Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm in the US right now.

As you have all pretty much probably guessed by now, yup, I'm back in Denver. The boys and I have been here since March 3rd. We are doing very good and just enjoying our little vacation here at home with my family. This is the first time since I've been here, to check my email so I imagine I won't be blogging until I get back to Japan. Noboru will be joining me here in Denver on March 19th. So, I'm just gonna end this now and cut it short. We really are having a wonderful time back here at home though.

And the flight back home with both the boys was actually pretty good too. : )

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yummy cake bakin' on a cold gray day!

Our blinds finally came in!

Noah has two teeth that just came in. Now that they have broken through the skin, he is back to normal. Meaning he is sleeping later in the mornings and not waking up at night at all anymore, whew! Glad he's back on his normal schedule of sound sleep. I get to sleep in to about 9:00 am most days and today we all snoozed until 9:30 am. I woke up and made breakfast this morning like usual. I made some crisy bacon and some eggs and toast. Branden loved breakfast this morning. So did I. And Noah nibbled on super tiny pieces of toast, that I cut into little squares. He also sucked on a small piece of bacon and nibbled some of it and had a few slices of semi mashed banana. Both the boys always eat well.

After breakfast, I decided to make a cake. I bought a cake mix last week. So, I whipped it up and threw it into the oven around 11:00 am. When it was finished, Branden wanted a slice. I cut him a slice right away and he ate it. He actually wants another piece right now. Ha ha ha. I had a slice of cake along with a hot cup of coffee and it was *so* good. Tonight I'm making ebi fry/furai for dinner.

Also, we finally got our blinds for the house today. It's been a lot longer wait, then we hoped for. Ordering the blinds from Japan was just quadruple the price, ridiculously way too expensive! So, we decided, (like I have posted before) to just order them from Guam, and the company in Guam actually ordered them from the mainland US. So in the end we had a friend of ours who actually lives in Guam ship them to Japan for us. Lucky for us, he works for the same airline Noboru does and is his good friend. And airline employees get fab discounts, we all know that. The total weight of our blinds was a bit over 200 pounds! And 7 boxes in all. Two boxes were very long because, they are for our patio sliding glass doors. A normal person with *no* discount would have to pay FedEx over $900 US (yup airline employees, also get discounts by Fedex too). Around one thousand dollars basically just for shipping! And no, the airlines themselves (not fedex) will not ship things this big, for non airline employees (a bit unfair I know, sorry) But since Noboru works for an airline, and we have discounts for all airlines that are part of Star Alliance (JAL, Continental, KLM, ANA and so on, the list is huge) so we had Continental Airlines ship them for us, so they just put them into the belly of the airplane and flew them for us for only a mere $64.00 US. Isn't that amazing? So, we got one window up today before Noboru had to leave for work, and tonight we will get the rest all put up. They are really nice blinds, the brand is Graber, so the quality is quite high end and we paid about three grand for our blinds, so with the expense of the blinds themselves, we were happy to at least get a discount on the shipping, that helped us a lot.

PS the pics are of breakfast this morning, the pic is of Branden's breakfast, I didn't snap my own or Noah's sorry. And the other pic is of the blinds that are now sitting in boxes in my living room. They will be put up tonight, but I laid the blanket down to protect the wood flooring.