Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday! : )

Monday morning, a typhoon was supposed to be hitting Chiba. Honestly it seemed like some medium grade rains in the morning and early afternoon and then it all just fizzled out and not a dot of rain come 6:00 pm. Hmm. So with it being an indoors type day. I decided to put some non adhesive liners down in my drawers in the kitchen. I had been wanting to do this but it was something I was putting off. So today was the day for it. I did this while the boys were both still asleep by the way.

I didn't want to use the sticky tack type paper, that my mom used to use for hers. Sorry mom if you're reading. : ) I just wanted the kind, I could replace, but without gluing it in there, is all. : )

I purposely let the sides and corners over lap a pinch because I didn't want a chance of the drawers to ever be scraped or scratched. Yup, I'm a dork, what can I say. : ) I finished up all the drawers, and drank a hot cup of caramel machiatto while I worked on my little morning project. Listening to an old Prince CD.

In the early afternoon, after the boys woke up and they ate. While they watched some Little Einstein DVD's. I meanwhile went into the kitchen and baked an homemade apple pie. I watched the rain fall, from the big patio glass door. Had myself another cup of coffee. And threw the pie into the oven.

I had bought Branden's pencils and little pencil case and eraser and sharpener from the local little drug store. Since it's the country side, the selection was so slim. They had either Mario (you know the character from Mario carts and other Nintendo stuff) or Hello Kitty. Yup basically one set for girls and one set for boys. Well, good thing we don't care in the least, what our pencils look like, because Mario was just fine. I had sharpened them and put his name on everything. And got his little study bag all set for when 3:00 pm rolled around. But that was hours ahead still, so we were fine. In the afternoon while the pie baked. The kids crayoned some pictures and in some of their coloring books. I made a really good lunch for them. Turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches. Potato chips. Fresh melon cut and sliced into cute little squares. And we also had some peanut butter celery sticks. They were stuffed. Branden and Noah watched one more episode of Tom and Jerry by this time (the Little Einstein DVD was long over).
The apple pie was done. I let it cool, on the counter. I had Branden go pee one last time before we left the house. And at 2:50 pm we left the house. The thing of the Kumon we go to, is you can go any time between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm. We will always go at 3:00 pm though, because he's little and it's good for him to get it over with and then come home and enjoy the rest of the night. By the time we got into the car, they got into their car seats and such. We were driving down the road. We got there in front of the building at 2:56. Not counting the 3 minutes to get settled in the car. It took us only 3 minutes to drive there, wow that's close! LOL! I saw a little girl about 6 or 7 years old walking into the building all by herself. I was really happy to see her, so I said okay Branden, there she goes. So, you should go into the building as well. He was happy to go. He waved and I stood, until he gave me a wave from the window inside. Then I drove off. Got home really fast. I started to prepare dinner. I made chili tonight. You know chili con carne (sp?). Chili beans basically. I fried up some ground beef. I had the chili packets from the store that I got in the US. So, I made a whole pot of chili, perfect for a rainy day. Baked some corn bread and buttered it, oh man dinner was great. And we had homemade apple pie for dessert. At 3:30 pm, though I headed out of the house, turned off the stove and I drove back to the Kumon. I parked my car right in front. I waited. I had emailed the teacher the night before telling her I would be dropping him off at 3:00 pm and return at 3:30 pm and I would happily wait in my car,, no rush, and my car was white. That way she would know. When Branden was finished, they both looked out the window and when she saw my car, she let him go down the stairs and she looked at the window, waved to me and saw he got into the car. When Branden got into the car, he was talking a mile a minute. He said he *loved* it. That the teacher is really nice. He said, he told her, he has some beetles/kabuto mushi's. He also said, that the 2 little kids, which was Branden and the little girl, were seated widely apart and away from the older kids. And the teacher works with the little kids the entire time. Versus the older kids who are working quietly by themselves. He said, she claps for them when they get it right. He really had a great time. He said he wants to go back.Also, I have been studying right along with Branden as well. So when Noboru tests Branden on letters and words, I ask the hubster to quiz me too, ha ha ha. I have been trying to learn it as well. So, hopefully I can learn. I hope I can! : ) I came home, Branden flopped on the couch. Started playing with Noah, right where they left off. Oh and it doesn't last an hour, like we thought. She said because they are so young it lasts between 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Anyway the kids played after we got home. I finished with supper. We ate. Noboru was still at work. I loaded the dish washer, cleaned up the kitchen. Then the kids got showered and so did I. By that time, Noboru got home. He ate, the chili con carne, corn bread and had a tall glass of iced tea. For dessert, I made some coffee and we all had pie together. Noah zonked out as usual. Noboru asked Branden all about Kumon. Then he went through the homework with him. We watched TV for the rest of the night. Just relaxing. Just a nice, "do nothing" type day! : )

