Saturday, December 16, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening day...

Last night our family went to go and see the Last Jedi on opening day at 6pm. Everything went off without a hitch. Dinner was finished baking by the time I brought Noah home from school. We 4 all ate. Baked ravioli. I quickly put everything into the dishwasher. From 3:20-5pm we were home eating or relaxing before the movie. And at 5pm we left to the small city nearest our tiny town and we arrived there around 5:40pm. Folks were buying tickets for various movies. Thank goodness I already did that...that morning. So the males all went to the restroom, the 3 of them and I went to the girl restroom by myself. And we all met up in front of the concession stand. We quickly got all our movie theater stuff. Popcorn and sodas. And we went and got ourselves seated. There were only about 25-30 people watching Star Wars the Last Jedi and that was so awesome. A total bonus and plus for living way out in the inaka/countryside. And most folks were sitting in the center/middle seats/section. So nobody even remotely sat near us. So super nice.Look how happy the kids were in this picture!!! Branden, omg you guys....all Friday he kept saying...I can't wait for The Last Jedi....I can't wait. Clearly he was super happy about seeing it. So were the rest of us too. : )
In our seats. Everyone already turned their cell phone volumes way down and Noboru was doing that in this picture too. a couple minutes we will be having our minds the Last Jedi!!!!

Got snacks...check! So anyway....what did we think of Star Wars the Last Jedi? Oh my freaking gosh you guys!!! It was amazing! And no we did not find out who her parents were. Someone very important dies in this movie. I will NOT say who, no spoilers from me. THIS movie was so good. In the Star Wars The Force Awakens. My feelings were...I hate or dislike Kylo Ren a.k.a. Ben Solo. Why would he kill Hans Solo? When Hans clearly loved him so much. So yes my feelings were from the last movie. Kylo Ren... strong intense dislike. But this movie.I liked Kylo in this new movie 90% of the time...and then disliked him very much 10% of this movie. He seemed much more human in this and I could see the inner conflict in him. So a definite improvement from the last movie. Rey, I lovelovelove her. She is so freaking amazing. Other characters. Were lovely, like Rose. Also, loved seeing Carrie Fisher's real life daughter have a small role in this. I like Billie Lourd a lot. Just finished watching her on American Horror Story Cult this season. She is amazing and talented all on her own. So yep...loved seeing her in this. And loved that she wore her mom's princess Leia cinnamon bun hair-do from the 70's. Loved it!!!Didn't say who dies. Didn't say how it ends. Didn't say what happens. Only said that I liked both Rey and Kylo in this. And this movie was freaking fantastic. If you do get the chance and you like the Star Wars franchise at all. Definitely go and check this out. We will most definitely be buying this on DVD whenever it comes out. 

After leaving the movie theater in the small city nearest us, we drove back to the rural town we live. This is a tad blurry but it's so funny. Because it's honest and it's true. A train was running through our town and as you can see, there is no convenience store or building or bright buildings around. It's pure dark rural town lit up by 1 lone train. Noboru *always* says...the trains in our town remind him of the cat bus in Totoro at night that went looking for Mei in the movie. LOL. : )  Anyway Star Wars the Last Jedi? Two thumbs way up from us. : ) Have a fantastic weekend everyone. : )

Friday, December 15, 2017

Tickets have already been bought for tonight's movie...

