Friday, August 29, 2008

We're ready for our trip! : ) We leave tomorrow! : )

Sorry, for the bit of quiet from me, this week! : ) I guess I have just been busy getting ready to head "home". I started packing for the boys this Monday in bits and pieces and I had them completely packed by Tuesday evening. I packed for myself on Wednesday. And other then that have, just been enjoying life basically and the peace and quite here at home! : ) My hair came out fine. This is the pic, I showed the stylist when I got it done this week. And lol, because, it is the same picture I showed her the last time too. My hair isn't as short as Katie's on the top, my hair "do" is exactly like the girls on the pic below actually, which is very nice and simple for me. Anyway, I am really happy with it and it's really easy to take care of, so that's a good thing, ha ha ha! : ) What else.....Oh yeah the Ipod got here and all is okay with that. What else....: ) Oh yeah....

I snapped this picture this fine Friday afternoon. The snacks I had been getting here and there in bits since 2 weeks ago and just saving them in a bag. Also, this afternoon, I went down and got 3 fresh ham and cheese sandwiches from 7-11. And I will keep them in the fridge and we'll bring them in the plane with us for the kids or whoever. I also got some tempura battered sweet potatoes from the deli (the boys, love these). And will just crisp them a bit extra tomorrow morning in the toaster oven to crispy them up again. : ) Just an odds and ends of snacks for the kids really to last the long flight. Like the lemon cream cookies or the coconut cookies. chips, peanuts, senbei, or whatever. And I never let the kids have lollipops for the most part, but I do let them have them on the plane for the long flights. So they will be in snack heaven for the flight tomorrow, I think. : ) And the gum is for me. : )

Some fresh bakery goods, like 4 melon pans, and 2 toasted almond honey breads, I also picked up this afternoon. Again might be good with some coffee during our flight. The hubby will appreciate those I think! : ) And I'll also be picking up 3 Mc D's cheeseburgers at Narita airport as well, just in case any one from our family wants one (they're onlylike a dollar each/100 yen or so, so not too bad). I know, I know. I do pack a lot of snacks. Just don't want anyone getting hungry is all. : ) Ha ha ha. : )

Kids are both as healthy as a horse. But I am bringing some fever reducer for the airplane just in case. Better to be safe then sorry right? Ha ha ha. And I brought myself a small bottle of Advil. Only has like 3 pills in it, and doubt I'll need them but again just in case. Also packed 2 packs of mini tissues and 1 pack of wet tissues as well. And just hope all will be okay. I am sure they will.

And yes, you can laugh. But we all know me. And instead of just chucking everything into the bag and then not knowing where anything is. I packed them in these plastic grocery bags. The suckers and gummy's and mentos all in one bag. All cookies and chocos in another and all salty-ish snacks like chips and senbei in another bag, lol! Big nerd, I know!!!! Ha ha ha. But heck it helps the trip run very smooth this way! So hey! : )

All the snacks fit very nicely into my hibiscus backpack. The backpack is just food, light food and the bag is very light and at the end of the flight it should be even lighter, ha ha ha! : )

Branden's backpack.

Branden has just the mini DVD player with 2 headphones so B and Noah can watch. And the plenty of DVD's in the case. And the DS game, with games and charger. And it all fits into his backpack. Noboru has the carry-on suitcase with all the passports etc. And DH is also carrying, Noah's sticker book and coloring book and our toothbrushes and each boy's extra spare clothing for emergency use, lol. And the luggage, I managed to fit all of our clothes we are taking for all 4 of us, all in just 1 suitcase. So, the other 2 suitcases we will be taking (1 inside of the other) they are both empty. Okay, I just wanted to say, good bye to all of you, my friends, and a see you real soon to my family! We get back to Japan, on September 7th! Anyway, I'll catch up with you all, when I get back!!! I'll miss you guys! : )

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bits and pieces! : )

It's funny, as I sit here typing this, I think about how exactly 1 week (7 days exactly from now) I will be in the airplane and we'll be on our way back "home". Though technically Japan is now my home, but you all know what I mean, I think! : ) Yup, next Saturday night at this time, I won't even be there yet! Yikes! Perhaps I'll be sitting in the airplane listening to music or maybe watching whatever movie, they have on those tiny little screens in front of our seats, lol. Movies of the month, right? Ha ha ha. : ) Or maybe I'll be taking a cat nap or walking one of the boys to the tiny little airplane toilet to go pee, lol. Anyway, so what have I been doing this week? Not a whole heck of a lot except, stay home, we are all kinda just laying low, until we leave. Only other thing I did this week was take the boys to swimming. So they don't get behind, I took B swimming 3 times this week (Wed, Fri, Sat). And, Noah went twice this week (Thurs, Sat). Hmm. Anyway here's the pictures from actually today. Today, both boys went swimming. So, I actually left the house at 12:15 pm this afternoon and didn't get home to nearly 6pm! Long day today! : (

