Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lunch date with my husband...

Once a week during the weekday while the kids are at school. We go on a date. Though Noboru and I are both born in the 70's people. We will be officially married for 20 years this coming May 21st!!! Yep we were married in 1997. In a day and age where it seems half of all marriages fail and end up in divorce. I'm so happy and proud to have a healthy and strong marriage. Granted that's not to say he's never gotten on my last nerve and I'm sure as heck, that I have gotten on his last nerve before too. : )

I married a man who makes me laugh the most, more than any one ever has. I chose a man who I could talk all day and night long and yet we'd never run out of conversation or things to talk about. I married someone who doesn't care about clothes or fashion. But who is kind, always calm. Reasonable. And my absolute best friend in the entire universe. I love that I can make him laugh so hard... that actual real tears come out of his eyes. I love that, he knows what I'm thinking by just looking at my face. And that I can read him like a book too. And I love that he cares about our marriage as priority #1...yes even after 20 years. And still makes time, once a week to reconnect with me and we can just be us. Not Branden's and Noah's mom and dad. But just be, Noboru and Gina for 1 solid hour or 2,  and have that connection and tune in time. And sure...then we can go back to being mom and dad again. But the fact we always make time for us. Is hugely important. And yes we do connect and talk daily. It's just once a week, we make it just about us. : )

So anyways...Noboru has been dying to go to this coffee shop in Inzai called. Komeda Cofffee? It's a chain in Japan. He has been just itching to go for the past 6 months. And even though we hit Inzai once a week for our weekly Costco run and lunch date. And I would have gladly gone to Komeda Coffee any time that he wanted. We usually are feeling more lunch-y versus coffee and breakfast set type. But last week...we hit all our Inzai shops and tossed everything in the cooler. And we then thought what should be do for lunch? Should we hit the Ohsho? Coco ichiban curry? Lunch at Costco? But Costco lunch is good and cheap... but if you eat it once a week, after a while... it gets hella tiring after a while. So...he said...we could always try Komeda Coffee. And I said...let's go for it. We both each picked an iced coffee, And we shared the pancake with ice-cream with maple syrup. It was delicious but fwiw, it didn't taste like traditional pancakes at all. But it was good. We shared it because are both on this whole...get fit 2017 thing. Would I ever go back to Komeda Coffee? Absolutely and I wonder what took us so long to finally go there. I resisted going there because I thought it would be a Starbucks knock off. But it's not Starbucks-y at all. And Noboru was resisting going there too, even though he also wanted to go. So he too had something holding him back too. My first experiences with Japan were in Osaka because Noboru is from Osaka. And the thing I loved about Osaka was they had all sorts of breakfast shops that sold breakfast sets/combos. It came with a quality breakfast coffee of your choice and an egg (boiled or another way) toast and a salad. They also sold waffles. They were always high on quality and cheap on price around 500 yen. So, we would go to many breakfast set places in Osaka every time we were in Osaka visiting. When we actually moved to Japan. We moved to Chiba prefecture and our area just has no breakfast set places at all. I'm not sure why. Is it a uniquely Osaka wonderful thing? I'm not sure. So yeah. Komeda Coffee reminds me of the Osaka style breakfast set places.

In the morning, if you order a coffee at Komeda Coffee, you get a free/complimentary toast and hard boiled egg or tablespoon or so of amount of egg salad to enjoy with your toast. And for lunch they have sets too. The menu seems really great. The iced coffee which we both ordered...anyway the elderly waiter informed us that they offered 2 types of iced coffee, one is slightly sweetened and the other has no sugar added. I picked the slightly sweetened iced coffee. And Noboru picked the no sugar added iced coffee.

I have never tasted ice cream with maple syrup drizzled on top before. Now that was a first for me. It was actually pretty good. : ) Anyway...we both really loved this place and we'll definitely be back. We enjoyed going here together and talking ourselves to death for a solid hour. And people watching and talking some more. : ) 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Planting some new flowers in my hanging baskets, that hang on my front porch and some TV talk...