Today is Friday, December 15th for us in Japan. I know it's only December 14th in the U.S. mainland. But for us it's already the 15th. And you know what that means. Today is opening day for Star Wars The Last Jedi. Now you all know... our family loveslovesloves Star Wars movies. And we have been on opening day the last 2 years. And obviously today would be no exception. Usually we will buy our movie tickets... online a few days earlier. However....Noboru had enough points for a free movie. And so the rules for our specific movie theater nearest us.... using your points to redeem a free movie ticket. #1 you can't buy online if that's the case. and #2 you can't even buy the day before... if you will redeem a free movie ticket. They will ONLY let you redeem the free movie ticket the same day you plan to see the movie. So that's save 1500 yen....of course I do not mind.. 1 tiny bit to wait until Friday morning. So sure enough the second after Noah was driven to school at 7:30am. The movie theater opened today at 8am because some movie was starting at 8:30am. I checked last night, so I would be prepared. So...the second I drove Noah to school. I immediately drove to the small city nearest our tiny town. And I went inside. And got 4 movie tickets for tonight showing of The Last Jedi at 6pm. Paid for only 3 movie tickets. Redeemed the one free movie ticket. Picked our seats and everything. I see that 8 other people have already picked seats for tonight's 6pm showing.

Branden finished his semester tests yesterday/Thursday. He crushed all his tests... this week. He did so good. Bran has NO school today. He got to sleep in this morning. And by the time he woke up, I had already taken his brother to school. And also came back with tonight's movie tickets. Noboru is so cute...he watched the last Star Wars yesterday on DVD here at home... so he would be reminded of what happened last time. The kids and I did that a few days before. So we're all ready. We're all set. So super excited for tonight. 6pm. Noah gets out of school today at 3:15pm. And I already told Noah, Mommy will be in the parking lot from 3pm. No worries. Just walk down the hill with your class. And we'll go home. Ready to start our weekend. And ready to enjoy the Last Jedi. We have all seen about 20 YouTube conspiracy theories about...who is Rey? Is she Luke's daughter? Or Leia and Han's daughter and therefore Kylo Ren's sister? Or is she his cousin meaning....Luke's daughter? Or is she a Palpatine? Who is Rey. That is like the biggest mysterious question we all have. And of course I will not tell ya'll who read my blog. I will not ruin it or tell.

Tonight's supper? I am making a baked ravioli. Like a layered lasagna, but with ravioli. It's so good. But most importantly it is so fast and easy peasy clean up with just 1 baking dish and plates involved. I will prep dinner at 2pm. And I will whack it in the oven when I leave to go and get Noah. I shouldn't be gone long..20 minutes most and both Noboru and Bran can be home with the baked ravioli as it bakes in the oven. We will start the drive to the movies around 5:10pm. Anyway...everyone have a wonderful weekend. If you also go and enjoy Star Wars the Last Jedi this weekend....right on!!! Enjoy it too! I know I have a few posts to get up still. But honestly with Christmas so close....and family time at it's most highest right now...I'm sure you all understand. : ) 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Our weekend. Nabe. Christmas cookie baking. Family movie night and more...

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was really nice. Spent the whole thing at home. Didn't leave the house even once. We hunkered down for the entire weekend. Last Friday, like I said, we had curry soup nabe. It was super simple. Super healthy. And absolutely perfect for a freezing cold Friday night and the start of the weekend. 
Friday and Saturday everyone munched on the chocolate chip walnut cookies. We were set to bake the Christmas cookies Saturday afternoon at first... But since my family had 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies to finish. We baked our Christmas cookies on Sunday instead. Friday night we watched Young Sheldon and then we watched the movie... Guardians of the Galaxy part 2 again. The kids *love* that one and I admit Noboru and I do too. : )

Saturday morning. I made the kids a 6 egg cheese omelette. And for Noboru and I, we shared a 4 egg cheese and jalapeno omelette. We both like our food spicy. And so we loved it. We had omelettes and toast. Saturday morning. Branden studied. Noah and I set up the Christmas trees. 
Saturday nights supper, I made a big tray of beef and cheese enchiladas and a small tray of chicken and cheese enchiladas too. 

