping at Kmart and a Payless grocery store. We also went on a nice drive. Stopped at a fruit stand and bought fresh mango.  And around 5pm, we went and had an early dinner at Tony Roma's.
My baked potato soup. Our fresh bread and garlic butter they kept refilling.
My meal, baby back ribs, my 2 sides of course I picked cheese and butter potatoes.
My dad had the baby back ribs also, except he had garlic green beans and 1 baked potato. Branden didn't want ribs this time, so he had the chicken strips.
Noah had the chicken strips.
Kids meals come with ice cream for free. Hi Noah!
Branden picked vanilla.
Our last day, Wednesday July 24th. We had nothing to do. Just relaxing and since we wouldn't go to the airport until 1pm. We just really enjoyed ourselves. For breakfast we went to Denny's. I ordered my usual/favorite. Banana pecan pancakes and scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. We all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. My dad's birthday is August 3rd, so we went to Ross afterwards and I was happy to get my dad 2 pair of shorts for his birthday, I wanted to get him 3 but he wouldn't hear of it. I only wish I could be in the same town/city with my dad so we could take him to dinner and get him a cake. We took a nice drive around the island and did some sight seeing and around 12:30pm we headed back to my dad's and I packed the perishable/last minute stuff. Everything else, I packed the night before. Around 12:50pm my dad dropped us off. We luckily beat the huge tour bus of Japanese tourists and got checked in quickly and through the TSA no problem. We bought a soda in the food court and sat near our gate until boarding. Better to be early then late. : )
The stuff we brought back from Guam this trip. And at first, I wasn't planning to bring anything at all back.  Ykwim. However, because of the summer festival. Noboru asked me to bring cups back and lemonade back. Then he asked for me to bring him back an extra deodorant to add to his stock pile. Of course, yes! : )  Then I realize the boys are almost out of kids shampoo. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is gone. So at that point, I started thinking, well might as well bring an empty suitcase and just get whatever our family is running low on. Since we were going to be there anyway.
Chicken flavor type cup of noodle. Just a couple dollars for the case at Cost u less. I love these.
Lasagna, nice to throw in the freezer and know it's there if we need it.
Perfect snack for when the boys get back from morning swimming at the elementary school. Swimming makes people really hungry and this snack helps tide them over, until I can get lunch done.
Side dish. Cheesy potato casserole.
Have bought these before and they're delicious! 2.5 pounds each package so 7 and a half pounds of ravioli. I've got 2 growing boys with hearty appetite. And a hungry hubby. So when the 4 of us eat this we use a whole bag for one meal. So this way I know I've got 3 dinners (literally) in the bag! : )
Peanut butter is a fave at our house. So Nutter Butter's bought cheaply form Cost u Less. And banana pecan oatmeal cookies for me. Yay! Yes, I know, I clearly am a fan of banana pecan anything. : )
Popcorn for movie nights.
Cans are very heavy to add in a suitcase, so I try not to pack too many. But I did add 2 cans of enchilada sauce. Even if I use one in Summer and 1 in Fall. At least I have 2 now. Pinto beans for tostadas or when we make pork green chili and a small pot of beans. And they're great and perfect in chili concarne/Texas type chili too.
Available at Cost u Less and I like buying this in the big size.
For the summer festival. And we also have 1 Country Time lemonade unopened here at the house for our own use too.
Wings flavor packets. We love hot wings at our house. We have used the one on the right many times. But the packet on the left we've never tried. I hope it's good. : ) Ranch for dipping our wings and also for salads. And Irish creamer for coffee.
Balsamic vinegarette for salads, Italian bread crumbs for chicken parmesan and garlic spread for garlic bread.
Should last us, the summer now.
Breakfast bars, these are really good. The boys love these! I try to have a good assortment of breakfast stuff at our house. Frozen waffles, breakfast bars, fresh bakery bread, I buy during the week. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I always have eggs and milk and bacon on hand also.
Science experiment for Branden, this year for part of his summer homework. There's a store in Guam where they sell a ton of these cool science experiment kits. $12.99, so an affordable price also. When Noah starts needing summer science projects, I'll be buying them from here.
