Thursday, February 25, 2010

A "thank you" present in the making for the yochien sensei's, the dvd's got here and a few other bits! ; )

While doing my weekly shopping this week, I went with my weekly list of stuff I had to buy and/or that I ran out of. And yes, Pokemon pencil box was on that list. First thing I did when I went to the store was go straight to the pencil box area and picked it up. ; ) Did all my other shopping. Checked out and headed home.
Every year at our yochien as the school year comes to a close. School year starts in April for us in Japan and ends in March, which is definitely different then how it is in the US. But I'm used to it. : ) Anyway our school likes to make "thank you" presents for the teachers at the end of the school year. Last year it was every child's picture in a great big picture frame. And this year it's going to be a photo book or something or other. I'll take pictures of it when it's complete. Anyway, about 4 days ago, we were all sent with a note. And it said, one side should have a photo of the child or they could draw a picture. But having sent B here beforehand I know pictures are the norm. So, I always sent Branden with a photo when contributing and same for Noah. When Noah was a yellow badge last year, I sent a small picture of Noah since everyone else were supposed to send small pictures too. But this year seems every one is to send a bigger photo. So, I needed a recent photo of just Noah sort of semi big in size. What saved me with this. And shhhh, this is just our secret. But if you recall, when Noah was trying on his brother's size 5 clothes last week or the week before. Well, that pic worked perfectly for this!; ) Hey whatever works, works. ; ) Printed 2 copies out quickly at home. The other side is supposed to have... to/for such and such sensei from Noah. Nothing more, nothing less. So, we made sure about that as well. And then they finally said, to decorate any blank spots. @_@ Okay, check and check. It surprisingly didn't take very long at all. It was quick and the kids loved coloring the polka dots. Noah has 2 teachers and so we had to make 2 for each teacher. ; ) I think Noah's came out really cute!
And the back is exactly as asked. All done. They were due today (Friday) and Noah turned them in already. I'll be sure to take a pic of what the finished product looks like.
This week has been great., Got all my cleaning out of the way. But also got to enjoy myself a lot during the week too. Watched Noboru do some yard work in the back. I played with the boys in the backyard Thursday after school. After B finished playing with Genki, they played twice this week so far. Noah and I had a basketball bouncing/dribbling contest yesterday. I am proud to say, I did 85 bounces without stopping, I am shocked to say Noah bounced it 159 times without stopping!!! So he beat me! Ha! Seriously. Anyway, Friday today and the last thing I had to do this week to be ready for the weekend is wash the blankets/bedding. Our bedding was in this washer and the boys bedding were in the one next to it. In the smaller washer, the 500 yen washer, I washed the boys bedding together because they each have a twin bed each, so I can fit both bedding in the smaller 500 yen one. I threw the bedding in at 8:30am this morning. With Noah in the car in his uniform and obento in his backpack, I turned off the car and had him lock the doors until mommy comes back, I was only gone for 3 minutes before coming back and dropping him at school this morning. Ran in and threw 2 loads of bedding in the 2 washers. 36 minutes to wash. So then quickly dropped off Noah this morning. Ran into the yochien and ordered the pictures from the shopping day and setsubun, 70 yen a picture, I ordered 3 photos total. Paid the encho sensei (the principal) and went back to the laundry. Put it into the dryer and waited 14 minutes, then came home and made the beds. Anyway, it's 12:42 pm now. I'm done for the week. At 1pm, I'll leave to go pick up Noah at yochien. Then at 2:20 I'll pick up Branden. Then we'll head home. Branden swims at 4:30pm this evening. And we're having homemade pizza for dinner tonight. And cokes/sodas with ice (it's a once a week thing; ). The dough is resting in the kitchen as I type.
The dvd's got here yesterday, Vegas Vacation and Ice Castles. We will watch 1 tonight, 1 tomorrow. Tonight we're going to watch Vegas Vacation. Noboru will be home tonight around 8:30pm, so he can reheat some pizza and catch the movie with us. We usually let the kids stay up later on the weekends. ; ) Anyway, just wanted to say, have an excellent weekend everyone! : )

