Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heading to San Francisco today and then on to Los Angeles.

Good morning everyone, I didn't feel right just leaving on vacation without saying good-bye first. : ) So, we are leaving to California. We will be flying into San Francisco. The flight is 10 hours or so long. Umm, I haven't been to the US mainland in 2 years, so this is sort of exciting for us. : ) We will leave today (Thursday) and arrive US time very early Thursday morning (yep we will have 2 Thursdays : ). Get our rental car. Check into our hotel in the San Francisco area drop off any luggage and we'll freshen up. Then we'll sight see a bit in San Francisco. Because we will be no doubt jet lagged and our days and nights will be a bit mixed up, we are assuming we'll start getting really tired around 6pm. So we're sorta planning that. Going to sleep early and we'll probably wake up ridiculously early thanks to the jet lag and wake around 3 or 4 am. We plan to leave San Francisco Friday morning around 5-6am and drive the 6 hours or so to Los Angeles. We have a hotel booked there already too. We have a lot planned on that end (Knotts Berry Farm included and a trip the the museum etc). And then a day before we leave we will again drive all the way back to San Francisco stay one last night in San Francisco before flying out. We will be gone 1 whole week. Anyway so now you'll know why my blog is quiet this coming week or if I'm not around the blogosphere you'll at least know why. We're gone for the week. : ) Anyhow...what's with the picture up above? I'll be taking a small bag, that bag of mikans with us for the long flight. I know if we don't eat them, we will throw them in the plane since you can't bring any fruit in. But more then likely the family will have these eaten in the plane. : ) I know my family they'll eat them. Which is good. Fruits good. : ) I am also making 2 trays/disposable obento full of karaage and 1 plastic disposable obento of rice balls/onigiri. For the kids when they get hungry on the flight.
And what's in here? It's the carry-on snacks.
3 curry mini senbei.
And 2 salad/salt senbei plus the 3 curry ones.
2 mini packs of strawberry chocolate chip cookies and 1 regular chocolate chip cookies.
They're all the petite series so they're small. But they'll come in handy if the kids want a snack during that long flight.
Mini donuts and those chocolates are sorta like plain M&M's. And gum and hi chews (sp) (which are a real rare treat to have for my kids). I just think it's hard on their teeth and don't want them to get cavities. But for the flight I sorta let them. They're very quiet on the plane. : )
Okay so that's all folks. Plus the karaage obentos and rice balls. I am also going to buy 4 cheeseburgers at Mc D's right before we head to the gate. So they can have those too if they want. No fries they'd get cold and greasy and yuck by that time. But the burgers they can enjoy.
Packed all up. And ready to go. Branden and Noah's mini dvd player is all charged up, they have plenty of dvd's they picked out last night. Their ds's are charged and games packed in their backpacks. My ipod broke last week. Can you believe it?! Right before a trip. My goodness! What are the odds! ; ) But I can use Branden's. I downloaded, Keri Hilson's Pretty Girl Rock and Check it Out the clean version with Will I.AM and Nick Minaj last night. Hmm, I wonder what the 2 movies in the airplane will be. I'll probably watch those knowing me.
And an extra bag for the trash. And I even have hand wipes. Phew. We're ready. The kids are packed, I'm packed. Noboru's packed.
I took this pic while I was packing for Noah. Getting his jeans and pj's and undies and sweatpants for the long drive all rounded up.
This pic has zero to do with leaving to San Francisco today. But...we went to Makuhari yesterday because a friend of Noboru's is lending him his navigation handheld device that works in the US and Japan. And Noboru wnats to use it for the drive to LA. So, we were in Makuhari anyway and Noboru then suggested why not we have pizza from Costco last night. For dinner because we were all sorta busy doing last minute stuff for the trip. So that saved me cooking. So while we were trying to make our way from the top floor we were on the escalator and saw the raincoats. Even from the escalator, Noboru mentioned this raincoat. He said...those colors reminded him of Noah. I said..what? : ) He said he wears lots of orange and yellow. Which is ture, he is right. That this would be good for him. I said he has a Gap one. But he bought this for Noah because he said it's got a longer length and will be better protection from the rain. @_@ Noboru isn't really into shopping at all. I mean at all at all. So, if he was pushing for Noah to get a raincoat. I said...why not. So, he bought this raincoat for Noah. Before we went to the bottom floor and checked out and got our pizza. : )
A size 6. I tried it on Noah and it's big but good big... he'll grow into it. He's skinny and 5, so yeah he'll grow into it. : ) Anyway...sorry if I didn't put this here. It would be all out of order if I put the pic up after the trip. It would be weird and out of order. So...doesn't have a hill of beans to do with San Francisco. But...anyway...sorry. : )
The pizza we ate last night. We whacked it in the oven and reheated it. Anyway you guys I have to go...I have to start up the oil and get the karaage frying up. Our flight leaves around 3:30pm. So it's not a morning flight. The granny next door is house sitting. And the boy next door and his mom are watching for us too. They're good house watchers. : ) We're in good hands there. Anyway I have to motor. See you all in a week. : )
PS...sorry I have not had enough time to reply to the last post comments yet. Forgive me. Now it makes sense why though right. I have been busy trying to get ready to leave. : ) I will reply after I get back though. I promise. : ) Alrighty you guys....see you all in a week. : )