Enchiladas and some Spanish rice. We had cokes with ice to go with our meal. Quick showers and  a bath Saturday night. Before movie night once more.
Because of the highly anticipated new Star wars movie coming out next Friday world-wide. American cable TV... has been airing all Star Wars all weekend long. They did this last year too. We watched Attack of the Clones on Saturday. Does that little logo... say the TNT channel or the TBS channel? Bottom left hand corner? Anyway...some cable channel. Such a great movie.
Sunday as soon as breakfast was done. Noah and I got cracking on the Christmas cookies. Bran was in the kitchen but...he was study for his 2 tests this Monday/today. 
We baked 3 dozen Christmas cookies. Noboru took some to work today. Branden took some to school today too.  

Christmas trees. We prefer our Christmas cookies without the overly too sweet sugary frosting. So we just use the pretty sprinkles. It's perfect for us. Just the way we like ours.
And Christmas stars. Like on top of your Christmas tree. Awww. Very pretty. We will be baking more of these this coming weekend too. Besides us going to see the new Star Wars movie this coming weekend. 

Anyway...anything new to add? Noah has his elementary school marathon tomorrow. Also...our New Years cards got here today. They came out so cute!!! I am so glad I did them early. Tonight, for supper we're having a great big pot of beans, that are already made, done by 11am today. And a great big pot of pork green chili that should be done in about 10 minutes. Why? Because with me being at the school tomorrow.... for Noah's marathon. Us having tasty delicious leftovers for tomorrow nights supper will be super appreciated. So that's why. : ) Thinking ahead and planning ahead. Regarding meals. Really helps us all. : ) Anyway...I'm gonna go give the chili a stir. As for Bran....he has been home since 1pm today. He has half days all this week. Because of it being test week at high school. Talk to you guys in a few days. Not tomorrow though... because you know we have Noah's marathon tomorrow. Bye for now. : ) 

Friday, December 08, 2017

Spiral ham bought for Christmas dinner already. Made 2 different types of cookie dough today. Baked one type of cookie today and tomorrow it will be Christmas cookie baking time...

A pic from last Friday nights supper. I made just a simple American dinner last Friday, December 1st. I made cheesy corkscrew pasta, enough for 4 people, plus extra servings for Bran and Noboru. Steamed broccoli and buffalo fried chicken breasts. I used 3 large chicken breasts, 1 for each of us. But because they were so thick, I sliced them in half, width-wise. Because we love a thinner piece of chicken. So while it looks like 2 pieces of buffalo fried reality it was just 1 huge chicken breast sliced in half. So it would be thinner. Noboru, I know prefers dark meat and thighs are his fave, so I fried him up some buffalo fried chicken too, but I made his a thigh. And he actually got 2 thighs. Last Friday, everyone was happy the weekend was here and it was nice for everyone to come home and we could all just eat and relax. 

6:21am. I am always driving my high schooler to the train station at this time. All toasty warm in my car. A full tummy for my son...full with breakfast and a packed lunch made by me. And I am always there to pick up both my sons after school too. Both at the train station and elementary school every day after school. : ) I never mind. This particular morning it was so foggy. Actually quite a few mornings lately have been super hella foggy. And like my car says in this pic, it was 4C that day. That's 39 degrees F for us Americans. And this morning/today it was actually minus 1 Celsius during our drive to the train station. Which is 30 degrees F for us Americans. This morning was icy. Thank goodnes my car has the technology that it's set to preheat for me during the school week, before I even leave my house, my car is preheated and warm and waiting for me to drive my son. And I set and control when it turns on by my cell phone, so I don't even have to leave my house. So by the time Bran and I get into our car, the windshields are all melted and defogged. And the inside of the car is all toasty warm. Phew. But is so creepy driving through all this intense fog.