Charms on backpacks. A very popular thing for kids to do in Japan! : ) Branden has Spongebob and 2 Ultraman charms that if you push the buttons they make noises and the one we got from Tokyo Disneyland is the one that spells out his name. Noah does not have charms on his swimming bag yet, but I am sure by Christmas he will have picked out his own already. : )
Snacks, I swear, I think I take the most boring snacks of the entire school. Ha ha ha. I bring, pretzels, granola bars and peanuts. And other times, I bring senbei or fresh fruit. I usually don't snack at the swim school at all, it's just for the boys. I guess I could, I am just not hungry. Now the hubby, he'll suck them all down if you let him, ha ha ha. : )

Today is a prime example why, I don't like the boys to swim on the same day! Because since Branden is in C class and Noah is in A class. I basically can't go home for the B class. So, I end up at swim school, for 3 and a half long hours. One of those hours is when none of my kids are in the water even. Noah swims 1 hour and Branden swims an hour and a half. And since I have other things to do then spend an entire darn day there, I prefer split their days up. Branden is Wednesday's, and an hour and a half and then we go home. And Noah's day is Saturday and only 1 hour long. So not so bad. But all smooshed up on one day? And I am practically pulling my hair out! Ha ha ha. Okay not that bad, but almost. : ( So today was a crazy Saturday. The hubby came along and made me laugh which was nice. : )

Noah and his Saturday classmates. : )

Noah's done and I just got him dressed and I noted the time. Meanwhile, The B course is swimming. And both boys and Noboru and I are all upstairs watching.
And finally the C course started in. That's B down there. Noah munched pretzels and granola and sipped apple juice and looked on.

Wow they actually flicked the lights on. I turned to the hubby and said, now how long, have we been here today. And then I said, remind me to never let them swim on the same day. This bites!
Ha ha ha. We still had bits of humor left, which was a shock by now. Ha ha ha.

More legs techniques for Branden.

OMG! You just gotta see these 2 girls! The different level had to compete against each other today. Remember B's level had to do that last week. Well, These 2 girls are so fast! They blew my mind! See how they bend down, they were so ready! When that coach tooted her whistle, these 2 girls went off like grease lightning! They were amazing to watch!

These girls were neck and neck with each other. One time they tied and the other time, only one won. But they must be best friends, because they were wearing same swim suits, different colors. They were chit chatting with each other. But once they hit the water, they were on and each wanted to win, ha ha ha! These 2 girls were down right phenomenal! : ) Given their size they had to be only 6 years old, but wow! Amazing girls!

Branden's relaxing and waiting his turn! : )

By the time we left swim school it was 4:45 pm! What a long day indeed! In this pic, it wasn't 4:45pm yet, but it was near the end. Glad it was over and job well done boys! : ) We from there went to the tiny local electronics shop!

Once at home, by now it's 6pm. I'm tired. No time to check email or catch up on blogs. Just enough time to have the boys switch their clothes, and go hang their swim suits and swim towels in the laundry room. Meanwhile I got cracking on dinner! You know how long my day was, right? Obviously no 5 course meal for us. Easy peasy meal needed! So a nice pasta and chicken gratin it was.
Fry up the chicken first. Mushrooms next. What's cool about this recipe, is you can add whatever *you* want! If you wanna add broccoli like the picture of the box says, fine. If you want whatever, that's fine too. Me, I just needed simple. : )

After it fried, I added the pasta and sauce and then water and milk and boiled it until tender. In about 10 minutes.

