Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Branden! The big day spent at Tokyo Disney Sea! : )

This was the first time we've ever been to Tokyo Disney Sea for Halloween (we've been here different times of the year but not during Halloween before). We've been going to Tokyo Disneyland for Halloween for Branden's birthday for years. But this year Branden wanted to try Disney Sea for Halloween instead, so since it was his birthday, we went ahead and gave it a try. : ) It was so beautifully decorated. A perfect way for us to celebrate Halloween and also at the same time a perfect way to celebrate Branden's birthday. Two birds with one stone, as they say. : )
It was definitely Fall weather on Tuesday. It was chilly, you'd definitely need to wear some jeans and a long sleeve or a sweatshirt. And definitely pack up some coats for the night time. It rained the day before on Monday. But Tuesday's forecast said, mostly it would be a cloudy gray day and chilly night and very slight chance of rain. But not heaps. That's why I packed the rain coats as well. Didn't wanna be taken off guard. : )
As it says behind them, Halloween (season) 2010! The badge Branden is wearing, they give to you if you tell them it's your birthday. And throughout the entire park all the staff said..Happy Birthday Branden-kun" Which made B happy hearing that all throughout the park.

The NY Deli, which has great turkey sandwiches by the way. Was decorated and changed to a Halloween motif. The statue of liberty was wearing a mardi gras type eye mask. And the sign to the right, was switched to "Witch' s Sandwiches" We went here for lunch.
Look at the tires. A wonderful way to get your Halloween fix here in Japan! For sures. : )
First ride, well not technically a ride ride. Was Turtle Talk. Remember Finding Nemo? And Crush? Well.....
You could ask him anything and he'd answer you. In Japanese though. He was very funny.
Look at the boat...all decked out for Halloween too.
Walking around the American type Sea Port.
You read that right. ; ) Perhaps she was at the shops buying some last minute ingredients to make her brew with. : )
She might be a *real* witch and all, but she sure has a gorgeous house though! : ) LOL. This cracked me up so much! : )
Next was a different port. Disney Sea is made up of different ports, 7 or 8 or I forget how many. Like an American type port (sorry forgot the real technical name) The Italian type port (sorry forgot the actual name...maybe the Mediterranean Sea port or something like that) And so on.
About to ride this ride. The wait was 20 minutes. So not too long for a weekday.
The view while waiting...gorgeous.
Branden and I were riding together and Noboru and Noah were riding together too. I took this pic on the sports setting because we were moving around in a moving ride with lots of stop and go and jerky stops. ; )
We got 3 buckets of strawberry popcorn. They sold this season....lots of milk tea popcorn, we saw it being sold at many spots. Also caramel corn somewhere else and black pepper popcorn someplace else and curry popcorn. We just went for the strawberry popcorn this time. : )
The Incredibles. This is Mrs. Incredible. : )
The boys eating strawberry popcorn. Man this smelled heavenly.
The back of our stroller. 3 buckets of strawberry popcorn and a thermos filled with lemonade. We brought 2 plastic pet bottles with us and just refilled into the thermos as needed. And I'm so glad we did that.
The boys on the carousel.

Noboru's reuben sandwich and fries. Branden's banana cake on the left corner.
The boys eating turkey sandwiches and fries.
My turkey sandwich.
Noah was finally able to ride the Tower Of Terror this time. Before now he was too small still, but he's stretching out lately. : )
We rode the train.
The view while on the train, The Tower of Terror way in the back.
Great big ship.