For years, I have been ordering bright red flowers from this online shop for my Spring and Summer floral hanging baskets that hang on my front porch. I always purchase 8 for my hanging baskets, 2 each. This year, was very different. It said you may now *not* order less than 20 at a time. @_@ Noboru likes the flowers I grow every year. And so he emailed them and asked nicely and they said, that we could order just 8. And that we have been good customers of theirs for years. But they also wrote back that this year... the flowers are not the shade of red like in years past. That now they are light red. Anyone ever hear of light red before? @_@ We said, sure light red was fine. And so we ordered them. And after a month when they were in season and strong enough to ship, they shipped them.  Umm, I don't know about ya'll but these are hot pink!!! Not even remotely red. Sigh. So...flower baskets 2017, will sadly not be bright cheerful red. But they will instead be flaming hot pink. Oh well. In the grand scheme of things in life. Is it life threatening? No, so best find a silver lining. So the bright side is...flowers of any color still look pretty. So not exactly what we had in mind. But we'll roll with it. I think for Spring 2018, we will more than likely... be ordering from another flower farmer online. And I hate to say that. But yeah...I think this year will be the final year we order from the place we usually do. Because of the whole... now you need to order 20 at a time thing. And sure they granted us permission to order 8 this year. Who knows what the rules will be for next year. Ykwim. And plus with the color change. Ehhh. But again...we'll make it work this year and will dote and love on our bright pink flowers. Granted yeah...I definitely think we better find another shop next year. No hard feelings or anything. So anyways...last Monday morning, after making sure both kids got to their school and/or train. I went and spent an hour outside on the front porch planting these flowers into their hanging baskets. I also petted one gorgeous little weenie dog...lol.. who was going for a walk with his owner/ our neighbor who lives a few houses down. : )

All nicely planted with nutrient rich soil and nicely watered. I also plucked off all the flowers. So that they can grow more flowers and get thicker and bushier. So anyways...these 4 little fellas are now on my porch. 

One of the most popular shows this season in America has been without a doubt. Mama June: From Not to Hot. It featured Honey Boo Boo's mom (June Shannon) on her weight loss journey. And her ex-husband has a new fiance who is pictured in this picture wearing the turquoise shirt. Her name is Jennifer. And she is so mean. The one who should be angry or mean should be June (Honey Boo Boo's mom pictured left) since it was her husband's constant cheating and act of being unfaithful throughout their marriage. And the last person he cheated on June with... was Jennifer. @_@ So you'd think June has a reason to be mad. Yet June's not angry or hateful at all. She just wants to be left alone. And she wants Sugar Bear to see their daughter Alana (Honey Boo Boo) And she wants no conflict with Jennifer. Jennifer on the other hand. Can not say 1 nice thing to June or about June. She called June trash. She said..."well shit floats, so June will be floating"...Dumbest sentence I have heard recently!!! She also called June garbage. Oh and Jennifer, the lady in turquoise called June who is far left, a fat whale! Umm? Can you please look at that pic people!!! The woman in the turquoise shirt is calling the thin woman far left, a big fat whale? Umm? Does she have a problem with her eyes? Has she *not* looked in the mirror to see what SHE looks like?  Honey child...if you are throwing shade about the size or look of another woman... please for the love of gawd... have a good hard look in the mirror first PLEASE. @_@ Jennifer also said she will be the mother to Alana, that June can't be? @_@  I mean she is truly so mouthy. So verbally combative. And June just sits there and takes it, because she wants no fight. She said if I say something it would affect my daughter Alana. So the whole season, it was us audience seeing reality TV. Of June Shannon trying to lose over 200 pounds plus. And she did it. It was not easy for her at all. Sometimes the things that horrible Jennifer would say... would cause June to go in her house and whip out her ice-cream out of her freezer and eat some. She hired a trainer. She paid for her own surgeries. She stopped eating junk. She exercised like a fiend and she lost the weight. Jennifer still said June looked like crap. @_@ Which I thought was such a hateful thing to say to another woman, who truly worked so hard. So the season ended and this woman in yellow (well judge) interviewed them. The interview went horribly bad.