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Middle of the week catch up! : )

Monday morning obento was easy peasy. Noah's obento was some of the leftover nikujaga from the night before. Nikujaga is a cute little star shape and white rice. Some canned peaches as his fruit. And 2 jelly's.
Cleaned house Monday. Also worked out for 45 minutes. Noboru was home Monday so instead of me taking Noah swimming on a different day. We were able to make sure both kids got both their activities out of the way on the same day. Which was nice. When Noah or B swim, they get a snack for afterwards. And before B goes to Kumon he usually gets a snack he eats in the car from shogako to Kumon. I microwaved the ham sandwich so it was warm. The popcorn was for Noah for after his swim class.
After school bags for the kids Monday afternoon. I took Branden and Noboru took Noah. That's Noah's swimming bag and the school bus backpack has his clothes for after swim class, just regular clothes. Like a sweatshirt and jeans etc. His yochien uniform meanwhile gets packed in the school bus backpack after swimming. And I wash the shirt and meanwhile hang the jacket right away after he gets home. Branden's Kumon bag, I took into my little red car. Noboru left with the popcorn and the 2 bags for Noah and went into the MPV and left to pick up Noah from yochien. And I left with a hot ham and cheese sandwich and Kumon bag in my car. After I picked up Branden from shogako, he took off his school backpack while in the backseat and switched to the lighter Kumon bag while eating his sandwich. Switched and then tucked away his cell from his school backpack to his Kumon bag. And he was full and ready for Kumon. B calls my keitei when he's ready for me to swing back and pick him up. Meanwhile I went home and started prepping for dinner. As I was prepping dinner Monday, is when Noboru and Noah returned from swim school. I threw his socks and white shirt into the wash, just a tiny load. And hung his jacket right away. Then went back to dinner. Noah told me about swim school, a mile a minute. I ohhed and ahhed. Dinner was nearly done cooking and the phone rang, it was B. So, I took off. And went to pick him up. I see him waving good bye to some of his Kumon friends that must have gotten out when he did. Branden gets into my car and we head home. A good productive day. The evening is my favorite time of the day. The time, we all come back together as a family. And enjoy dinner together. And just relax.
Tuesday, same ol' same ol' made sure both the kids got breakfast. And packed up Noah's plate, napkin and things needed for the "goodbye curry lunch for the blue badges". Did an hour of house cleaning Tuesday. Also managed to get on Tsutayadiscas and rent the last 2 February dvd's. And 2 for March so far. The last 2 for February that we picked. I picked Ice Castles (the remake) Noboru meanwhile chose Vegas Vacation, with Chevy Chase, yup the Griswolds, lol! The first 2 March dvd's we went with are, Orphan and The Time Travelers Wife. Can't wait to see the Time Travelers Wife!!!! They won't come out until March 10th so, so I'll have a bit of a wait. Enjoyed the rest of Tuesday. Tuesday was sorta just restful after I got that hour of cleaning out of the way in the AM after the kids went to school.
Tuesday nights dinner. chicken and cheese enchiladas, and rice, yumm! With grape soda and ice. The kids loved em' and so did the hubby and myself.
Now it's Wednesday. And it's shaping up to be a pretty great week. The weather has been fantastic this week so far. It's been so sunny and warm. I'm hoping the 2 Feb. dvd's get here this week. I think they will. The kids have no activities for Wednesday. Since Branden switched to swimming Fridays. So I'm sure the boys will be playing in the backyard after school today. Yesterday after school, Genki came to play. Branden and Genki played beyblades until 5:00pm.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What an excellent weekend!!! : )

