Thursday, May 24, 2018

Just a fast little catch up...

Last Saturday, Branden, Noah and I went to go and see Deadpool 2. How was it? It was amazing!!! We have tickets to go and see Solo, this Saturday. We can't wait! We have had tickets for Solo for a few weeks now, just like we had for Deadpool too. So needless to say we can't wait for the movie.

Watched a repeat of the Royal Wedding. Americans absolutely love Megan Markle. I know, I sure do. There was a Lifetime movie about how her and Prince harry got together. Blind date and the whole bit and I must say, that Lifetime movie that ran 1 week before the wedding was amazing and I could barely wait for them to tie the knot! I think Megan is extremely down to earth. Intelligent and funny! She's flat out gorgeous. And yes she does have that "Markle Sparkle" as we say here in America. : ) I think she makes Prince Harry incredibly happy. And I think he makes her... incredibly happy too. Like soul mates. I wish them a lifetime of happiness. I loved her makeup on the wedding day, I felt her dress was perfect. Simple, chic and elegant. The neckline which was of course a graceful boatneck was extremely feminine on her. She just absolutely shined the day of her wedding. They truly look so in love.

Anything new to add? Today's Thursday right now and it's Bran and Noah's last day of school until next Tuesday. 4 day weekend here in the U.S. Memorial Day weekend. So no school tomorrow/Friday and no school on Monday.