Sugar Bear just went nuts! He started screaming and hollering and carrying on. He stomped off the stage and punched a wall. As he was screaming bad words about June. June's more passive, but her 17 year old daughter is not and she was off stage and she started jumping in for her mama and screaming back. Which is what you see in this pic! And so Sugar Bear then directed his anger out on the 17 year old child, which was totally uncalled for.  He verbally attacked June's 17 year old other daughter. And you can see the mean rude things he said to her on this pic. And well...this was the craziest episode. And I do feel so sorry for Mama June. She seems like one heck of a nice lady. And I wish Sugar Bear and his new wife would respect her a lot more. I truly don't know why Jennifer hates June so much. I mean... Jennifer got the guy. So why the hate? : (

What else have I been watching? I'm still watching American Housewife. Fresh Off the Boat and a new show called Imaginary Mary. Ghost Brothers, I watch every week too. And I'm still watching every single week Little Women L.A.... Little Women Atlanta (my fave) and Little Women Dallas. I am also quite fond of the Investigation Discovery channel which is a forensics and murder mystery type channel.  So basically what have I been doing? I have been deeply spring cleaning my house. Getting used to my new routine of having a newly minted high schooler in the house. : ) And planting flowers in my hanging baskets. Watching good TV every evening. And ohhhh I also ordered 10 Serrano chili plants from a chili farmer in Japan about a month ago. It will be my first time ever growing that variety of chili. : )

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Are we moving back to the United States?

A small handful of my family know. And 2 of my in real life friends ( my most closest friends) here in Japan already know. And they have known since Fall 2016. But Noboru, Bran, Noah and I have known since the end of Summer 2016. Keeping things completely quiet has been honestly really hard. But, I think now is a good time to let ya'll know. That there is a 90% chance that we are most definitely moving back to America. Could be even a 95% chance. But, I always prefer lean towards a low-ball conservative number, so I'll stay comfortably at 90%... that yes we will indeed be returning back to the United States permanently. Umm. There is a lot that I cannot tell you. And it's not because I am being secret squirrel about things. But it's just that I can't say. And for that I am sorry. For the past year or two we have been hearing things through the grapevine at my husbands work. And we blew it off, as just talk. And since last summer. Summer 2016. It was no longer just talk. And so as husband and wife we had a serious life changing talk. "Wow...it seems that moving back to America seems like it's going to be happening. How do you feel about it?" And so we both talked. And we both feel pretty good about it. I also want to point out. It's not Noboru saying or pressuring that...he wants to move. And it's also not me saying or pressuring either. It's job related and that's why and that is all, I can say on that.  It's just...for Noboru...a smarter wiser safer choice because of his job. Since he works for an American company and headquarters and many hubs are there. When will we be moving? In about 3 years. Noboru and I were married and living in the United States when Branden was born. Noboru had a green card. We did things all legally obviously. However when we moved to Japan. And for what it's worth, we never moved to Japan as in forever and ever and we'd die here type length anyways. We always knew because of my husbands job that we could get pulled back to America at *any* time. And we always knew that. Noboru kept his green card. However when you enter the U.S. They do not like it... if you are a green card holder and are living abroad for an extended amount of time. And that's what was happening to Noboru. We have lived in Japan for 14 years now. But by year 9, Noboru was  getting a strong/stern talking to... every time we entered the United States. The immigration guy would tell Noboru..."if you are living in Japan, you should give up your green card" "Because it seems like you don't need it, if you're living in Japan" So every freaking time...whether we'd enter Hawaii on vacation Or on our way to Denver. He'd get... told off basically about his having a green card that he wasn't using. And finally Noboru said...I am driving down to the Tokyo Embassy and giving my green card back! And so he did. And so he has been entering America as a visitor these past 5 years and he's been so happy. However...he's also been green card-less. Lucky that I am obviously an American citizen. And we have been married for ages. And have 2 kids. So, at the beginning of April 2017, we filled out the paperwork for Noboru to get a green card again. So that he will be allowed to live in America again legally and as long as he wants and also be allowed to work. We sent the paperwork off to Detroit. And we awaited an email. And this picture is a blurb from the email they sent me. So yes, the ball for us is already rolling and things are moving forward for this. Basically it says the application is being processed and they appointed our case to the immigration office in Nebraska. I am assuming our case was sent to Nebraska because my home state is Colorado. And those 2 states are right next to each other. They gave us an official case # and stuff. And said to await the letter coming to our home in Japan. 