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another family Saturday BBQ! : )

Knowing how all kids, the world over, love to blow bubbles. Our kids really love them as well! So when we were in Guam a few weeks ago, this is one of the things we brought back with us. It was actually Noboru's idea. So, all week long the kids have been using this. It's really neat, a non spill bucket and we can refill it with bubbles we buy in Japan! And it has 3 wands so the kids won't have to fight over just having 1 wand, ha ha ha! I'm sure my fellow mommy's know what I am talking about because that really could trigger something. But with the 3 wands, it's a non issue, phew! And the wands make bubbles in cool shapes, so it's super cool! : )

Our extremely well used pool! Have had this for a few years. We will probably replace it next year! But it still works, so it's all good! I have mentioned we have been spending a great deal of time in the backyard now that summer is here. So, I thought I better post *what* we are actually doing back there! Ha ha ha! Nothing major or anything. Just having fun in the privacy of our own backyard. Here's the boys blowing their bubbles! They do this every single day provided it's not a rainy day! Yup, the rainy season is still lingering here in Chiba. Ha ha ha.

Blowing more bubbles! Good thing we have about a 1 or 2 liter size of extra bubbles, lol! I imagine we will use them with summer here and in full swing! : )

There's daddy talking with Noah, there! For us, one thing we love about living in the country side here. Is that there is just so much greenery and so many trees and hills around, that there's always a nice cool breeze back here! A really nice way to spend the summer for the boys! : )

We are planning to buy new patio furniture and stuff this summer! Hopefully we can find something we like. We'll have to check out Costco and the local DIY's, to see if we see something we like. I also want to put some nice flower pots on the terrace as well. Sorta splash some color in there.

We also want to lay down some sod/grass. But with the large size of our yard that is going to be expensive and in Japan it's even more expensive then it is to do in the US. So, it's going to be quite costly. Gulp. But, we will do it. But so far, we are thinking....when. Hmmm! Ha ha ha! : )
I also think we will eventually have privacy bushes put up on both sides of the backyard. Just for some extra privacy, is all. But we will leave the back view that shows the rice field wide open forever. Because we love that view! Again though, all this stuff takes time. We will do things slowly a bit each year! : )

The boys giving their "cheesy grins" face, yup, they are nerds! Ha ha ha! : )

Noah, talking and smiling at daddy!
Noah, waving at daddy! : )

Noah, kicking his feet! Yup, he loves the water just as much as his brother does! He starts swimming lessons next July, ASAP! LOL! Ha ha ha! : )

Branden being a silly billy! And Noah submerging his face in the water and blowing bubbles and actually and honestly, he can hold his breath under water without pinching his nose already! : )

Noboru, puts the slide into the pool. And the kids love it. They can slide down that thing all day long! We were just watching them as we sat on the patio. We were also BBQ'ing at the time as well. : )

Branden sliding down! With rice fields and lot's of greenery and nature all around, like I already said. Plus there's bunches of those big giant Totoro type trees around where we live as well. Very refreshing with lot's of nice breezes and plenty of fresh air ! : )

Branden making a splash, literally, ha ha ha! And next it was Noah's turn! : )

