Thursday, September 20, 2018

Four movies we've seen recently. Slender Man. Crazy Rich Asians. Searching. And The Nun...

Besides all the "back to school clothes shopping" And school supplies shopping we did. We also did a lot of other fun things after we got back from Japan too. Like going to 4 different movies. I personally absolutely have *always* loved going to the movies, since I was a little girl. And my kids love going to the movies too. The first movie we saw as soon as we got back from Japan was Slender Man. Branden *really* wanted to go see this movie. And so, we went to check it out. 

How was Slender Man? An absolutely horrible grade B movie. Would, I buy the DVD? Absolutely not! Would, I watch it in the airplane, if I were on my way back to Japan? Nope, I'd pick something else to watch. It wasn't scary at all. Like on a scale from 1-10. It was a zero on the scare factor. The story itself? Dumb. However the bright side is, it was a great way for us to spend an afternoon as a family. And another positive least Bran got to see it. Noah and I thought it was absolutely terrible though. And Bran agreed too. 

We went to see Crazy Rich Asians on opening day! I had been waiting all summer for this movie to finally be released!!! I had preordered the tickets the week before. We were ready! 

We had our freshly popped popcorn, large sodas that are free refills. And movie snacks. What did we think of Crazy Rich Asians??? This movie was amazing! This movie is legit hands down, my favorite movie of summer 2018!!! I had been hearing that there hasn't been a movie, with an all Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club, 25 years ago!!! Which I *love* The Joy Luck Club too, by the way and own the DVD. Would, I buy the DVD for Crazy Rich Asians? Of course and I will!!! The story line of Crazy Rich Asians. Is of course all over the internet anyways, unless you're living under a rock. But basically, an Asian American college professor has been in a long term relationship with an Asian guy from Singapore. He has absolutely never talked about his family. She's never met them. She even mentions to her own friends. "Maybe he's from a very poor family and he's embarrassed so that's why he's never mentioned them." It's actually the opposite. Anyways, he ends up needing to go back to Singapore for a wedding that he has to attend and he decides to bring his girlfriend. Turns out he's beyond super mega rich. But of course she fell in love with him.. for him and truly had zero idea he even had 2 nickels to rub together. As she told him, "you use my login information to use my Netflix account!!!" Meaning she thought he couldn't afford his own account. However, once they land in Singapore. His mom hates her, the girlfriend. Says mean little digs to her every chance she can get. Little verbal jabs here and there. Other girls who wish to date him too. Treat her horribly, like go and jack up her hotel room etc. She's basically treated like complete crap!!! This movie made me have all sorts of feels. It made me angry when she was being bullied. It made me laugh so many times during the funny parts. It also made me cry once. At this one scene where his mom tells her on the stairs..."You will *never* be good enough for him!!!" And you can see on her face...watery eyes and she's just so defeated. So freaking defeated. Also that pivotal mahjong scene was killer!!! Amazing! I won't tell you how it ends or anything. But OMG! Best movie ever! A real must see!!! Both my kids absolutely loved Crazy Rich Asians too!!! I am also so happy that in America, Crazy Rich Asians did *so* well at the box office. It crushed all other movies that opened at the same time too. It doesn't matter if you're Asian, married to an Asian or not. I think if you're just a human period! Point blank... with a big sentimental heart. This movie will be for you!!! You will love this movie. This is a story that everyone and anyone can relate to. You will be rooting for "Rachel!!!"  Who was played by Constance Wu. And for what it's worth, Michelle Yeoh who played the mother of her boyfriend, was phenomenal. You will *not* hate her character that she plays, granted you will be frustrated with her behavior yes, but you will also understand where they're both coming from too, both their point of views. They really are amazing actresses the both of them. Oh, I'm sorry, but 1 more thing, I loved the way this movie first started. It was shown in the old days. When the "boyfriend" Was a little boy and it was night time. And he and his mom (Michelle Yeoh) walked into a fancy ritzy hotel in London England. And she was treated horribly. It was racism point blank, because they were Asian. She said, politely "we have a reservation and my name is" And they wouldn't even look or check. Just said, sorry you don't have a reservation here. They told her to go and try a hotel in China Town!!! How rude right? She left the hotel in the pouring rain and called her husband back in Singapore from a phone booth, since this was the... before cellphone era. In a nutshell, her husband was so mad at their racial discrimination, he bought the hotel, right then and there!!! She went back inside the hotel. The owner an old Englishman came down the elevator who was just woken by her husband. Told the manager and staff who just treated her so badly... this is the new owner of the hotel!!! That's how the movie started! It was such a...right on!!! Type of moment! Definitely go see this movie if you haven't already. You will feel for both of the 2 main ladies, I did. There's also another character named Astrid and you will feel for her too. She's married and mega rich but her husband isn't. She loves him but she's embarassed that she's the richer in the marriage, so she hides the things she buys and pays for herself around the house. He's cheating on Astrid. She's so nice. Anyways, enough of me, gushing about this movie. It's a fantastic movie though!!!   

Searching. A cliffhanger. Mystery type movie. Again the main cast are Asian in this one. The actor who played Harold, in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. John Cho. He's a dad and his daughter goes missing. Debra Messing is also in this too. This movie is good. Would I buy the DVD? Nope. Am, I glad I saw it? Yes! The ending? Completely unexpected. And I can always figure movies like this out. Way before the end. But this one really will throw you for a loop. I figured it out about 15 minutes before it ended. But before that? Not a clue. 
The last movie we saw was The Nun. Again we saw this on opening day. And again, I prebought the tickets the week beforehand. Commercials in the U.S. have been running all August for this one. It came out the beginning of September, but by then everyone who's into scary movies went to see it. My kids love scary movies. They have always understood it's a movie, it's for entertainment, it's fake. Duh, so... With drinks and popcorn in hand and snacks in our pockets. We went and enjoyed The Nun. How was The Nun? It was so scary! Like a 10 out of 10 on the scare factor. I usually cover my eyes during the scary parts. But, I didn't for this movie. And I mean, I was scared too many times to count. From beginning to end. Would, I buy the DVD? Yes, I would! Would, I watch this on an airplane back to Japan? Yes, I would. Not a waste of time. Very entertaining. 

A week from now, Noboru will already be here. And he'll be here for a few weeks. I wonder what movies we will go and see while he's here. : )