It arrived last week. USCIS, stands for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. How long will it take for Noboru to be granted a green card. I'm assuming 1 solid year. Could be sooner, could be later. But, I'd say around there. We would like to stay in Japan for 3 more years though.  But yes...more than likely...yes we will be returning and relocating back to America.

Also want to say. I do totally *love* my life here in Japan. I live in a gorgeous American imported home that my husband had built especially for me to feel more comfortable living in Japan. With central heating in the cold winter time and central air in the summer time. The hottest floor heating that feels like we're walking on a pancake griddle all winter long. We have solar panels that make the cost for our central heating zero and we even make money in the Summer and Spring and Fall from our solar panels. We have a beautiful backyard overlooking rice fields for as far as the eye can see. And I have really good solid friends here in Japan, foreigners like myself and Japanese besties too. I seriously have amazing irl friends here. That live near-ish me. I have foreign friends in Narita City (Chiba) and foreign friends in Inzai (Chiba) and Ibaraki. And I love my town. I love my rural Japan life. I love the safety. I love that my son can hop on his bike and I feel that he's safe. I love Noah's elementary school. I love Branden's high school. His high school is the absolute best best best! I love my electric car. I truly have a fantastic life here. We 4 are all very happy here. But...bottom line is...we go where Noboru's job is safest and most secure. Will he still be working for the same company in the states? Of course. But in about 3 years he will be asking for an official unilateral transfer within the company. And as soon as he puts that in writing, he will have a set date that we will need to leave Japan (job-wise) and be at the new, but same job just different location.

Headquarters are in Atlanta. But some of their hubs are.... New York (sorry not happening because neither of us want to live there), Atlanta (not happening either, we just don't want to live there), Los Angeles California, Minneapolis MN, Salt Lake City, Utah, Seattle Washington and Honolulu, Hawaii. We have talked extensively about it with the kids too. And we have it narrowed down to 3 places that we would like to choose from the list.

Noboru keeps telling Noah. "You are probably not going to be going to high school here. And maybe not even finish JHS here. But *if* you go to high school in Japan, you will be going to Branden's high school."

Anyways, thanks for always reading here and getting to know us and watching my kids grow up via this blog. And most definitely...you really need to keep your eyes here, these next 3 years. Because I think these next 3 years will be exciting and full of change for us. And we will just try to enjoy the heck out of our life here in rural Japan. For however long that we're here. And hey...if we end up staying in Japan longer or permanently then that's fine too. Because like I said, we do love our life here. But...it seems that yes a change will definitely be coming. Noboru wouldn't have plunked down $550 US about 60,000 yen for the fees for the processing of his application. And that's just the beginning of the fees. But yes...if he wasn't serious about it... he wouldn't be paying the fees and going through all this process of getting a green card again. So....we'll just see how things play out. In the meantime I will still be posting about... our regular day to day type life stuff. But at least this way, we're all on the same page now. If you know what I mean. : )

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Since it's April, I pulled these pics from my April 2008 folder. I love that I documented even the most mundane day to day type tasks. Such as mopping my floor once a week. Granted I didn't take pics, every single week while cleaning of course. But yes...sometimes I did. And I'm glad, I did that. That way I can look back and see...yep regular life going on here. Doing the boring stuff... that every other household has to do too. 

Noah was just 3 years old and in his first year of yochien (kindergarten) and Branden was in the first grade and at elementary school in our little town here in rural Japan. And heck...if I could quickly scrub the house down a little each day. And also manage to get dinner prepped and ready before everyone got home. Then, I was a happy mommy. : ) I now see a bright colored cup and so, I know my toddler Noah was home. I bet he was taking himself a little nap on the couch. And this gave me time to get a start on dinner. I see a head of lettuce... 