Everything is included except the baking soda and vinegar. Which we have tons here at home anyway.
It says right here, it makes for an awesome science project, I agree. : )
3 big size/value size of cinnamon toothpaste
2 big bottles of Suave kids green apple shampoo, and 1 regular size of surf/ocean/beachy/marine kids shampoo.
We have a dishwasher, but for the occasional dish or thermos we need dish soap too. Gain scent.
The cutest mini Uno cards! These are so cool! And Q-tips.
Noboru's deodorant. He asked for 1, I brought him back 2. : )
Branden's only 11. Hasn't hit puberty yet. But he has been telling me that a lot of his male classmates are using deodorant now. I said, kiddo, you don't sweat really at all and you most certainly aren't stink-a-roo at all. However as a mom, I am always there for my boys and I understand how kids want to use stuff their classmates are. I understand the whole wanting to be like your peers, believe me I get it. So, I had told Branden when we get to Guam, we can buy him 2 deodorants if he wants. He and I took a very long time in the deodorant aisle. And we sniffed dozens together. These are the newest ones, they've been on the commercials all summer. We smelled these together and he liked them both so I bought them both for him. He is not using them every day. In fact he only used it 1 day so far, the day of the dashi pull and summer festival day. He will probably only use it again for undokai practice and actual undokai. But really other then that, he doesn't need it. I also asked him if he wanted a spray but he perhaps sees Noboru use a stick so he wanted a stick deo also. I told Branden to use 1 deodorant at a time meaning don't open them both at once. And more then likely he'll use this 1 deodorant for ages. Hahaha. : ) And I am also going to buy him some Japanese guy sprays that his friends use also. Also I noticed, a lot of his classmates are getting pimples, must be the age. But, Branden is using my skincare and peels and masks so his skin looks super clear so far. : ) I told him, that's what mom's are for. I will always be there for you in every stage as you grow up kiddo! : )
They smelled really light and clean. Perfect for his age.
I have been using the same deodorant, Secret in a white case/tube/stick, packaging ykwim. Minerals, is what it was called and I think the scent was minty lemongrass? They had it in Hawaii, but I didn't get it. Because I knew we were going to Guam anyway. Anyway, turns out they didn't have the one I've been using. No worries at all though, they have a ton of deodorants to choose from and I just picked new ones. The Secret on the left you can tell is cheaper in price, then the 2 on the right. The one on the left is in Shower Fresh scent and I really liked the way it smelled. The 2 on the right smelled the best though! In fact I liked the scent better then the minty lemongrass, I had been using. Theses are in the "sporty fresh" scent and they smell fantastic. Nicer/fancier dial twist at the bottom, semi see through packaging. Formula is called Outlast 48 hours. They were pricier though, which is why I bought 2 versus 3 of those. But anyway, I was happy to add 3 deodorants to my deodorant basket in the hall closet upstairs.
Pantene is my fave. Makes my hair really smooth and nice. But it is a little pricy. But I did buy 1 big bottle of the shampoo and conditioner in the Smooth formula. I also bought 2 bottles of the Suave (Aveda knock offs) in Rosemary Mint formula shampoo and 1 conditioner. This works great and smells fantastic and is super cheap.  Again just adding to the shampoo and conditioner stock up in the hall closet.
The Host DVD, same lady who wrote the Twilight series wrote this book. I saw the previews to this movie and wanted to see it. This movie is fantastic! We loved this!
School supplies, Branden needed.
Soft touch and non-skid.
My dad bought the boys these awesome colored pencils and cool curved rulers for school.
Sorry this pic is sideways, I tried to get it the right way, but it's not cooperating at all. This was on the front page of the newspaper in Guam. The very famous and popular restaurant in Hawaii is opening up in Guam!!! Yay! I can't wait! The article says it will open beginning of next year. They are famous for their pancakes.  Thanks for coming to Guam, Eggs N Things. Also, a smaller scale shop/store Toys R Us is coming to Micronesia Mall. I think it's being called something like Toy R Us Express. Guam is getting better and better all the time! : ) Anyway that's our trip in a nut shell.