Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Getting a little more settled now...

Can you believe that we've been living in the U.S. for over a month now? We left Japan April 9th, arrived in the U.S. On April 9th too. And right now the date is May, 16th! Not sure why this picture came out so dark. All my digital cameras are back home in Japan and my only camera I have here is my phone camera. 
Watching TV one evening...

Pic of the kitchen area from the couch. Things are coming together little by little.

Bought a coffee maker. A Keurig. It's awesome and the flavors of coffee we're using right now is we have coconut coffee pods...and we also have Cinnabon coffee pods too. Also, lol, bought an extremely basic rice cooker. I have a nice fancy shmancy one in Japan. It plays music, you can preset it...the whole shebang. But, it will remain in Japan until Noboru comes. I don't want him to not have a rice cooker. So this basic bare bones one, will do until then. 
Getting everything set up little by little. 
You know, in Japan, we had this amazing house that we had built especially for us. With a huge back yard. And everything. Now, we have 2 places to call home until Noboru moves. We have our home in Japan that we had built especially for us. And we also have this 1 year old townhouse in the US we're renting too. It's got an upstairs and a downstairs. This is what the front of our specific townhouse looks like it's right near my front door.It has a nice rock wall for privacy towards the left in this pic, green grass not much but enough. It's nicely landscaped and I always see horses in the distance every morning when Noah and I leave the house and I drive him to school. Straight forward in the distance is where some horses live. 

The window nearest my right is my living room window and the middle window is the kitchen window in this pic.

An almost door shot. : ) There are 4 units per building and 5 buildings. So 20 families live here in these townhouses. Not a lot. And it's quiet.
The kids went from going to the 1000 yen Japanese barber in Japan, to now they go to Great Clips. LOL. Usually the haircut are $15 US at Great Clips. But last week haircuts were $6.99 and that was awesome. 

Old Navy has been having some amazing sales lately. I'm slowly getting used to not everyone being Japanese. I'm slowly getting used to not hearing Japanese everywhere I go. I am no longer surprised to hear English (my native language) anymore. It's really weird. You know...obviously I am American. But living in Japan for 15/16 years, it does change you. And I'm trying hard as hell to change back, as fast as I can. And I am changing back. I'm getting more and more comfortable each time I go to Old Navy and other stores. 

At the mall, Noah picked a pair of Converse low tops for school. 

We also went to DSW. I always loved shopping there when I was in high school and in college in Denver. And this store is as amazing as I remembered.

Bran, got a new pair of sneakers. Because he has gym class and Vans are not really suited for running in gym class. So these were necessary. 

Can't believe my first born son wears a size 11.5 US. That's 29.5 for those of you in Japan. He's only 16 years old, so he's still growing but...holy cow!!!

I figured with Mother's Day coming up the week after the day we were at DSW. What the heck. Plus I needed a new pair of sandals. I really liked the toe design/area. I also loved the $39 price tag. 

Such cute sandals. And I also wanted another pair by the same brand. But ones that looked more like Birkies. But they didn't have my size, I did mention it to the lady and she said, if I let her order them for me online in the store....and since this was my first time shopping in DSW in forever....then I could get a $10 off coupon for that.... so the pair that look like birkies, I got for only $29. They haven't got to my house yet but they should be arriving today, I have been tracking their shipping. So 2 new pair of super cute summer shoes. 

Also, this is so weird if you know me in real life. But, I usually wear a cardigan. Black, navy blue, gray. Something basic. But you know what I mean, if I go to the movies and my arms get cold. Because usually movie theaters are nice and cool and wonderful, but yeah sometimes a little cardi helps. In Japan I had 2 basic gray ones, 1 was from Gap and 1 was from Old Navy.  As for the black cardis....I had about gee whiz honestly? About 6 black cardis in Japan. I had a longer one, a boyfriend one from Gap. A normal length one from Gap. 2 from Old Navy and 2 Japanese brand ones which I loved!!! When we moved to the US. I was so 100% completely focusing on the kids first and foremost. Did I pack both of their randoseru? Yes I did. Did, I pack up all their trophies and medals? From swimming and cross country? Yes, I did. Year books. All their most important things. And while I did pack for myself too. And I knew we were coming back to Japan to bring more stuff to the US too. But somehow in all the packing. I managed to not bring 1 single flipping cardigan. @_@ Like seriously. Noboru at first told me, "I"ll mail them to you in the US." And after he got back to Japan, he said, "just wait until you get back to Japan." The only problem I can't. I literally use one everyday. So while in Old Navy, And Branden looking for a pair of athletic shorts? I went to the ladies section at Old Navy and found a black cardi and a navy blue cardi for 30% off. And I was know what. Get them. Because I desperately need myself a cardigan. I also found this navy t-shirt.  

With palm trees and pineapples all over it. So cute. So yeah, not a bad little haul for Mother's Day. 2 pair of summer sandals and 2 cardis and 1 t-shirt.  

These are the athletic shorts Branden picked. I'm not so crazy about this athletic style of dressing these days for teens. Branden likes this style. And I'm not so crazy about this style, like I said, but I also want him to decide for himself how he wants to dress too, even if it personally drives me crazy. : )

Noah's not been wearing kids size shoes for a while now. But he's currently a men's size 6 and a women's size 8. That's a size 24.5cm for those of you in Japan.
I like that at most grocery stores around where we live, they offer fresh fruit for kids for free, while they shop with their parents. So a kid can have a fresh banana or a fresh Little Halo or something.