Yes 3 trash cans. Ones for burnables (regular trash) and one is for glass and cans. And the other is for plastic bottles (like soda bottles for example) I also like that while I cut up my lettuce, I can watch my kids in our backyard. We have a fenced in backyard and we used to have a huge jungle gym/playground for our 2 kids, you can see it in this pic. But we got rid of it last year and gave it to another family with younger kids. Since our kids got older and stopped using it. But yep...when they were younger, I loved my big patio window so I could watch the kids while I cooked. Of course, Noah was sleeping while I chopped this lettuce on this particular day. But other days. I would definitely keep an eye on them while I cooked. : )

Aha, I see a salad starting to take shape.

Karaage (Japanese style chicken nuggets) marinating in a Ziploc. 

Plating up and getting a family of 4, all served up and ready for dinner.

Ice-cream for the kids for dessert because...well...the first grade and kindergarten can be tough. : ) Hahaha. A little serving of ice-cream always helps. : )  Anyway...that's 1 day frozen in time and I'm so glad I took pics from that day and I am happy I can share them with you all today. 

Here is another random evening captured again from 2008. The Hard Rock Cafe used to be at the Narita Mall. But it's been gone from there... for ages. However...when it used to be there, we loved it. And would go there to enjoy a dinner every 2-3 months or so. : ) I ordered a chicken sandwich this day. Pictured here. With a side of fries. 

Noboru ordered a burger. And both the kids had a chicken strips and fries kids combo for each of them. 

After dinner, we took the kids for some ice-cream at Baskin and Robbins. Which is also at the Narita mall.

Hi Noah! Love your Converse by the way! : )
Hi gorgeous, love your Adidas too btw! Anyway...we were about to leave from swimming school when I took this picture. : )

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Eggstravaganza 2017...

I hope everyone had an eggciting and eggcellent Easter 2017!!! We sure did! As usual, it was just a small little low key thing here at our home for our family. And it was perfect for us! Both Branden and Noah received an Easter basket with a bunch of American yummy goodness inside.: ) 

Just because we live in Japan, doesn't mean I don't make the holidays special. I always give it my all. So my kids will enjoy it. : )

We had music playing in the kitchen. And the kids were coloring Easter eggs. 
I love that my 15 year old is smiley and happy and loves spending time with us. I always heard....that teenagers get so moody and want to just hole up in their rooms. But lucky for us...that's not the case.

Branden, I see your eggs in their little cups.
I think Easter eggs are so pretty. So bright and colorful. Do you know what became of all these eggs? I made a huge amount of egg salad and there's only about 20% left in the fridge still. Everyone loves it around our house, so it never lasts long. : )
What a gorgeous egg you colored Noah! Totally vibrant, I love it! : )

The week before Easter, I bought this pack of Easter cakes. The kids enjoyed them. Japan seems to be really catching on to Easter, which of course makes me really happy! : )

The kids didn't want to draw any pictures on our eggs this year and you know what....that's totally fine. I always want them to color the eggs how *they* want. And hey..if they feel like decorating them further fantastic. And if they just want to color them and do no more...that is totally fine too. : ) Oh and...the weather was fantastic for Easter Sunday. But...the kids didn't want to hide the eggs in our backyard this year.. they wanted to hide them in the house. Now that they're getting older. Though they're only age 11 and 15. I hid them age appropriately...let's put it that way. When they were toddlers, I hid them in easy spots. But this year...I hid them in such HARD spots. My kids could not find 3 of our Easter eggs. And I mean they looked long and hard, but they could not find them. 

In America, when I was growing up, we would either have an Easter ham. A big beautiful honey baked spiral one. Or we'd have a turkey and all the sides. That's if we were having our Easter celebration at home. Now...if we met up with our extended family...we would all meet up at a park and everyone would bring something. Like a 6 foot sub sandwich. And we'd bring 2 buckets of chicken. And someone else would bring a huge amount of potato salad and macaroni salad. Someone would bring pies and chips etc. And drinks. However with living in Japan. It just depends how we feel each year. Once or twice, I made homemade fried chicken and we had mashed potatoes and gravy and salad and those delicious Costco dinner rolls. And 2 other times we had a Costco rotisserie chicken. I think I also roasted a turkey one year. Twice we BBQ-ed in our backyard. It just depends really. This year...we decided on Good Friday....hey why don't we just order some pizza and keep things super chill and low key for Easter Sunday. That way...before the busy weekday starts, we can all sort of just relax on Sunday and I don't have to make a huge ol' elaborate meal. We all agreed and so Sunday...Noboru ordered some Dominoes online and since our nearest pizza places are in Narita City, since we live in a very rural town. He drove the 30 minutes and picked up our pizza. We ordered 2 large pan pizzas. 1 was a pepperoni lovers (double pepperoni) for the kids and a pepperoni and mushroom for Noboru and I. And we ordered a large order of baked french fries. And he picked up some soda along the way too. All and all... how was our Easter 2017? It was awesome. It was low key and chill, just our style. And that's about it. : ) I sure do hope you all had a nice Easter this year too. : ) 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Summer clothes shopping for the boys...

