Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tropical fun in the sun in Guam (part 2)

Saturday's breakfast before spending the whole day poolside and beachside. I had the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit combo.
Branden and Noah filling up their tummy's.
The floor we were on this time and the lounge area, staff is there to make sure you belong on this floor.
Winding staircase that leads to the other area of the lounge area.
A quiet place to relax if you want to.
View down below.
My dad relaxing in the hot tub and Noboru and the boys entering the infinity pool.
Hi family!
Noboru tossed the boys in the water and they laughed and laughed! What an awesome Saturday and Sunday we had here poolside.

Laughing with the boys.
Life is good!
Noah going on daddy's shoulders.
And into the ocean we go!
About to feed the fish. Next time we'll bring a loaf of bread.
Can you see the fish, they're at the top of the water and have those pointy faces.
These fish were striped and bigger. So many different types of fish.
Go Noah go!!!!
Noah having so much fun!
Branden having a blast too.
We've been coming here since before Noah was born, so he's been coming here his entire life!
Basketball anyone?
Helping Noah onto the cabana.
What a view!
Chatting with grandpa! What a wonderful way to spend time together!
Playing with daddy again! He's so playful!
See the big windows in the tall building we were on the 2nd highest floor. That's the lounge area, those big windows.
Swimming partners!
Noah riding on his brothers shoulders. Branden's idea!
See, the sign? Gap is finally here. Right on!
The ad campaign Gap is running...HELLO GUAM! Saw these ads on trolleys and on a billboard even! Made me smile every time I saw them.
Gap at Micronesia.
A late lunch after all that swimming we did. KFC! We swam from 8am-2pm both days.
Coldstone after we ate. This sure hit the spot!
And we even hit the other Gap location also! No sales tax on Guam you know!
My happy family!
I started eating this before I remembered to take a pic. Saturdays dinner, Tony Romas!
A bit blurry but you get the idea!
Monday morning, we decided to end this trip exactly how we started this trip. Denny's banana pecan whole wheat pancakes, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. we all ate and enjoyed our last meal.
Unloading our luggage from the SUV before checking into the Guam airport for our flight back to Japan. Hugs, kisses and "see you later" and inside the airport we went. The boys think grandpa is just the greatest!
My meal heading back to Japan. Cinnamon french toast, sausage, muffin and mixed fresh fruit.