So, did everyone have a nice weekend? We had an excellent weekend here. Not a whole lot going on, but it was nice to just unwind and chill out all weekend long. On Saturday evening, we had hot (meaning temp wise, as in baked) pepperoni sandwiches. Except Noah wanted a hot ham and cheese instead, so he had that.
Cut the sizes of the bread according to who was eating it. ; )
Sprinkled the cheese on top and whacked in the oven for a bit.
This is what we had for dinner Saturday night. A hot pepperoni sandwich, with hot melty cheese on a crusty baguette with crunchy lettuce. A bowl of pasta and a blueberry tea with ice.
A close up of this little beauty. The pepperoni all crispy around the edges, oh man! Gotta make one of these again real soon!
Sunday morning at 10am the doorbell rang, it was "the boy next door" He's such a good wholesome kid. And since he actually really lives right next door, that's why we call him the "the boy next door" I think you can see the boy next doors legs going down the slide. B meanwhile was on the top of the playground with striped sweatshirt. They were playing beyblades and whoever lost had to slide down the slide. These kids, I swear invent the most interesting games.
There he went sliding. B had to slide down many a times too. ; )
Branden and the boy next door played from 10am, to 5pm when the bell rang in the neighborhood for the kids to go home. Oh yeah at noon when the lunch bell rang, the kids went back into their own houses. For lunch though. : )
Noah meanwhile, played basketball with Noboru. Just dribbling contests. And then finally switched over to playing soccer later. A good day was had Sunday. And the weather heated up to a nice warm 49-52 degrees F. Okay certainly not Summer temps but boy did it feel like a nice change of pace.
The Gap/Old Navy package arrived Sunday. Getting mail on a Sunday always surprises me because we don't get mail on Sundays in the US. So, definitely caught me off guard. Even emailed my dad....."My package came on a Sunday, definitely not in Kansas anymore ; )" He got a chuckle out of that one. And no, I'm not from Kansas, but you kwim. : )
The Gap 3/4 length sleeve cardigan and Old navy dress for myself were perfect fits.
Slipper flip flops. lol.
Noah needed some socks. And the polo's were $6 each before the sale went off, glad I picked those up when we did.
Noah needed socks. : )
4 polo tops for Branden and 2 pair of flip flops, I was happy to get all of the tops on sale and the flippies were also on sale. Of course the sales off now, but glad we caught it before it ended. Nothing wrong with catching a good deal and getting while on sale. Smart actually. The navy blue hibiscus flip flops were only $2.50 when on sale, and you know in Japan, at shogako they swim and their uniforms are navy blue swim suits/trunks. And a pair of flip flops are also needed. Figured these being navy blue and at $2.50 each were perfect. So Branden's flip flops for shogako this coming Summer are no worries now. That is a load off my mind.
These were all washed on the fast cycle and are now hanging in his closet and same goes for Noah's stuff too. I have 1 last package coming. And then I won't need to get anything else for the kids or myself. So this hopefully is nearly out of the way real soon.
Baked a homemade cheesecake Sunday early afternoon while the hubster and the boys were outside in the backyard.
And made nikujaga for dinner last night. And cheesecake for dessert.
Dessert for Sunday. My cheesecake this time is thicker then last time and I think I got it down right. I meant thicker as in not talking about the actual consistency of said cheesecake, but am talking about the actual thickness/widthwise of the cheesecake. Last time I split the cheesecake batter between 2 and this time I made 1 big fat cheesecake and we prefer this way. Noboru loved it. So did the kids. Oh yeah and can't forget me too.; ) I liked it too.
What did we watch this weekend? Well, we watched the 2 DVD's this weekend. They were great! Definitely worth watching. 2 big thumbs up on those. Watched American Idol, both Saturday and Sunday. American Idol is just so entertaining you know, it really is. Some people, just really make you wanna scratch your head and wonder, why? ; ) Meanwhile some have got some amazing talent. What else have we been watching lately? The show on the Fox Life channel, called "How I Met Your Mother" I have caught every single episode so far and I love this show! All of the characters are so funny. I've also gotten into Glee recently! It's a new series on the regular Fox channel here in Japan. And it's hilarious. It's such a good show. Other then that, still been watching Cold Case though they've been showing the last 2 episodes on heavy repeat for the last week or two. Watching the Ghost Whisperer. Kids are still into Wizards of Waverly Place big time and Hannah Montana. B and Noah think the Jackson character is funny.
Tomorrow, is the goodbye to the blue badges curry lunch. So I better not forget to pack, a plate and a spoon and a trash bag, etc, for Noah.
Yesterday was a sun shiny day, but today looks a bit cloudy and cold again. Am definitely waiting for Spring. Have a fantastic Monday everyone! ; )