Thank you, United States Postal Service! And thank you dad for forwarding things to me in Japan, you rock! Old Navy may have left Japan, but I still have access to it. 

A good bunch of things for me. Short sleeve tees. 1 pair of shorts. 2 pair of summer material capri pants. I showed ya'll pics of what they looked like on the website a while back. And they did indeed get here. 

Bran's 2 items. Soup Nazi, we love you because you make us laugh!!! Bran will be rocking this hilarious tee all summer now and a cool pair of pineapple swim trunks. 

Noah's 2 items. 2 very cute preppy short sleeve tees. 

We also hit the Gap since Japan, still has Gap in Japan. Thank goodness. One bag of stuff for Noah and one bag of stuff for Bran. The super stuffed bag is B's. : ) 

We love you Gap. And FYI, I find in America, where Gap originates from. The Gap outlet in the USA is super cheap. And the regular Gap shops in the USA are normal priced. However I find in Japan, the Gap outlet is not very cheap at all. And I honestly find the regular Gap stores in Japan cheaper than the outlets here... because the regular Gap in Japan... always has sales. Super good sales. 

All pull up shorts... meaning stretchy waist band shorts were on sale for 1900 yen a pair last weekend. And they had a *ton* of wicked styles and designs! I picked this outfit for Noah. You know his favorite colors are yellow and orange. and yes they still are his faves. So, he ran right to these boy orange colored shorts with manly sharks on them! LOL. And I found the best tee that matched the shorts. It's a bunch of surf boards. It's a *gorgeous* outfit. And will be perfect for Noah all Summer. This just looks like a Noah outfit doesn't it? Hahaha. Yes it does! : )

Again...picked up another pair of the 1900 yen shorts. And I walked around the boys department looking for the perfect shirt to match the shorts and found this...so cute!!! This super cool pineapple surf shirt will be rockin' with the shorts. 

And the back of the pineapple surf shirt says...tropicool. LOL. Instead of tropical. We loved this! Oh and the white tee with surfboards has something written on the back too. 

I always and I do mean *always* read clothes reviews at Gap.com and see what other fellow American moms or parents have to say about the clothes. I am specifically looking for issues with sizing and if the color is the same irl as what it appeared online. And this year 2017...it seems that a whole bunch of American moms have been complaining on Gap's USA website and saying...their clothes are running *so* small this year. The comments/reviews I read..I took with a grain of salt. Because sometimes kids in the USA can be really overweight now days. Kids now days... just seem way more overweight than when I was growing up. Maybe it's because kids in my days...we went out and rode our bikes. And we played hide and seek etc. We were active. Or maybe it's because in Japan kids are leaner here. So anyways...I did take the reviews with a grain of salt, like I said.  Anyways...so now we are in the Gap store in Inzai, Saturday a day before Bran and his dad took the train to his high school and a practice run. I picked all size 12/xl clothes for Noah. Because Noah is only 11. But I figured buying a size 12 would be ample enough/large enough for my skinny minnie. To my shock. Noah snuggly fit the size 12/xl . It ran hella too tiny. Oh the shock...the surprise. My face in the dressing room with Noah was like...what????? @_@ I now flashbacked to all the many many reviews of the moms. And I know for a fact. For FACT that Noah is not 1 pinch chubby. He's as skinny as a toothpick, ya'll know that too. That we know for darn sure. So...I'm like in awe going. Wow. All those moms were 100% right. I'm so sorry for having doubted you guys. It fit like a size 10. That's how small they ran. And...if you are EVER going to use a dryer...hahahaha forget it. So, I called Noboru inside the dressing room and he said...those are absurdly too small. @_@ I said, I know right? I think so too. So, everything I had picked out. I put back and I went and now got everything in an XXL. And it fit perfectly, with enough room to grow. He will be able to wear these all Summer long. The size xl would not have lasted the end of June... that's how small those clothes were. @_@ Wow. Super shocked and surprised. So if you are planning to buy online at Gap this year...maybe try on in the store first. But I do agree with all the reviews...the clothes this year in particular...yes they certainly do run freakishly too small. And this is coming from a mom with a very thin 11 year old. And he's not big or tall and he has no beefy muscles at all either, lol. He's truly just regular normal sized. So if they were too small on my skinny kid....just consider maybe buying in person. Gap clothes 2017 for boys are running very very small, this year.