Old blankies put down so they won't track dirt from their feet into the pool. Also, yes that's our dinner on the bbq, there. And same as usual, we don't get all fancy or go all out. We BBQ, every week, sometimes even twice a week. So we don't make a point of it being all super duper special or anything. We just figure we have to eat dinner anyways. We might as well make/cook it outside since we are hanging out there to begin with, which makes sense. Tonight we had baked potatoes, veggies (onions, button mushrooms, bell peppers) chicken, grilled and marinated yakiniku style. And we also had beef. So we had yakiniku basically for dinner. And it was awesome! : )

Here's my meal that I ate. What do we have here? Well, we have, marinated grilled chicken, grilled onions, and mushrooms and bell peppers, baked potato with butter and salt and pepper. Lettuce leaves for wrapping the chicken and rice. And a nice Coca Cola with ice for washing it all down with. Oh and extra yakiniku sauce for dunking my chicken in with. Yup this is what we were doing on Saturday folks, simply staying home as usual, hanging in the back yard again and having another yummy BBQ! : )

Noboru ate tons of yakiniku. Had himself a beer, geeze, he was all set! And there's Noah, shoveling the beef and chicken into his mouth right there! The kid sure likes to eat!

There's Branden eating all his food. He had to have a second helping of everything. He was just starved! Hmm, must have been all the running, sliding, and splish splashing he was doing in the back yard. : )

Aha! Caught him! My husband smiles and laughs and is silly all the time with the boys. However, whenever I click his picture. He always gets this straight poker face. Most people in Japan do this, I notice, they seldom smile for pictures, hmmm. But anyway, I got him here! In his natural state....smiling and joking with Branden! Ahhhh, what a good kind silly daddy he is! : )

So anyway get this, after dinner. The door bell rings. Hmmm, who could it be, we wondered? Should we answer it? Ha ha ha. Noboru finally checked the TV monitor and noticed it was the secretary at Branden's school. We went out onto the front porch and she came bearing gifts. She brought out this box and handed it to me. And I thanked her. Again, we really weren't quite sure of why she was there, so we were all a bit like. What the heck? Ha ha ha. But, I was very polite and thanked her and stuff. Turns out, her brother was running for an election in our small tiny country town and she had hoped Noboru would vote for him. Was this a bribe, I thought? Nah, it couldn't be...errr, could it? Is this legal in Japan? Many, many, things,I was thinking in my head as I stood standing on the front porch holding this box. Still smiling by the way, I might add. She then handed Branden a box of kabuto mushi. She said, she knew he likes them. Branden was beyond thrilled! She then said to Noboru, "so this is your house" "Wow, it's so beautiful, I had no idea, " For what it's worth, she is one of the ladies who picks up Branden in his school bus in the mornings and she really has never seen our house before. You can tell she was genuinely surprised about the house. She reminded Noboru to go vote and she left. Very nice lady by the way! : )

Fresh melons is what she brought for us.

This is what they looked like inside.

She brought Branden 8 kabuto-mushi!!! However, the box was slightly broken and when we left to go and buy a bigger plastic box for them, when we came back 2 of them had escaped! So Branden, now has 6 kabuto-mushi.

Her brother was elected by the way, she called us the next morning to let us know! Ahhh, things really do run differently in Japan, don't they? What might seem different to me, might be perfectly normal and acceptable in Japan (or maybe not). Ahh, who the heck knows or cares anyway! We did enjoy the fruit and are still enjoying it now even. And Branden really is happy about those kabuto mushi. Anyway that is how we spent our Saturday! Just thought I'd share! : )

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lazy days! : )

Sorry for being a bit quiet here, this week. It's just with the matsuri/festival over and now summer has officially started and under way, we are spending every waking moment in the back yard. The boys get dressed in the morning straight away, brush their teeth and they run out and play in the backyard until breakfast is ready.After I do my quick morning clean up around the house, I join the kids out back, and laze around on the patio for hours just watching the kids run, jump, dig, swing on their swing set and slide down the slides. Talk about some awesome lazy days. Lunch time is, well whenever our stomachs start to get rumbly, ha ha ha and then I go in and we fix lunch and then we take it out back and eat on the terrace. Sometimes we go in and watch a DVD in the afternoon, when the sun really hits it's high point. Pop some popcorn. Noah takes a little nap around this point, Branden might take one too. Which gives me time to prepare for dinner. Sometimes I cook inside and sometimes we crank up the grill. Either way, seems you just can't get me in front of the computer, too much these days. It's just too nice outside. Too gorgeous and there's so much fun to be had outside.