Riding a ride in the Mermaid Lagoon. We take turns riding with each of the boys. This time I was riding with Noah and Noboru and B were in front of us.
Attention fishes: This is a non smoking for fishes area! ; )
Around 3pm is when it started raining. Didn't last very long maybe 40 minutes at the most and then the rain just stopped and didn't come back or rain again. That's Noboru in the blue Disney rain coat, I was wearing the matching red one. And Branden in his yellow raincoat.
On the Aladdin ride.
During that 40 minute time span when it was raining.
I always take one of them together and then one of just one each. This one can go in Branden's scrapbook. And Noah's one of him standing alone can go in his. And then I'll also make copies of both of them together and put one copy in both of theirs of them together.
Coconut soft serve. You know the 300 yen price I dislike, wish it were cheaper. However.....and I do have self control for most foods. However this ice cream in particular, I really love it. I would swim in a vat of it and eat all of it.... if I could. Aww, a girl can hope, right? Ha. : )
Hubs walking back to our table with 4 of them.
Oh curse you coconut ice cream for being so darned good and tempting me so. ; )
Noah enjoying his.
Branden enjoying his as well.
The rain just about stopping here. About time to take off those raincoats. The background view I really love. So pretty.
On our second lap of the park. And with warm winter coats on and the raincoats now hiding in the basket of the stroller. See...that's one good reason we bring the stroller, it carries all our stuff.
Riding this ride yet again. No 20 minute line now. More like a 3 minute wait in line.
The way it looks at night is so pretty.

Time for dinner. They used to have a really good Indian buffet. But the Indian buffet is sadly no longer. However they still have Indian and so we had that for dinner.
Dinner, we each had curry. The kids had mild and we had ordered hot but they said they only have medium or mild. So Noboru and I went with medium. We also each had tandoori chicken. A very delicious dinner.
The boys enjoying their naan.
The restaurant is very nice and there's like 4 different seating areas to pick to eat from if you opt for Indian food, so we chose here. It was nice and quiet in here and we liked that.
After dinner, Noah zonked out. He didn't make it for the fireworks. : ( However he was dressed warmly and placed in the stroller. He's still a skinny string bean so pushing the stroller is a breeze. Also,this is the only time we use it anymore. Just twice a year when he hit the Disney's.
We waited for the fireworks show to begin. A few other people sitting down also waiting.
Now even more people waiting for the fireworks display.
Noboru watching the sky, Noah with full tummy, he snoozed safely near Noboru.
Branden looking towards the sky....and then....
The fireworks began. It was really nice. We ohhhed and ahhed. LOL. As did many people.
Journey to the Center of the Earth, we rode that. I went with B and Noboru stayed with a sleeping Noah. Meanwhile when I got off, I stayed with Noah and Noboru and B went on.
And then the message came over the loud speakers and it said....the park is now closing. And we were now ready to go home. It was cold and dark and we had enough fun and plenty of new good memories. So we exited the park got safely to our MPV and both kids slept in the car all the way home. I carried Noah from car to his bed and changed his clothes and he slept through it. And Noboru carried B upstairs got him into his jammies and he went right to sleep as well. I meanwhile took a quick shower and set the bath and soaked in there for about a good 15 minutes. I put on my jammies and went to bed. All in all, it was a wondeful birthday for Branden. He did get the 2 new Pokemon DS games from grandma Mitsuko for his birthday as you know. He got the Disney trip from us, and that alone is quite costly, about 18,000 yen just to enter the park for the four of us. That's about $200 US with the exchange rate at the moment not even counting all the misc stuff like.... popcorn, the meals, the icecream and banana cake etc. My mom also sent him a Gap/ON gift card, she does that for the boys every birthday or Christmas, he needs nothing at the moment, but he can use it when Spring comes. My dad on the otherhand, sent Branden this birthday card.
He sent too much money. But thanks dad. I think Branden said he wanted to save $100 of it (smart boy) and the other hundred he wanted to maybe order some new dvd's on Amazon. So, right now, he's still thinking.
All in all. It was a quiet family affair his birthday. But he enjoyed it completely. It was his special day. And we spent it together as a family. Happy 9th Birthday Branden. You are a sweet kind boy. And this is your last of the single digits. Sniff...sniff. : ) Anyway, Happy Birthday...birthday boy, we love you very much! : ) PS, the hotel stay and Ikspiari post are behind this post. : )