Yesterday, Thursday, December 7th. I went to get the spiral sliced Christmas ham at Costco. Do a little shopping at Costco. I was at Costco waiting at 10am. And I went to Joyful Honda/Japan Meat first at 9am, I was actually in Inzai by 9am and then went immediately to Besia after Japan Meat. As usual for me. I shopped in 3 stores and had my weekly menu/grocery list written. Everything needed for the next 7 days written down. Like literally to a T. I bought a huge amount of meat at Japan meat. Stuff for pot roast, nabe, green chili again (love it), chicken parmesan. A whole bunch of stuff. Talked to my fellow foreign wife friend who is now working at Costco. We don't get to chat too long... but we always try to chat for a good couple minutes to catch up. Because of my list, I only spent about 20 minutes in Joyful Honda and Besia is smack dab right next to Costco. So, I was on my way home by 10:40am after shopping in the 3 stores. I never need longer than 30 minutes in Costco.What did I buy at Costco?  Spiral ham for Christmas. 100% ground beef for taco night (Noah, omg he loves taco night so much) and enchiladas. You see that butter that's in a 2-pack, between the ham and cups. Christmas's cookie baking season for us Americans, so I had to get real butter for the cookies. A rotisserie chicken we had that... for dinner last night. Huge amount of red plastic cups. Not sure if you can see the laundry soap underneath the cart? 

Black pepper. Case of eggs. 

Hello laundry soap. 

Tortillas in front of the pizzas that are in the freezer now. 4 cheese pizzas are now in the freezer at home too. Thank goodness for having a huge amount of freezer space. For the ham, plus the pizzas and tons of meat from Japan Meat/Joyful Honda. Not sure if you can see the cheese under the eggs? 

Disposable cups. Just make my life easier. 

240 cups, yes and thank you.
Mozzarella and red cheddar. I prefer buy American brand cheese. Chalk that up to personal preference. I buy what's familiar. But my store was sold out totally. @_@ And so I bought this. Like I said, chicken pamesan is coming soon so needed mozzarella. And enchiladas and pork green chili are coming soon too. According to the backs of these, the red cheddar is from America and the mozzarella is actually from Germany. 

This morning as soon as I sent both boys to school. I made chocolate chip walnut cookie dough. And Christmas cookie dough too. I baked the chocolate chip cookies this morning after I finished cleaning the house and throwing everyone's towels in the dryer as soon as they finished washing. The Christmas cookies the kids and I can bake tomorrow.  

So soon as the kids get home from school. They will see some homemade from scratch cookies waiting.

These cookies will be gobbled up as soon as Branden and Noah get home. Noboru is home today and tomorrow. And he had a cookie already. : ) 
It is a super cold day outside. Gray, cloudy and just bitterly cold outside. What's for dinner tonight? Friday night dinner tonight will be...curry nabe. I have this big pack of chicken tenderloin. And chicken meatballs for the hubster. With cabbage, bean sprouts. Udon doodles. Mushrooms, potatoes. OMG! It's gonna be perfect for a bitterly cold Friday night dinner. A nice hot pot of bubbling nabe on the kitchen table. With the family gathered around.

This one by Ajinomoto is my favorite because it has no fish dashi or seaweed dashi. Nothing seafood-y at all. It's totally yum.

Noah had been getting out at 2:20pm all week this week. But today he gets out at 3:45pm. And as for Bran. Next week is finals week. So he's testing all week next week. He got out of school yesterday at 2pm. And today he gets off at 2pm too. And next week Bran because of finals next week...he will be getting off between 11 and 12 noon. Bran goes on Christmas break from December 15th. And Noah doesn't go on Christmas break until the 21st or something. I did buy 10 days worth of food yesterday on purpose. I usually buy 7 days worth, like I said. But...I know...if Bran gets out at 11am, everyday next week. That won't give me enough time to make it to Inzai/Chiba New Town. I can shop in the evenings though...and just bring the kids, if I have to next Friday or next Saturday. But...just in case...10 days worth leaves me feeling comfortable. Noboru just came inside the house just now. He might rain or actually it may snow tonight. He was outside flying his drone just now. It's THAT cold today. So anyways...glad I have a packed pantry and kitchen. That way if the weather goes to all heck tonight...we won't have to leave the house for days unless we want to.