We're still going to swimming school as usual. And that is at 3:00 pm until 4:30 pm on Wednesday's and Friday's. So it's a good way for him to see his yochien friends during the summer still. And I get to socialize with my fellow yochien mom friends still. And plus his swimming is really taking off these days. And he loves it. He wishes he could go everyday actually. But twice a week is more then enough.

One of my friends, Rieko/Rie-san asked me if I was having a BBQ this summer. She suggested we have a BBQ at my place with some of our friends from the yochien. That way us parents could just hang out and the kids could all get together over the summer this way. She also brought up Costco. And that we should go there and buy some food for the BBQ. She said she would split the price of the food. Which was nice of her. We talked about this last week while we setting up of for the schools festival. What did I think of all this? I thought it was a pretty good idea. I mean, heck, we BBQ every week anyway. But a BBQ among friends sounds awesome! So, I said yes. So as soon as the rainy season officially ends in Chiba, we will start to put a plan in order and get things in motion. I'll get the inflatable kids pool all set up and everything. It's going to be really cool! : )

Kumon is awesome. We went there yesterday for an assessment and to talk with the teachers. We walked in there. Hmm, nothing like a gaijin to make everyone stop dead in their tracks. My gosh, I find this so embarrassing! When we got up to the door, the big sign on the door said, "studying was in progress, please be quiet" so we very quietly walked through the door. Whispered a "konbanwa" to the head teacher. There were 3 teachers in there in total. Next thing you know, the other teachers caught a glimpse. The utter shock on their faces was classic (especially in this small country town). Total open mouths and wide eyes. I could hear whispers of...."Gaijin-san, gaijin-san", it rippled through the kids who were just seconds before, studying at their desks. I tried not to care. Not to notice, them notice. And we got to business at hand. We sat down and she started testing Branden. She spoke with us. She was very kind, very friendly. She wasn't all rush rush or hurry nor sighs! She explained everything in full detail. Yes she does speak English. The 3 teachers speak English, because they teach English as one of the subjects there. So we can communicate. And yes, I tried to use Japanese first. But she answered me in English every single time. So, I thought, what the heck. And then just spoke with her in English. She told me. she can give me progress of Branden by email so we exchanged email addresses. The things Branden knew, she said, "yes yes that is right." Stuff he didn't know, she showed him what it was. Their whole base is, cheering the kids on. And encouragement. I think this will be a good way for Branden to learn. She also told me, that there is a 3 year old boy who studies there as well. Plus the other little 5 year old girl, who is a classmate of Branden's as well. So from now on, we drop the kids off, they go in alone. And we pick them up. I won't be going into the building anymore, well unless I need to talk with her about something face to face. But, I will just park the car in front, he can run out and I watch until he gets into the building and then I will come back in 1 hour. And I will again, park my car outside and wait until he safely comes back into my car. Noboru went to the Kumon as well, well because he wants to make certain of where he is sending his son. What kind of people they were. Were they nice and stuff. He really liked them as well. So Branden, officially starts this coming Monday. They already gave him homework. He has 20 pages to do before Monday.

Here are his Kumon flash cards and folder which holds his homework.
Here is his homework. And each page only has 2 things on each, to do. So it is going to be easy for him. Not grueling or anything. And it really will help him be prepared for when April rolls around next year. : )
We also bought the paint for our fence. We will be painting the fence this weekend.