Thursday, February 18, 2010

TGIF!!! : )

Thursday was very cold, all day long, the snow took a good long while to melt, but melt it did. By 4pm all traces of the snow all but vanished. But then it grew cold again for Thursday night. Branden meanwhile went to Kumon after regular school. And he was tested in English and he passed the G1 level, so now he is a G2. So that was a very positive thing for our family Thursday. Congratulations Branden we are so proud of you. : )
And he did not just slide or coast through this test. This kid got 100 points out of a 100 and 20 out of 20. His test was flawless. Anyway feeling rightfully very proud. ; )
Dinner Thursday night. It was really good.
Of course that meant some karaage ready to fry up Friday morning for Noah's obento. Which I did. Here is Noah's obento for today. Karaage, broccoli (Noah's fave veggie) rice with sprinkles, fresh diced apple and 2 jelly's. After I made Noah's obento, I made his breakfast. And then I went upstairs and got myself and Noah dressed. Today I had to be at the school. The yurigumi and sakura classes were to count the "bell marks" this year. In Japan some schools collect bell marks. They are on certain food products and schools collect them for points to be used for the school. So, after dropping off Noah in his classroom, I went upstairs. About 20 mom's I would guess were there. 5 at my table and there were 3 other tables (4 tables total so while I did not count the other tables I'd guess about 20 of us total, ykwim) We brought our own scissors, we cut, we counted, we stapled, we wrote. We also chatted in between. It lasted an hour- to an hour and 15 minutes and we went home around 10:40am. I left feeling really happy, I did my fair share of the work and I lent a hand. And it wasn't too difficult or anything. It was actually pretty easy. At home, Noboru was home and going to leave for work at 11:30am, but since I got home around 11am, we had a bit of time before he left. So we had a little chit chat. He asked me how it went. I told him and for about 25 minutes we got to just chill together. He put on his coat and kissed me good bye and I went to scrub the toilets. I almost forgot to mention.....Noboru knew I was going to be at the school doing "bell marks" so he vacuumed the entire house while I was gone this morning. I didn't ask him to. And I do it daily myself. But with me doing my stuff at the yochien he lent a hand again. He's a very helpful husband, which is why I try to be an equally helpful wife.; ) Helping each other like this makes our life easier. : )
The DVD's we rented arrived today.
What is this weekends plan? Relax, relax and relax once more. Enjoy the weekend. We have no place we need to be this weekend thank goodness. We will watch the DVDs of course. The DVDs are, My Sister's Keeper with Cameron Diaz. And The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. The Proposal makes me think I'll be laughing quite a bit with that one, but My Sister's Keeper might make me cry or at very least grab for a tissue, we'll see. But they both look like really good movies though.I am so grateful the weekend is here: )
What is today's plan? Well, since I have been home from the yochien bell mark count thing. I cleaned both toilets, both the upstairs and downstairs one. Everything else is honestly already clean. And I have no laundry to do. Think I'll mop the kitchen floor though because I think it could use it, shouldn't take me too long. But after that I'm done. ; )
Anyway, just wanted to say, have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!! : )