We will be watching a family movie tonight. After eating chicken curry nabe with yummy udon noodles and tons of fresh veggies. And cookies for dessert. As soon as I post this, I will go in the kitchen and make a batch of popcorn on the stove real quick. For tonight's movie at home. Stay warm everyone. And have a nice weekend. : )

Next Friday, Star Wars The last Jedi comes out and as you can guess. Yes, the 4 of us will most definitely be going to the movies for that, next week! We can't wait! Anyway...Bran just messaged me...he's on the train and coming home. I bet he and Noah will be getting out around very similar I can swing around and pick them both up at the same time. Okay...I need to post this now. Pop some popcorn for tonight's movie at home. And then chop some veggies and preset the rice cooker. 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Last Saturday. Buying a gift for a Secret Santa. Drone flying fun. No more Advent calendars for us. And omg, that Christmas Pepsi...

Last Saturday, I slept in until 7:30am. I was so refreshed. I woke up. Set the hot water pot downstairs. And while it was heating up. I jumped in the shower, washed my face with some Basis face wash. Shampooed my hair with some Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Washed my body with the regular scented Biore body wash. And got out. Got dressed. Did my eyebrows with my ABH pencil. And wore no other makeup that day. I went downstairs with a towel on my head with my clothes on/fully dressed meaning no house clothes. And had a nice hot coffee. And read through a stack of emails. Read the online news. Blow dried my hair. Then made some pancakes. Everyone smelled breakfast and came down the stairs. We ate. And I told everyone. We would be leaving by 10:30am. To go and buy Bran's secret Santa gift for the girl whose name he picked randomly in the Santa hat. It's a secret Santa for his English club. The limit is 1000 yen/US$10 bucks. We went out and purchased her gift at a body shop place that sells really nice stuff. Bath bombs, super nice ones. It's a shop in the little city nearest us. Not a LUSH or Body Shop chain. We just live too far from those. But this shop... I have purchased stuff from there... before. I love the quality and scents. We bought her a very nice gift set. All in the scent green apple (there were yuzu scented, rose, all sorts of scents, but Bran picked green apple for her, because he said that smelled so nice). It had bath bombs, 2 of those, a hair wrap thing, when you're in the tub. Some lotion. It was all wrapped up and gorgeous. And it was exactly 1000 yen. I know this girl will love her gift. Bran has to give it to her.... this coming Thursday. I also asked the girls working there, to wrap it Christmas style and they did a fantastic job. We came home. Had lunch. And the 3 of them went and spent about 2 hours in our backyard. Noboru flying his drone. 
You know how the Kingsmen are the British special team and the Statesmen are the American team. Well there is a roping lasso guy in the American team. And ever since my kids have been watching the trailers for that. Bran has been roping things in his spare time, ps they have zero idea I bought them the DVD already. Oh and also important to note. About 3 weeks ago...I saw the new Christmas edition Pepsi. Noah's holding one in this picture. I didn't buy it... but I first wondered if it was Crystal Pepsi. But by one glance... you can tell it's super cloudy. So I knew it would be nothing like Crystal Pepsi at all. Also it looked cloudy, okay I just said that.... and for some reason it looked super overly sweet to me, because it was cloudy, don't ask me why. Something just gave me the vibe of...I do NOT want to try this. So when we were at the mall buying Bran's secret Santa gift. We all grabbed a drink at the store before we left for the drive home... back to our rural town. I grabbed a sugarless jasmine tea by Ito En. My most favorite drink. And the kids each picked a Lipton Lemon tea at first and I thought okay. And then they saw the Christmas Pepsi. I told my have never tried it...and if you wanna try can for sure, your choice. : )  But I did me...imo... it looks way too sickeningly sweet. They still wanted to try. So...they put their teas back and each grabbed one of these. When we were in the car. We could smell this overpowering sickeningly too sweet smell. Smelled like...Chipu Chaps. Strawberry Chipu Chaps. Or...something but smelled super sweet. I didn't say anything, because it's already been purchased and it is...what it is and sips have been taken. Noboru picked a bottled iced coffee, fwiw. As we were driving down the rode. Branden said. It tastes funny. I said...what do you mean. He said...tastes weird. We drove some more. And then Noah said word for word..."I don't like's too sweet...tastes like cookies mixed with cough drops." @_@ That image is STILL in my head even now...cookies mixed with cough drops? OMG. And I thought...just Chipu Chaps was bad enough. In any case...if you ever wanted to drink a liquid strawberry Chipu Chaps...try the Christmas Pepsi. On the other hand...if you don't like overly sweet, like me. Avoid it. I am so glad I avoided it. However I did still...smell it...and smelling it... was more than enough for me. Blech. 