What else? We are heading back to Denver, Colorado in September sometime. So back to the mainland for us, for about 2 weeks. Just so far, we are trying to work out which week is best for Noboru and such right now. Not thrilled about the long flight though. I guess I sorta got used to the short 3 hour flight to Guam. Also, NWA (the Japan region), gave out free round trip tickets for all employees and their families to either Guam or Hawaii. The tickets are only good for those 2 destinations. It's a confirmed ticket for the 4 of us, seats and all. They expire in a year, but that's because we get these tickets once a year, anyway. But anyway, we go to Guam a bunch and catching the flight to Guam is relatively easy for us. So, we are planning to use our confirmed tickets to Hawaii instead. We are thinking of heading there this Christmas (if you recall we went to Honolulu because of this, last Christmas too). But as usual nothing is ever carved in stone. But these are things we are working on at our house. But August will be spent in Japan, but it's more then okay, we are making the absolute most of our August at home, plenty of BBQ's, and such. So we are all quite happy.

Anyway, I've spent too much time in front of this computer for my liking and so I better join my boys out in the back yard right now. Have an awesome weekend everyone! : )

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Natsu matsuri! : )

Getting ready for the summer festival. Now, since I have a bunch of people reading from the states and I often get asked many questions regarding Japanese stuff. Let me just show a few pics and describe a bit about us getting ready before the actual festival. Now obviously this isn't necessary for any of you gals in Japan, so you all can just skip this first few paragraphs since it's probably stuff you, know already : ) For summer festivals in Japan, little girls wear yukatas. Best way I can describe a yukata, as easily as can be is, think kimono but without the heavy silk and such. Summer kimono. Think light thin, cotton or linen and beautiful and vibrant colors. And boys can wear yukata for summer festivals as well. But they can also wear jinbei's. Now jinbeis don't have to be worn just for summer festivals though. They can be worn anytime you want in the summer time in Japan. They are very light and very airy, so really comfy to wear. I searched high and low for Branden's "summer festival" jinbei this year I got it about a month ago and I was so totally happy to have scored such a cool one. I then took his jinbei with me in a bag, for a few weeks driving all over, looking for the perfect matching Japanese type flip flops, I really like the "setta" (sp?) ones.

This stitching for lack of a better word is on the sleeve area. Reason? Well, my hubby says it's for air flow. LOL. Japanese summers are well known to be steaming hot, so some fresh air is welcome. : )

I got his in a size, that he could wear this year, but he can also probably get away with wearing this one next year. I really hope so, because the quality of this one was just really exceptional. I pulled out all the stops on his summer festival outfit this year (and if he outgrows it next year, oh well, I'll replace it no big deal, but I hope he can wear this one next year though, because it's cool). Extremely high quality. And I am happy Noah will get to wear this in a few years time as well. : ) And what does my son think of his jinbei? He's a typical boy. He doesn't care in the least what sorta jinbei he has. Ha ha ha! : )

Here's the boys right before we left the house! Noah's jinbei was simple. He had the character from the NHK TV show here in Japan. Anybody know that dogs name? I forget. Wantan or Wanwan or something. Ha ha ha! And notice Noah is starting to do the peace sign in pics as well. Oh my gosh! Ha ha ha! Granted just a 1 fingered peace sign was all he could muster, but it's a start! : )

Aha, yes that is Noboru making hot dogs during the summer festival! What a wonderful husband and daddy, he is! He's awesome! : )

One of the games/crafts during the festival. Decorating a pom pom type thing.

The teachers put on a small skit for the kids. I wasn't really following the story of this skit at all. But I found it interesting to see them dancing around and stuff. Letting their hair down, so to speak. The kids loved it though! : )

All the teachers are all pretty nice. However my most, favorite teacher is the one far left. Wearing the green tee shirt and navy blue coolats (sp?), she is so awesome! She speaks to me all the time. In Japanese of course, but she is so friendly. She is always smiling. Never grumpy or anything!

All the kids watched the teachers give their skit.

Noboru's volunteer duties of "chief hot dog maker extraordinaire" was over, ha ha ha! And he was just holding Noah, chatting with a few dad's. And watching the kids dance! : )

You see that plastic white bag Noboru is holding? That is all the toys and water balloons and stuff both the kids won during all the games and crafts! Noah played 3 games and won a few toys and some candy.