Chucked it in the oven after it boiled for 10 minutes. And added cheese on top. Placed it in the oven for 20 minutes. This gave me time to clean up the kitchen, slice and butter the bread from the bakery. An check emails! : ) And call the beauty salon, yeah can't forget my call to them either.
Oh you guys will get a kick out of this..... My husband sugggested I add, parsley to my meal for my picture. I said..."get real"!!! I do love him. But.... I said, the pic of my meal is an honest meal of what I ate. And if this is how I really ate it, then, this is how I will show it. He thinks it isn't as pretty, but heck. That's okay. It was delicious. And that was fine with me. Ha ha ha. : ) Oh and all that bread was for everyone, that wasn't just my serving, ha ha ha. : )

So anyway let me get to the bits and pieces parts! : )
The Ipod Nano, the hubby just went ahead and ordered me a nano from the Apple store for Japan, online. The ipod's are multilingual. Regardless where you buy them. And the warranty we have is a 1 year warranty, so although, I doubt anything would happen with it, but if anything did, we could just call the Apple Japan store and send it back and they'd replace it or fix it for us. So, that was what we decided. Also, although I just wanted a 4gb one. The hubby went ahead and bought me the 8gb one anyway. I coulda got, red, or pink or blue or green or etc. But, after knowing me. I went with the basic silver. That way I can switch the skin/case to any color I want and then when I get bored with that color, I can change skins, but my real nano is basic silver color and I think that's better for me, knowing me. Okay not that I will change the cases too often but ykwim. : ) So, I am happy the silver 8gb is coming any day now. And will be here before we leave. At least that way I can download some songs and maybe a few Ugly Betty episodes. : ) Hubby also went and treated himself to an Ipod touch. Which he just bought both those from the Apple Japan store online a few days ago for us (Thursday night, I think is when). And so today after swimming, that's why we went to the electronics shop. We needed some covers. And I went for pink. It has a pink neck holder and one for my wrist and a plastic cover for the screen. So glad that part is out of the way at least! : )
Beauty salon:, I phoned the salon this evening. And I made an appointment for Wednesday early morning. I am the first client of the day, I think. Hmm, I started out the summer with a nice Katie Holmes type chin length bob thing going on (and yes I know she cut it different yet again). And yet now, it's shoulder length! (my hair grows like a weed) So, I want it done again. I am getting a Japanese thermal straightening/super pin straight yet again. And chin length cut again. So that's for this Wednesday. Not for a glam "do" or anything. It's just this way, my hair is simple, it's easy peasy to manage and care for! And I don't have to worry if it looks good, because the cuts they give me and how straight and sleek they make it, I am very happy with. It's no fuss, no muss hair and I need that being a busy mom of 2, ha ha ha. : ) This way I can go on vacation and not worry about my hair a bit. Hmm, what else...
Car has been rented, and whole trip is set now. And I am so at peace. I think about my boys visiting with my dad/grandpa. Or me visiting with my family. or going to my favorite restaurant. And I just feel happy. Umm, the camera research is still giving me a major headache! Ha ha ha. But the shopping is the least least thing on my mind. It's my family and my home state that I can't wait to see most. *smiles* : ) I'd also like to go to the cemetery and visit my grandmother's grave. My grams. So, I can pay my respects and also sit and chat with her a bit. I hope nobody thinks that's morbid or weird. But, I was *very* close with my grandma, my dad's mom. We'd talk nearly everyday too. Just like I do with my dad. Weird she's gone. She passed the year B was born. And I would often go and sit at her grave for about 10 minutes and just catch her up with all my news. Have a good cry, a few laughs and go back to my dad's place. Sigh. I will no doubt go and visit her again and try to catch up and tell her all my news. And tell her how much I miss her and wish she was still here. : (
Obama picked his VP? Senator Joe that right? Thoughts, anyone, anyone, Bueller? LOL! : ) The Democratic National convention is in Denver Colorado. It ends the day before I arrive, I think. So, perhaps all these people will all get a good nights sleep and then be at the airport the day I arrive? Ha ha ha. If I run into Hillary or Obama, I'll take a pic and let you all know! Errr, but knowing my camera these days it would be a blurry pic! Ha ha ha! *Smiles*
Olympics!!! With the Olympics winding down. Did anyone hear about the closing ceremony??? How they will hand it off to London sounds so cool!!! David Beckham will apparently be on a London double decker bus. And British pop star Leona Lewis will also be performing a song with rock legend Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin as well! I can barely wait to watch the closing ceremonies to see this!!! But wow, I think London is going to do an awesome job in 4 years, I am looking forward to watching it!!!
Weather, where we live it's been raining off and on this past week. An when it comes, it rains all of a sudden real hard. Also, we've had 2 earthquakes around here twice this week. : )
Anyway, I am shutting the computer down now...have a good night, everyone! : )

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going back to Denver in 10 days! : )

I know a lot of you had been wondering. And all of you have been so awesome and supportive of us and have been keeping your fingers crossed for us, in hopes that we could *finally* go home for just a visit. And for that, I say thanks. Sincerely...thank you! : )