Size xxl 14-16. Yep, still can't believe it and ya'll know what a lean toothpick Noah is too. But...I really don't care about the number. But I do care... if it fits my child and if it will lasts an entire season or not. 

They had a whole table of tees for 1000 yen about US$9. And so we picked Noah these 2 in size xxl. This was a fantastic deal. I like getting cute clothes on the cheap! Noah so far has 6 new short sleeve tees for this coming warmer weather so far. We're not done yet, but we're getting there. : ) 

So we were now done shopping for Noah and we now left the Gap kids and went next door to the regular Gap, adult Gap. For Branden. Noboru and Noah were now chit chatting in the store. And Bran and I now walked the store looking for clothes. I gave Bran a Gap shopping bag and said...you're a teenager, you know what YOU like and you pick what you like. and so he and I walked around the men's department together. And Bran looked for shorts but they didn't have any good ones. But he did find 4 short sleeve tees that he liked. Branden is a men's size L. But since we were still reeling from the whole... Noah's clothes were all cut ridiculously too small, just 5 minutes beforehand at kids Gap. We picked 2 sizes in the shirts Bran liked, we picked all Larges and XL's. And the men's stuff was not cut too small this year. The XL men's was outrageously too big for Bran. And so Bran is just a L men's. And so he got these 4 tops. Plus his soup Nazi tee too that he got in the mail. So...so far Bran has 5 tees for summer 2017. So it's a huge step forward. Bran now has a bunch of undies. He has a good amount of short sleeve tees now too. Plus he has that cool pair of Vans. Now all we need to do is... look for shorts for B. We will probably hit up Uniqlo or GU soon for his shorts. : ) We're getting there. We're not done summer clothes wise for B, but we're getting there. : )

I have a jean jacket, both my kids also have jean jackets too. We have medium rinse jean jackets. However I have been noticing the *very* faded ones are the cool ones to have now. And I mentioned that to Bran about 2 weeks ago. And he said...he had noticed that too. Noah chimed in and said...I noticed too. Hahaha. Bless his heart, he tries so hard. : ) So...we were specifically looking for a light colored jean jacket that day. They had a bunch of jean jackets for 9000 yen about $85 US. Which is pretty expensive. But we were still planning to get it. But we were still making a lap around the men's department and we walked the sales at the back of the store and they had a whole bunch of stuff. And they had about 5 size small size men's jean jackets 2 mediums and only 1 men's large jean jacket. For only 2999 yen. We went and compared the difference between the 9000 yen jacket and the sale jean jacket. As a mom yes... I am going to do that and see what's the difference. I told Bran...we don't want a half length jacket or anything, so we need to compare. And so we held them both up side by side and they were identical. Same length and everything. So we snatched that size large right up and we 4 went to the back dressing area. Bran went into the dressing room by himself obvs. And we 3 waited near by. The jacket fit perfect with room to grow. 

Like I always say...I love getting cute things for super cheap! 

Such a cute jean jacket for Bran. : )
Branden got new underwear already... so Noah got some too. I picked up 4 packs for Noah, there's only 2 pair each pack. Converse brand. Adidas. T&C Surf, And the French brand le coq sportif. Size 150cm. And now Noah is all set.

Anyway, we're not done with the summer/warmer weather shopping for the boys yet. But we're getting there. : )