Branden showing one of his buddies what he had just won!

Then he showed him, "you have to go like this", ha ha ha. How funny, huh? How these kids can get so enthusiastic over a 1 yen toy, they just won. Ha ha ha. Oh well, I smiled and let them enjoy the thrill of it all! Childhood is gone in a blink of an eye, so I let B "ohhh and awe" over his newest toy! That was forgotten about, by the next day, no doubt, ha ha ha! : )

Then the dancing started! The kids have been practicing all week long at school. : ) Notice the kid wearing Crocs? He was the second boy behind Branden (gosh I must know these shoes a bunch, since I even can tell he was wearing the color "celery" lol)! And I am kidding you not!!! About 10 kids wore Crocs during the festival! Seriously 10. Granted one kid was wearing fake Crocs, lol, doesn't matter in the least though really. But the rest were all wearing real Crocs. And many parents too! I know, Crocs are as American as Apple pie. In fact they come from Boulder Colorado. And I am *very* proud they come from Colorado, since I come from there (don't believe me, just flip a Croc and see the words, from, Boulder, Colorado stamped on them, ha ha ha)! Ha ha ha. But, seriously Crocs have hit Japan in a big way! They are so popular in Japan, just about everyone I know has a pair! They are probably as popular in Japan as they are in America! It's crazy! Ha ha ha! : ) And we all know, we are a Croc loving family ourselves as well. : )

More dancing! : )

And a clap! : )

Branden's so good at Japanese dancing! His hand movements and all! He really enjoys the summertime dances in Japan. And when he sees the teenage girls dancing at the big city festival. he always tells me "mommy don't you think they look so pretty and dance so nice" He really appreciates the artful dances in Japan! Whoever, he decides to marry in the future will have to learn these dances for sure! Ha ha ha. Wink, wink! : )

Boy, what a whole bunch of kids dancing!

And swing your hands this way, and swing your hands that way! Ha ha ha!

Many people really liked Branden's jinbei. I had about 5 different people at different points throughout the day, ask to take a picture of Branden, we said "sure, fine go ahead", we didn't really mind, I mean they were not like strangers or weird nutcases, they were people from the same yochien, so it was fine. Many people commented on it as well. They all really loved his aloha, hibiscus, jinbei, I guess, ha ha ha! : )

Branden and some of his buddies. They just love to all get together and play fight with each other. And do those "ultraman" fighting moves!

More dancing! Man, I'm going to have to go and make a few copies of all these "summer festival" pics, send a copy to grandma Mitsuko way over in Osaka, to uncle Jun, both my folks. Phew, that's a lot of copies I will be making this coming week! Ha ha ha : )

Last pic of the kids all dancing!

Branden flashing the "shaka sign", hey he was born in Hawaii. He's allowed! Ha ha ha and that's how most of our friends in Honolulu took pics when we lived there. Japan was the peace sign and in Hawaii, we did this! I got this off the net in case some of you don't know what that means. Although I am sure most of you know already! : )
The "shaka" sign is a common greeting gesture. It is often associated with Hawaii and boarding sports such as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. It consists of extending the thumb and pinky finger while keeping the three middle fingers curled, and raising the hand as in salutation. Sometimes the hand is rotated back and forth to emphasize the sign.
Hawaiian locals use the shaka for various meanings, like "all right", "cool", "smooth", etc. Residents of states other than Hawaii who use the shaka may describe it as meaning "hang loose". It is also used to convey what locals in Hawai'i call the "Aloha Spirit," a gesture of friendship and understanding between the various ethnic cultures that reside within Hawai'i. It can also be used to signal a "hello", "goodbye", " 'till next time", "take care", "Alright!."

Branden chatting up the ladies! Ha ha ha! Seriously 2 little girls like him. Have little puppy love type crushes on B. A few of the mom's told me at the school, "such and such likes your son", ha ha ha. I asked Branden about it and what he thought. First he's too young to like girls yet. But he said, one of the girls he likes because she's pretty and she's fun to play with and she likes playing with rolie polies/dango mushi, lol. But the other girl, he says, get this. She has too much hair on her arms???, so he isn't interested. Ha ha ha. OMG! What a silly/ridiculous reason! Boys, hmm! Ha ha ha : )

All his little yochien buddies, swim buddies and his pal he rides the school bus with as well!

