Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Los Angeles Natural History Musuem and inadvertently shopping at the mall where the NBA All-Stars were. : )

Our first and second day in LA., but not leaving out the day in San Francisco, so it was techinically our 2nd and 3rd day of the trip. We arrived in Los Angeles earlier then expected. We went directly to the hotel and they luckily checked us right in. We dropped the luggage off, freshened up. Everyone went to the bathroom. And then we left right away. It was just about to turn noon. Here's our hotel in LA for the first night. Oh yeah, Noboru managed to book us different hotels. Since we were site seeing in different areas. It was sorta exciting switching often. Definitely mixed things up. : ) This hotel we really liked a lot. Very spacious and the colors were really relaxing.
Flat screen TV.
They folded the towels and toilet paper and tissues in a fan design. It was sorta cool. That sorta made me smile that they did that. The bathroom was pretty huge.
San Francisco toiletries. Which was funny since we just came from there. : )
The genkan, or entry hallway was big and had this long mirror.
Marble night stand. We literally spent 10 minutes in the hotel tops before heading out. And left straight to the Natural History museum.
I didn't close many of the pics, you can double click any of them that you want.
The first thing to see at the museum.
The museum was broken up into many different rooms and halls/corridors. It was also on 3 different floors so, a whole bunch for us to see.
American History Hall.

A typical old time American house.
And these things on display of what would have been inside.
That's the bathtub, the kids wondered aloud. ; ) Yep, I said.
And look at this washing machine. I thought laundry was not so fun now...I wonder how I'd feel about it, if I had to use this! ; ) Ha ha ha.

Types of rocks.

Noah was absolutely fascinated by the skeleton and skull part.
Branden read that little paragraph to Noah on.."why did our brains grow" And evolve.
Noah was gobsmacked. : ) The boys loved spending the day at the museum. They really did. It was a fairly inexpensive way to spend a day and they learned so much. We all did. We honestly ohhhed and ahhed our way around the whole museum.

The boys said.."hey that's Manny" You know from Ice Age. : ) And the other little kids around were talking and stuff with both Branden and Noah. So, that was really nice.
It was nice to have everything in English. Definitely easier for me.
The insect zoo part was very cool.

I think I might have met up with this guys long lost cousin a few years back on my driveway in Japan. : )
This one, was cocooning himself in real good.

The pottery was very cool. I looked at each and everything behind the glass.

Now this area was all about birds. Also, at this point my camera battery light started blinking like crazy around here.
Birds and ducks and whatnot in the marsh.
The boys had to stop and weigh their bones though.
How does a chicken lay an egg. I mean I had a vague idea really. But, to get to read exactly how and the model was also really helpful. And now the boys and the hubby and myself know. : )
How birds influence our lives. Wow, I never really thought about it. Until I looked at the feather duster, the packaging on Poppycock.
Even our U.S. Mail logo, and Dove soap, etc etc. I think being here definitely gave us food for thought. And we sure did enjoy ourselves quite a bit being here that Friday.
This was the Discovery room where kids could have a more hands on time with things they saw at the museum.
Like the sign says....take a closer look. They encouraged you to touch it, hold it, etc.
So, this is sort of a funny story I'll share. As we enetered, there was this genki (full of energy) little boy in there....saying basically everything was dead! @_@ That skunks dead you know. This rabbits dead too. @_@ I just smiled. Being polite, not really knowing what to think of that little handful there. Poor Noah meanwhile first time coming across something no longer alive. You can see how he gently is holding his paws. Not really knowing what to think. So Noah, turns to me and asks...."was he real mama?" yes Noah he is real, he used to be alive but now he isn't anymore. Meanwhile little boy who is now moved on from us....and now telling some newer people that everything is dead. Ha ha ha. How did he die, Noah asks me. I don't know sweetpea, I said. Hopefully he died of old age. And I just left it at that. ; )
Pads and nails and everything. Poor little guy. : (
Branden meanwhile wasn't interested in any of the dead animals at all. He was interested in this huge rock of bling. He even said...take my pic! I said...okay.

Then we went to the California History area in the basement.
Twelve points of interest down there.
The newspaper in California from when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Noboru and I are in our 30's. So this war happened a very long time before either of us were born. And the way we are raising both Branden and Noah, is by informing them and telling them both sides did some not so nice things. America putting Japanese Americans in camps was a pretty bad thing. And they've seen the movie..."Come See the Paradise" about the camps as well as a few documentaries about it. So they know. Both sides did some bad things. So this has been discussed. But it was interesting for them to see the paper.

Catholic artifacts the Spaniarads brought with them to America.

After spending quite a few hours at the museum that Friday. We went to Popeyes for dinner. I nearly forgot to take a pic, which is why there is a bite missing on the biscuit. ; ) Sorry. : )

And now onto a different part of town Saturday.
We went to the mall. There was 2 different TV crews and a super long line, the line was all pumped up. We later found out that the NBA All stars were there signing autographs and stuff. We're not really into basketball at all, so we just shopped as usual. I got an eyebrow wax here at this mall though. Even as we exited the mall and were heading to our car, you could hear people..."the NBA All Stars are in there!!!!" It was not expected. And we most certainly had no idea beforehand. Anyway...sorta interesting tid bit I guess. : )
There was a huge Target in there too. We spent literally hours at Target just looking around. We did get a few things though. Noboru bought me a mini dvd player for my birthday. That is next month.
We were all hungry by now and stopped off at Hot Dog on a Stick. Branden, Noah and Noboru all had hot dogs on a stick and fries. And I had a cheese on a stick.
My cheese on a stick with fries and a small lemonade.
Hotel #3. We stayed here for 3 nights. Some Target bags in the chair.
And a few extra bags on the sofa.
Saturday night we went to a Mexican restaurant right near our hotel. And Sunday we went to the Red Lobster. Still have a few more posts to get up still..but happy I, at least got one more done. Phew. : )