Since we do fly non rev, nothing really is ever carved in stone unfortunately. : ( And you all know, how very badly I have been wanting to go home. After 2 and a half years of not going back home, it's been really and truly quite hard on me. And frankly I have been missing it quite a bit.: ( July we had originally planned to head back to Denver. Turns out though, while the hubby was approved the days off, however, as luck would have it, the airplanes were full (every way available for us to get there was full). Not a chance in heck to be able to go home. : ( So July was out of the question. And so Noboru cancelled his time off/vacation days. August, the airplanes were semi open (meaning the MN flight was full but the LAX flight was okay and a few others), however as luck would have it, he couldn't get his vacation days off that month. Ugh. Doesn't it just figure, really? : ) Things started to seem hopeless. : ( Frustration starts to set in and the question remained, "can we go home or not?", you know what I mean. Like many of you living in Japan or far from your original home/place you were raised will no doubt understand my feelings. : ) I miss my whole family just something terrible, and they miss me too. Living in Japan, I have missed all the lovely Christmases with relatives. Missed all the Fourth of July celebrations, the family BBQ's, just basically everything. Weddings, births and countless birthday parties that I was sadly not a part of (sorry family and friends). Seems I have missed a lot, sometimes it feels like a whole lifetime. Isn't this the toughest part of living overseas though? We decided to give it one last final shot, otherwise wait and try for the Christmas holidays! Noboru requested for September. He also had a hearty talk with the one making the schedule. Last week, the guy ran into my husband and he said, he indeed gave hubby his days off. Happily surprised doesn't even barely cover how we felt! I think, I did the biggest most craziest happy dance ever actually! LOL. And so yes....for us it is *finally* gonna happen. sigh. Can barely believe it, you guys!!! As you can imagine, I am happier then I could ever even attempt put into words. : ) And the flights are wide open so it's a for sure 100% thing now. So, I guess you know what they say, about patience and all. I guess for us it paid off. Sigh. Anyway I just really need to go home you guys and geeze, I just really *really* do, it's my time. : ) anyway now I feel like a huge weight or dark cloud has just lifted. (exhales deeply and ponders some)

I will give some details here. We leave Japan, August 30th. And since we are a day ahead, we actually arrive in the US, very early morning of August 30th! Ha ha ha. Yup, we will have 2 August 30th's. : ) I will be gone, 10-12 days. I forget the minor details. Will give them better later if I get the chance. We have 10 days to book hotels, to book the rental car. And since I am always the one nominated to pack for *everyone* in our house, lol. *winks* I have to pack for the 4 of us, before the 10 days is out too. So, a lot of things to do. A lot of things to plan. Umm, my dad knows my arrival date. He was actually the first to know. And I have been talking to my dad, every single day as usual, since he has been in Denver. : ) I can hardly wait to see him! I've spoken to my one favorite auntie already by phone last week as well. Umm, what else.....

I had a loose list of things I had been wanting to buy since July. For example, a loose Target list, a loose shopping mall list, outlet mall list, just loose ones like I said. But now that the trip is really happening and within grasp (finally). I have just been so busy.

Last night, the hubby and I spent hours upon hours, deciding our hotel. Yes we could stay with family or my dad obviously, but we really do enjoy our privacy. And comings and goings. : ) We stayed up to nearly 2am last night researching things for our trip. We did look and tried to book the hotel for the 1 night we will be spending in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at the hot springs, but their hotel website was down, figures. : ( And so, at 2am last night Japan time, I just went ahead and phoned them instead (have stayed at this place since *I* was in elementary school and my family took family trips up there skiing and stuff), so anyway, yeah, I called the hot springs town, and made my reservation over the phone! When the guy on the other line of the phone, asked for our home address. Boy was he in shock, when I gave him our Japan address. LOL. he was like...."boy you really are coming from a far ways away" LOL. So that night is booked for the hot springs already. And probably tonight, we will go ahead and book our nights for the place we already decided we will stay in Denver. : ) The rental car place, though the hubby is flip flopping on 2 different rental chains at the moment. Hopefully we will get all that sorted.

Also the weather. My dad says the nights are cooling down. Does that mean I should pack a few sweatshirts just in case. I sorta think so. Hmm. Like I said, lots to think about during these next 10 days before we leave. Heaps actually.