Dinner from Tuesday night, the gyoza and rice I mentioned last time. 80% of the time we eat our meals in the dining room but honestly 20% of the time we also eat in the living room and watch TV and whatnot. Might not be the "miss manners" way to eat a meal, but you know, we're okay with that. ; ) As long as we eat as a family and still talk and enjoy our meals together, we pretty much don't care which room we're in. We're just not all that formal around here. : ) Tuesday was a carefree day and I did get a chance to place my last order before the sale went off from Gap/Old Navy for B.
Wednesday was a bit busy because the forecast predicted snow for Thursday. I usually take the weather forecasts with a grain of salt. But I went and got my weekly grocery shopping out of the way beforehand anyway, figure better to be safe then sorry. Picked up a weeks worth of meat (beef, pork, chicken, ham and whatnot) veggies, drinks and everything else I had on my grocery list. A box of the Downy detergent. It was nice to shop without feeling rushed because of a half day at the school or whatnot. So, I shopped in peace Wednesday morning (took me less then an hour but still it was nice not having to rush down aisle to aisle). Bagged the groceries and loaded up my car and went home. Unloaded the groceries. Checked the weather for the next day one last time and then went to the laundry mat to wash my bedding on my bed. Big comforter, thick fleecy blankets, sheets, pillow cases. So washed those, dried those and then went home. Threw them on my bed, made the bed (took me about an hour and a half. From wash to dry to back on the bed). Then went and picked up Noah from yochien (but he doesn't get out until 1:50 pm so I had a bit of time to spare). February 17th (yesterday) was Ash Wednesday for us Catholics, and lucky for me, Noah attends a Catholic yochien because I could zip into the church before Noah came out of his classroom.
Branden mentioned to me at the beginning of January that one of his classmates had a new pencil box, it was Pokemon and black and it shimmered. He told me "oh mommy, it's so cool, I wish I could have one" Anyway, I listen to all my kids stories no matter how big or how small. And if they're important for my kids then they're important to me too. So anyways, Wednesday morning as I was walking the aisles of the store, I saw a black shimmery Pokemon pencil case!!!! I thought, could this be the one B was talking about? Is the the coveted black shimmery Pokemon one? I could buy it but what IF it's the wrong one. That would suck if I bought the wrong one and not wanting to do that. So, I decided not to make a 1480 yen mistake, so I took a picture of the pencil box, showed it to Branden first if it's the right one, then next week, I'll pick it up. Last night, sure enough I showed it to B. And he said that is *exactly* the one I want! Phew! So, now I know. Next week's plan? Buy the black shimmer Pokemon pencil box. ; )
After the boy's both came home Wednesday, the weather grew really cold outside. So, I decided to make some strawberry cupcakes. Not frosted or anything, just keeping it simple but still delicious.
2 dozen strawberry cupcakes.
Also the kuroneko man delivered my jean capris, belt and whatnot the hubby had got me for part of my Valentine's gift. Loved em' I was making my bed when the doorbell rang, lol.
And this goes in the whoops category. ; ) Branden actually received another V-day gift Monday. This one being from Saya-chan. Homemade chocolate coconut cookies. But my darling son forgot the cookies at school @_@ overnight. Anyway he remembered to bring them home. And he was happy to get these.
Wednesday night's getting dinner plated up pic. Crusty bread with butter. Not feeling very garlic bready last night. Salad. And the pasta was boiling on the stove at this time.
The sauce had a lot of basil in it and it was so good. Just a simple pasta, salad and bread. But so good. We had cupcakes for dessert. Everyone took hot baths after their showers. We went to sleep wondering would the snow come or was it gonna lose it's punch.
Woke up this this morning and wowsa!!! It's snowing down like crazy, even right now as I type it's still snowing. I managed to get both of the boys to school safely this morning. I have a load of clothes in the dryer. The dishwasher is unloaded. And I'm going to vacuum the house and scrub down the shower room but other then that, I'm free. Think I'll either channel surf or pop in a DVD this morning. And I think I'll dance around the living room for about 30 minutes to get my exercise outta the way later this afternoon. ; )
Snow. Man winter in Chiba has been so crazy this year! : ) What's for dinner tonight? Karaage, white rice, veggie, salad with goma. Yumm. Have a great day and night everyone and stay warm! : )