Okay's taking video of you now...that drone takes the best, most smoothest high resolution video. 

Oh my gosh...I'm in the house prepping supper. And throwing the lunch dishes in the dishwasher. 

Branden's gift for his secret Santa person. Squeak. I'm so excited. High school in Japan is so fun, you guys. There is a light at the end of the JHS in Japan tunnel. : ) 

Saturday's simple supper. Chicken teriyaki bowls. Chicken breast, button mushrooms, broccoli on a bed of white rice. Mine was smaller than Branden's and Noboru's. Noah's and mine were about the same size, pictured here. Theirs were double the size of ours, which they need. Saturday was a very chill day. And I'm not just talking about the weather either. It was so relaxed and restful. We made sure to buy his secret Santa gift. They spent some time outside. I meanwhile stayed inside our toasty warm house. We had a nice simple dinner. And enjoyed 20/20 on TV. The Meghan Markle interview called...The American Princess. Loved this 20/20 very much. After that we watched ghost stories on another channel. Saturday was a very nice day.

Oh and...we're not doing Advent calendars this year. When my kids were little they looked forward to them every SINGLE day. Could *not* wait for their daily chocolate and the count-down to Christmas. But last year...I could tell...maybe at age 15 and 11. They just weren't as excited about it last year. I went and bought them the coolest Kylo Ren Advent from Star Wars... from Kaldi, last year. I always immediately bought them right before Thanksgiving. A few times last kids would go... 2 and 3 days and they wouldn't open them. And would open them and eat 3 in a row because they had missed a few days. A clear sign...yes that they just weren't into it anymore. And I quietly got to thinking. Maybe they just outgrew them. And if they did. That's okay. I have always bought Advents for my kids because it made my kids SMILE. Not because it was blog worthy. Do you know what I'm saying. And yeah at the end of last year...I was deeply thinking...maybe I shouldn't buy them next year. So now to this year. I'm at Kaldi...sipping on that free coffee mini sample. Looking at all the Advents. They didn't have any Star Wars ones for older kids this year. Hmm. But I saw a Toy Story one that looked very cute...but my kids seemed a bit old for that...and a Mickey Mouse one. I called my boys...on my cell to their cell. This was a few Saturdays ago. And I said..."Branden...ask Noah if he'd like a Toy Story Advent or a Mickey Advent? Mickey looks very cool and retro." And...he asked Noah..."it's mom...she wants to know if you want a Toy Story Advent or Mickey?" I could hear Noah thinking in the background going...ummmm. And Branden said..."Just get Noah one...I don't need one mom...I'm just not into them anymore, but thank you" And Noah finally answered after hearing that and he said..."can you tell mom, I don't need one either" Like a sucker punch to my gut ya'll...My face maybe looked slightly devastated, shocked or in mild to mid pain???? LOL....Because the Kaldi lady was staring at me, she knows me well and likes me, always chits chats with me and I her but this particular morning she was looking at my face and...she looked a tad worried. LOL. Was my jaw wide open...or on the ground? I never ever ever... want my boys to feel guilty...or feel bad about growing up and getting older. I **want** my kids to get older. Duh. And be happy about it. That's part of while I was still on the best as I could muster... I tried to...give a non-chalant..."oh...okay not a problem. Talk to you later." And I left Kaldi without any advent calendar this year. And yes, I did tell the Kaldi lady..."seems my kids don't want any of these this year" She's about mid 50's, so I am sure she has kids much older than mine, so I am sure she could relate on some level. And for a few days I was sorta secretly sad. But now...I'm so totally over it. Onwards and upwards. I write these little snippets on my blog... of my true daily or weekly musings. Because maybe...just maybe will be your kid who has outgrown an advent someday in the distant future. And maybe you will feel a sad twinge too. And you will remember me writing about this from my heart...with all my most sincere refreshing candor and honesty. And hopefully knowing someone else went through it too...will make you smile that's it's just something we as parents...we all go through. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Bits from last week...