Also, I would like to buy a brand new digi camera while there. So obviously have been surfing sites like Best Buy and Amazon reading reviews on cameras. And very time consuming. : ) But a good and nice type time consuming. : ) I have a Sony Cyber shot right now, it's what I use for my blog pics and family use. Have always had a Sony everything. But am now pondering getting a different brand? But then maybe not. Hmm, decisions, decisions. : ( And therefore more research, but if anyone knows of a digital camera (point and shoot type) that is small and thin, could fit in a pocket for example, like my cyber shot, and has 10 megapixels, and at least, 5x the zoom please let me know, I'd really appreciate any advice on that. : ) I also am planning to bring myself back an I-pod Nano, 4gb. I don't plan to download anything other then music, so that is gonna work for me, especially since after reading all the reviews on it (will hold close to a 1 thousand songs? should be good enough for me). : ) The hubby is giving me $2,500.00 US for spending money. To buy the boys winter clothes. Myself clothes. Dvd's, books, toiletries, OTC meds, I-pod or shoes or whatever. So good hubby, good hubby, lol. : )

Update: The above was written the day before and we got a lot accomplished for the trip *last night*, so I am updating right here!

Last night, via Expedia, we booked the hotel we will be staying at in Denver as well. So the Denver hotel is booked already. And the one when we head to the hot springs in the Rockies, has also been booked, like I said. : ) So all hotel rooms have been booked already. Phew and thank goodness that part is knocked outta the way at least.: ) Now all we gotta do is book/rent us our vehicle. We are flying from Japan to either Seattle that's about a, 90% chance. And a 10% chance of us flying from NRT to San Francisco. Just whatever flight has the most seats open. Both flights are wide open though, so we will totally get there, it's just deciding how we get there. : ).

Anyway, no big deal really just thought, I better update everybody, on what's up! : )

Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday, Noah's first day wearing his swim uniform! And Sunday spent at the movies watching, "The Dark Knight" and homemade pizza for dinner!!! : )

Yup, Saturday and here I was back at swim school yet again! Same bat time and same bat channel! Ha ha ha! : ) First time to bring Noah's swim bag! Sniff, sniff! Ol' Mrs. sentimental here! Figures I had to take a pic to mark this mini milestone! LOL! Inside my Foreign Buyers Club bag, is my real bag, and my camera and stuff. In the Gap bag is snacks. Yes, I know, that is such a Japanese thing to do, toting around paper sacks and such. But, heck, I am guilty of doing that too! Ha ha ha. : )

Yup, I am so always on time, I'm actually freakishly early, always. As you can see by the empty seats! Ha ha ha. Totally guilty regarding that. Umm what about, better to be early then late? That's me. And there's the boys having a race together! And Noah in that dreadful bikini swimwear. Blech, but hey, it's required, so not my choosing or fault really! : )

I see you Noah! I can spot you so easy! Ha ha ha! : )

Noah doing a jump! Canon ball!!!!! : )

Playing chicken? Ha ha ha! : )

He waves! : )
Saturday, directly after swim school, we hit the grocery store, to do our weekly grocery shopping! Ugh, as you know, I prefer shopping on the weekday in the mornings. And yet, here I was on a weekend in the afternoon! It was jam packed! Gobs of people actually at the check out lanes. Anyway glad I got my shopping out of the way at least! : )
Also at the big grocery store. The super store type place, we got the boys an Ultraman DVD. This one is more about the monsters though. Which is good, since B is getting into the monsters a bit more lately! : )
Saturday, we went with a simple meal! The hubster wanted fish. So, he chose whatever he wanted. And I went for some already marinated pork. We just made the rice when we got home. And dinner was done really quick! : )
My meal, really simple not fancy shmancy at all. Just a spicy miso based pork. Some steamed and butter and salt and peppered broccoli and some rice with butter and shoyu. And some fresh sweet watermelon! Kids had the same dinner I had. And Noah also had a few bites from Noboru's fish whatever he had. : ) We took showers, got soapy clean obviously. And we all sat in our jammies watching TV! Kids dropped off early as usual. And I think I stayed up until 2am! Wow, am I loving summer break or what? ha ha ha! : )

Sunday morning right after breakfast! We had omelets for breakfast! : ) Anyway, I thought of the things I am making this week. Yes I do make weekly menus, lol. And I came up with 2 of them that I wanted to make Sunday. I asked the you wanna eat yakisoba or pizza? Their choice for Sunday, was pizza! Okay, so I whipped up the crust really quick! Here's a pic of the yeast foaming on the right and the flour on the left! : )

It starts off small and then since it had an hour to rest and rise. I just went upstairs, got ready for the day! Got the kids dressed too. Because Sunday's we were going to see the new Batman movie!

