Monday, March 14, 2011

Leaving Japan for a while

Branden, and Noah and myself are leaving Japan tonight. This decision was not made lightly. : ( We are leaving this evening and flying to Guam. One carry-on for Noah that he will pull himself, he's such a little trooper! And 1 carry-on that Branden will carry that has all his clothes. So basically everyone is taking the smallest amount but yet enough for 5 days worth and everyone is carrying their own. I am also bringing a carry-on that will have 5 outfits for me and 1 night gown and 1 swimsuit.

Also, with the radiation concerns who knows how long we will be in Guam for. Could be 2 weeks but in all honesty it could be 3 long months too or sadly even longer. And we are aware of that. So, though it hurts me deeply to leave our home and most of all leave my husband. Who I love more then you know. It's best. I am bringing the boys birth certificates, immunization records, so that they will be able to enroll in American school there. The 3rd grade for Branden and Noah can get enrolled in an American kindergarten. We don't want the kids to not be in school.

A week and a half ago, I commented on a friends blog about how the end of the school year for us has been indeed busy. And how our plans for the Spring break were...doing nothing and just resting at home. Funny how much can change in a short week and a half. Nothing in my wildest dreams or worse nightmares would have ever thought this.

The city Noah goes to school in, is badly damaged. I did take pics and will put them online when I get the time. And yet our town is still damage free. Knock on wood.

My husband is worried so much about myself and the kids. That us leaving will allow him to breath easier knowing we are indeed safe.

As for Noboru, he will either be heading to Osaka to his parents house and then flying to be with us in Guam or he'd fly to Guam when he can. If the nuclear problem fizzles out. Then he will come to visit us in Guam once a week if he can.

Us separating for the time being is going to be really hard. But it's for the best. Our safety is #1 right now.

I am not sure when I can update next. My dad does have a lap top that he comments to me from, so I'll be using that to blog from. But with trying to get the boys into school , getting them school supplies and just trying to get over all this shock. It may take me a while to blog soon. But I just wanted to update this real quick. We are indeed leaving this evening. : (