Monday, March 07, 2011

Knott's Berry Farm

From going from museums and all the site seeing we did at different various parts of town. The one thing both Branden and Noah were the most excited about this whole trip. Was going to Knott's Berry Farm. They've been to Lakeside Amusement Park in my hometown in Denver, Colorado. They've been to TDL and Tokyo Disney Sea too many times too count and also USJ. But they've never been to Knott's Berry Farm. A definite highlight of their trip would be a fair statement. ; )
We were there bright and early that Tuesday. Also the cost to get into Knott's Berry Farm was about half the cost of Disneyland. So, that was a plus for us as parents. ; )
Pinks! We went here for lunch.
This is where they sold so many jams and apple crisp toppings, lemon curd, etc.
You got a love a family, who's playful enough and doesn't take themselves serious, to be able to play around and take silly pictures. I took this pic and ended up joining them and we got some very funny ones of us as a whole family.
I was just talking about I Love Lucy's Vitameatavegamin episode a few weeks back. So this made me smile.
Inside Pink's. So many famous photos of the famous people who love Pink's.
Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model.
Jay Leno!
Anyway remember the TV show, Will and Grace?
Mistake #1. We didn't realize how big the fries were and wish we could have ordered 2 orders for the 4 of us instead of 3 orders. It was way too many fries.
The hot dog was so big, and I was surprised Noah finished it all. That really surprised me.
Noboru ate his no problem.
And mine. I could only eat half. And Branden only ate half, so we should have shared a hot dog. Hind sights 20/20 though, right? : ) What was our conclusion of Pink's. Do you really wanna know. Noboru said. It tastes just like a regular hot dog. So in his opinion it didn't deserve all the hype. And I must agree. I prefer Wienershnitzel chili cheese dogs instead. Must not forget this for the future. Aww well, at least we had them though. At least we tried.
About to enter the park.

Loved the recycling bins for sodas.

Noboru and Branden rode this ride called the Xcelerator. It was so wild and crazy. Noah and I watched.

Zooming and whipping around at top speeds. I could make out just barely Branden's yellow zip up hoodie. So we knew it was them.

They loved it! Here they came running from the exit.
Next was this one. Good thing this lady strapped them in! They sure needed it.
Supreme Scream is right and supremely screamed they did. ; ) They screamed so loud.
About to start the ride.
And way way up in the air they went. And then plummeting towards the earth they came crashing down and then they zipped right back up a few times back and forth. All the while you can hear lots of screams.
"Gee they sure are high" Noah said. Noah watching Branden and daddy falling again and again.
We next rode the Hat Dance. This reminded me a bit of the tea cups at Disneyland.
This ride was fun. We also rode the log ride about 4 times and got drenched!

Noah giving his brother and dad a ride. ; )

We've been spotted Branden! ; ) Branden and I high up on a ferris wheel. Noah and Noboru went on too.
Birds eye view.
Lucy's Tugboat. This was so fun for the kids!
This ride had some get up and go!

Riding the school bus ride together! Noah and Branden.
And up up and away they went!
They went around and around. Coming to this amusement park considering Noah's age, was the best decision! Branden loved this park, he could ride every ride. And Noah, though he couldn't ride about 5 of the big rides he could ride nearly everything at this park.

The boys riding one of the many roller coasters.
This sidewinder was really fun and Noah could ride it. I have a pic of it down below somewhere.
This GR8 Sk8 ride was so fun! Lots of bigger kids kept riding this and smaller kids Noah's age rode this too.
They all rode a big skateboard.
And then we got to meet the guy we watch and see on the hoiday DVD's we watch here at the house! Snoopy!
Remember the Red Baron.

Branden and Noah loved riding this ride!
They are on an envelop. Think Scream Surpreme but a kiddie version. : )

About to get to Woodstock's Mailbox.
And they dropped down.
They went up and down.
Those happy smiling faces. They loved it!
This was the Sidewinder. It was a fast moving roller coaster but half faced backwards and half faced the right way. Noah and I faced backwards. It was interesting riding a rollercoaster backwards. Wasn't so scary at all. : )
Riding a gold mining ride.
Branden loved this ride.

The Scream Surpreme. @_@
This girl down below. She had won that huge bright pink stuffed animal. Which is cool. But we saw her off and on throughout the day carrying it. Towards the start of the day she was smiling and happy. We last saw her here, about 40 minutes before the park closed and you could tell she was definitely over it! Meaning the carrying the bigged stuffed animal around like that. I smiled because I actually recall doing the same thing when I was in high school.
The balloon rides. They were so pretty and colorful. The guy making sure both Noah and Branden were safely strapped in their basket.
Hi Branden, hi Noah! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. I know your dad and I also had a great time being here.