Wrapped it in plastic and then like my mom, and my aunties and grams used to do. I covered it in a cloth! : )

I peeked and wow did the crust get big or what? Ha ha ha! I kneaded it for a sec before we left to the movies! Could not wait until we got home after the movies to eat homemade pizza! : )

The Dark Knight!!! I am a huge fan of all American super heroes! Spiderman, Superman and Batman, as well!!! I could barely wait to see this!
Big tub of butter and salt popcorn. A medium size of caramel popcorn. 2 small kids drinks for the boys. And Hubby got me the big coke and he got a medium Calpis! : ) I also snuck some snacks in my FBC bag. Shhhh! Ha ha ha! : ) Oh yeah and we joined the movie club at our local movies and the kids got in free for the Dark Knight, because of the points. And our tickets were so much marked down that we paid only 1100 yen to get in for both Noboru and I combined. So it was actually a good deal going today! : ) And good thing, we joined that movie club, lol. : )

Thought this might be interesting for those of you not living in Japan! : ) See my drink in the movie theater cup holder? Okay, now see the "D-11"??? In Japan, you pick out your own seat when you buy your tickets! We don't do that in America, in America it's first come, first serve, meaning whatever seat you can get, is yours. In Japan, you look at a seating chart and choose your seat actually before you ever enter the movie! Ha ha ha! Yup, we chose the D row, and we actually got pretty excellent seats and we were dead center! Not too in the back of the theater and not right up front either! We ended up with the good seats. good thing we went early! Ha ha ha! : )

As most of you all know this was sadly, Heath Ledger's final movie! : ( And I think I talked about his passing and how much I enjoyed his films way back in January when he died. My favorites, were 10 Things I hate about you and Brokeback Mountain! And I loved Michelle Williams since her Dawson Creek days, so, it is no surprise, I loved watching them or reading good news about them in the tabloids. And yes I know they were seperated, but I always had hope they'd get back together. : ( His daughter looked *exactly* like Heath and I will forever think that. Anyway...back on topic here. Anyway, I had been wanting to see this movie really bad. Heard how it was so good. How Heath did such a wonderful performance.... talks of awards and such. And I knew I needed to see this! My thoughts! The whole movie was awesome! It was, see how can I stress how good it was? Okay! It was *so* good! And Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was down right, kick ass!!!! It was amazing! I was captivated by his performance. Just couldn't take my eyes off the screen when he was on!
I am going to explain, so if you did not see this movie, please don't read ahead! Although I don't think I am giving anything away like the ending! But anyway feel free to stop reading here. Anyway, example one......the joker was dark. He gave different stories as to how his face had scars in a smiley face, meaning his lips were obviously torn apart. But once in the movie he told someone his face was cut by his dad, who told him to smile. And then he went and told someone else, he did it to himself, to make his wife feel better. And how she left him afterwards. The point is, which story was real and what was the lie. They were probably both lies! And that was so amazing! And when he was under arrest for about 10 minutes. The detectives said...we don't know who he is, he has no fingerprints, he has no tags on his clothes since they are all handmade. The thing is nobody knew this guy! Who was this joker person??? He wanted to show the people of Gotham....that all people can turn bad. That given the chance they will kill or be killed. And again, sorry to sound like a broken record but his performance was so stunning!!! One left the theater thinking...who was he **really**? Wanting more... wanting and hoping for a part 2! But sadly since he passed away, he obviously can't do the role. But man, this movie was good and I do mean good! The whole movie has this darkness to it. No happy camper wrapped in a bow type ending. But yeah what a performance! I will totally be buying this on DVD! Oh yeah and when the Joker showed up wearing a nurses outfit at the hospital, talk about a classic! It was a movie that did not disappoint!

On our way out of the movies, they had a huge Wall E! The kids went in for the kill! They wanted to look at him! So, I figured I might as well take their pic real quick at the same time! : )
Good thing we caught the 2:50 pm afternoon show! We got out and it was still light outside! Except it was raining cats and dogs! See all the rain in this pic? : )

We got home and quickly rolled out the pizza! Some was just pepperoni (for the kids). And other parts was just pepperoni and mushroom (for Noboru). And then the other part was pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and bell pepper (for me)! : )

After dinner, we as usual took showers. And because of all the rain, we actually took baths too. I watched TV on the couch with big fluffy pillow with my blankie, and wearing my night shirt well until, 1am! Just sorta relaxing and lazing about! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well! : )