Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Hi, sorry for being so quiet on here. I haven't been using the computer too much. As usual, I have about a million things to share and tell you. But, I won't find the time today. I snapped this pic on May 26th, when Branden and Noah and I went to go and see Solo. We had tickets bought in advance. And the reviews weren't too good. But, we really liked it. Solo was great!

In about 10 hours from now, Bran, Noah and myself will already be on our way to Japan for about 6 weeks. Until the end of July. I miss my husband more than I can even say. So, it's a fantastic thing that we're going home for a good 6 weeks. Noboru misses the kids terribly, he calls them via LINE every other day, and he and I talk daily too.

The kids started summer break here in the U.S.A. yesterday. They have absolutely zero summer homework. They did so well in school, both of them. They have made a ton and I do mean a ton of friends here too.

We're all packed and ready to go. My computer is in the US. So, I won't be blogging until I get back to America. Have a good rest of June all of you. Have an awesome July too. I know my blog will be quiet...but just's quiet because I'm enjoying some much needed family time in the Japanese countryside. : )