And by now it was starting to grow dark. So we picked up some fried chicken and berry pie and went to the hotel. The line to the dine in chicken place was a huge line and they also did take out, so we did take out instead.
You can double click these and see what flavors there were if you want. They had lemon curd and strawberry & orange curd too and then just orange curd and many others. So many different kinds.
We bought some of these butters, since I'm very fond of those. Peach butter for my dad and for us and an apple butter too. They had blueberry muffin mixes, apple crisp toppings, so many items from this country type store. I loved this store. And so many jam flavors I never would have even thought about. Jalepeno jam? Hmm. I prefer fruit jams.
The last hotel in the LA area for us. We would be driving back to San Francisco the following afternoon. Us and our chicken meal entered the hotel. It was a long day at Knott's Berry Farm and lots and lots of walking.
They sold...the drink in the cup with ice. Berry punch, a Knott's Berry farm original and wow it was so good. We had that at Pink's and we had that for dinner too. Very light and not so sweet.
This was a very nice hotel.
I've had and tried many different biscuits in my day. But wow! These biscuits were amazing! The flavor was so fantastic. This sounds rather lame to say. But it's honestly really true. These biscuits just melted in our mouths. They were that good. And that berry pie. Oh dear! Amazing! I love American food so much. : )
A big bucket of chicken. And sides in the bag.
2 big containers of mashed potatoes and 1 big container of gravy. And another side of corn.
We enjoyed our meal. We all took turns showering and watched TV a bit before going to sleep. By now we were so fully on California time. I was the last to go to sleep.
Our hotel key. A little bit different from the key card.
The next morning checking out. Meanwhile Noah having some lemon water.
Oh yeah, this pic is sorta just thrown in here. On Monday the day before we went to Knott's Berry Farm. When we were site seeing all over that day. Besides hitting Santa Moniza Pier. We also drove through Beverly Hills. I told the boys, you know that show called Beverly Hills 90210? And they said, yeah. : ) Ahh, we were just being tourtists and having fun. : ) No harm.
Also this billboard for the movie Rango starring Johhny Depp as one of the voices. Was all over we must have seen 200 of these signs all during our trip. Also a few of the "Mars Needs Moms" billboards too but mostly for Rango. We had lunch in LA before heading back on that long drive back to San Francisco.
See the picture of the trolley on our door? On the last hotel of the stay. We arrived in San Francisco in the evening. We had dinner ran to Safeway for a tiny basket of items. And went back to the hotel, showered and slept. The next days flight back to Japan, was to be 11 hours. Considering in head wind. Which made the flight back an hour longer.
This was our room.
This TV was the most complicated TV from the whole stay. It had DISH TV. And man trying to surf with that was a bit hard. We finally found a channel we liked...and just stood with that and then went to sleep.
The bathroom.
The portable dvd player Noboru got me for my birthday. 9 inch screen and a swivel head. A really nice one.
7.5 hours of battery. So a long life battery. We left the box in the hotel room. Because cardboard and stuff is so hard to recycle or trash in Japan.
All the hanging flower baskets and flower beds. This was a very pretty place to spend the night.
As the clock says it was indeed 9:20am. We had already had the complimentary breakfast. Omelettes, waffles, toast, donuts. The kids really ate well before heading to the airport, Noboru too. I had 1 waffle and 1 cup of coffee. We took the rental car back and hopped the train one last time.
We started this trip on the BART and we ended this trip on the BART as well.

When we arrived, it was raining and when we left San Francisco it was raining too. LA weather was really great though it only rained 1 evening while we were there and all the days were beautiful.
We checked in and they gave us 6 seats and blocked the misc 2. The flight attendant approached me as I was watching my movie and she said exactly this..."is he not 6 yet?" Inquiring the age of my son sleeping next to me. Hmm?. I was a little caught off guard and so I said. "I'm sorry?" @_@ you know as in an I beg your pardon type question. And she said. Oh I'm sorry it's just that according to the list you are all non revs and well first class is wide open so we (meaning her and the other flight attendants) were wondering how come. Aha..I see what she means. Got it! "yes he's 5, he'll be 6 this Summer" The boys slept most of the flight. And myself. As usual I could not sleep a wink. I watched my mini dvd player and a few movies. I watched the regular airplane movies too. I think when the little blue screen said...6 hours left. I was so over this flight and wishing we'd get there soon! ; ) The flight is so long. : (
Everyone in economy were brought ice cream sandwiches. Though I think in my area I was the only one awake. So, I had it while watching a movie. I was watching Easy A. 4 movies there and 4 movies back. I also saw...The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. I chatted with the flight attendant for about 30 minutes. The flight was just stopping in Narita but that crew was going to China and some of the passengers too. We arrived in Narita. Got our luggage. Picked up our car. And everyone wanted dinner so we went to Saizeriya directly from the airport. We all went home. The kids crashed right away as they got home. I took myself a long hot bath. Put my hair up in a bun. And soaked and then got on a night shirt and popped an Advil and went to sleep. Everyone in the house woke up at like 3am. And we were jet lagged for a good week. : ( We're all back to normal now of course. Anyway that was our trip in a nut shell. : )