I know, I purchased Noah 2 packs of undies 3 weeks ago? A month ago? Well, 4 pair... weren't enough and I knew that but they didn't have any better designs in his size at the store I bought from this time I went to another branch of the same store...because I wanted to toss all his 150cm undies away that he outgrew. So, I went last week and bought Noah 2 extra packs of 160cm undies. That way he has 8 pair of undies now and that's enough. I tossed all his 150cm undies away. And now he's using just this size now.  I also made sure Branden got new school socks and new undershirts for school too. 

With winter weather approaching fast. I picked a slightly longer length of socks and again Bran only likes this particular style of undershirt and since these are more common in summer. They only had 1 pack of undershirts. I bought what they had. But 6 pair of school socks...a total score. Will keep my eyeballs peeled for undershirts for Bran to wear under his uniform shirts... for high school. He has about 8 of them (undershirts), but some needed replacing. 

I made a really big pot of pork green chili last week. And this random pic captured was...a breakfast burrito that I was making for my kids. Branden got 2 and Noah got one. These are humongous sized. Scrambled eggs, tons of pork green chili and shredded colby cheese. The kids were totally filled up for their day of school with these in their tummy's. They took beef bologna and cheese sandwiches to school that day too. 2 for Bran and 1 for Noah. A container of fresh fruit too, 2 mikan each for each of them. Bran took chips and cookies... because it's high school and those are allowed. But Noah just took the sandwich and fresh fruit. : ) 

What have I been watching on TV? We do enjoy TV weekly after supper, kitchen clean-up and showers. We love Young Sheldon, my entire family loves this show. Here is young Sheldon knocking at his grandma's house. He is very close to her. She lives near them, but has her own house.

This is Meemaw. Also known as the actress Annie Potts. I always think of the beautiful Annie Potts. As the older friend (Iona) to Andie (Molly Ringwald) in Pretty in Pink. Who gave Andie her prom dress. And her shooting that shoplifter in the face with a stapler. And the kid said..."you missed my eye by an inch" and Annie Potts said..."half an inch!!!" LOL. 

Sheldon grew up in Texas. And he wrote to NASA, one location is also in Texas. And waited for a return letter. And in his typical Sheldon way...he was very upset... not getting a return letter. Drove the entire family bananas. So one weekend Sheldon's dad said they were all going to drive to NASA and get Sheldon his reply. They sat and waited patiently for hours at NASA. They were getting blown off big time. Until Sheldon's dad burst into the office and got Sheldon heard. Finally. In this pic...the dad just burst into the office. After wasting hours in the waiting room.

Sheldon had his say. Explained what he had to. The guy said...Sheldon's stuff was just too advanced. That answer...totally satisfied Sheldon. And so they left. 

Sheldon's very nice mom and dad. 

The entire family...even including meemaw...driving back home after visiting NASA. Sheldon told his father....thank you for driving me there. It was super sweet...the whole mood in the car. This show is just so good. 

His brother and his sister. And Sheldon in the middle. I do love the Big Bang Theory. I have watched from day 1. But this show...Young Sheldon. Is so fantastic. It's hard not to fall in love with this family. Sheldon is so completely different than anyone else... in his entire family. But they still love him, just as much as everyone else. And they support him fully.