A group shot of his class! : )

That's Genki-kun on the right of Branden right there! : )

If you see the banana box in the back. Well we had choco bananas. One of the fathers is a banana wholesaler. And so we got tons of free bananas donated to the school for the festival. Man were those choco bananas good! We had homemade cookies. Hot dogs, drinks and all sorts of stuff. But in this pic, here is Noah wearing his Anpanman mask. Anpanman is a Japanese cartoon hero, who is actually made from bread/pan stuffed with beans, I think. : )

Here's Noah-chan, wearing his Anpanman mask, enjoying the summer festival. And if you look closely you can see the little white dog with green ears on his jinbei, that's a character from a Japanese kids TV show here in Japan that Noah watches and likes! : )

Branden wore the Mickey mouse mask! The kids got the masks from the school today! : )

The festival ended around 5:30 pm. We came home since it was on the way. Everyone went to the bathroom. We checked the house, all looked fine and we were on our way for supper within 5 minutes of stopping by the house! We went to the Hard Rock cafe in Narita. It's fairly close to where we live, so no big long drive or anything which was nice.

We were seated right below "Ringo Starr's" shirt! Now, I know everyone knows who Ringo is. Beatles obviously! And I love the Beatles, so I loved sitting there! Ha ha ha! : )

Ringo's shirt. Something of Elton John's was on the booth next to us. I wanted to take a better peek, but I didn't want the nice Japanese family to think I was staring at them or anything. I wasn't. I just wanted to see what was on the wall. : )

I've been to a few Hard Rocks in Japan before (besides the ones in the mainland US, I've been to and Hawaii and Guam). The one in Ueno is very cramped that's the worst in my opinion. The seats are all like smashed together. We were like 1CM away from the next table. Too close for comfort. We've been to the one in Osaka that is gone now. And the newer one in Kobe, I think. And it was very nice. Not cramped like the one in Ueno is. But the one at Narita is very nice too. Not too cramped at all, not even a bit. Very open seating. Which is why I clicked this pic. No sardine feeling here at the Narita one! We will be going to this one again!

The boys eating their kids meals. : ) Chicken fingers for Noah and cheeseburger for Branden! : )

The waitress asked the kids, was it their summer festival today? Branden told her, yes it was. : )

Noah, eating his meal! : )

I had the sizzling chicken fajitas. And yes they were sizzling in that silver pan as they came out. Everyone heard them and turned around. My cheeks turned bright pink, because it was my noisy fajitas causing all the commotion. Ha ha ha! : )

Noboru had the special. It was a trio. A Japanese style chicken sandwich (not karaage or anything), a shrimp sandwich and a cheeseburger and fries. You know what? I watched both kids and held that bag of toys won, from the festival all day long, while Noboru was working the festival. Then we switched and I worked the other half of the festival and Noboru had to watch both the boys and lug that bag of toys around. The kids had an utter blast at the festival. And actually both Noboru and I both had a lot of fun during the festival as well, because it's nice to mingle and be social with other parents and friends of our kids. With everything being such a success with regards to the festival. Being at the restaurant was sorta our reward. Job well done for us today. Time for Noboru to tell me all the funny stories and stuff he encountered on his part of the festival and then I shared my funny silly stories about what I was doing at the same time. It was a nice summer festival and a wonderful dinner. : )

After our delicious dinner at the Hard Rock, we strolled through the mall a bit. Noboru bought me a new pair of Crocs! I have a black pair already, have had them for well over a year now. But I've been wanting a girlie girl pair. A pink pair. I knew I didn't want fushia, nor did I want the cotton candy (lightest pink color). I wanted the straight pink. Just pink. Plain pink, if you will. And now I have them! Yippy! Thanks honey! : )