Friday, April 27, 2018


I've missed you all. I have absolutely so much to say. So much has happened. Has it been 3 weeks? It feels like a 100 years, since I got on here and caught up with you all. Before, I get you all caught up with our life now. Let me start with the day we left Japan. The 4 of us all left Japan with 6 pieces of checked in luggage. One of those checked in pieces of luggage was a big ol box which was/is my computer. My computer was totally fine. The flight in first class was quiet. And uneventful. That's Noah and Noboru in this picture. And Bran was sitting right behind me, like how Noboru was sitting behind Noah. And the seats lay down to flat beds.  
I watched the Shape of Water. It was a really good movie. I'm glad I saw it, but I wouldn't watch it again or buy the DVD.

I also watched Wonder. It was an extremely good movie. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. I wouldn't buy the DVD or anything though.

Enjoying some warm mixed nuts and a lemon coke. As soon as we left Japan.

A breaded chicken breast with mozzarella cheese inside, wedge potatoes and green beans. Noah had the same thing as me and Bran had the steak and Noboru picked the Japanese meal.

Dessert, a hot fudge sundae and a coffee.

Noah enjoying his sundae and watching a movie. So did Bran and Noboru.
We moved to the left half of the United States. However the only flight open the day we wanted to leave Japan was to Atlanta Georgia. So even though it was completely opposite direction of where we wanted to go. It was still a way into the US, so we took it. We landed in Atlanta. Thoughts? A gorgeous airport, and such super friendly people working in that airport. 

Since we were in Atlanta the home of Chick fil A. We all grabbed lunch while we waited to fly to the west part of the United States. Longest flight ever, omg! But we got there. At like midnight. We grabbed our rental SUV. Tossed all our belongings inside. Including giant computer box. And we all went immediately to sleep at the hotel. The bright side was that we were in the western part of the US. 

Our hotel room.

We're lucky in the fact that we worked our butts off, before we left Japan. Meaning we researched where we wanted to move. We found about 6 different townhouses and houses that we wanted to rent. We had 3 cars we were interested in buying. And because of that careful planning, we immediately the very next morning started looking at places to live... that were marked on our list. We checked place #3. And we liked it enough to rent that place. It's a 3 bedroom townhouse, 2 story. 1 year old townhouse, just built last year, so super new. Gorgeously landscaped. Grass and flowers everywhere. Yard work is included for us. Water is paid and each unit had their own washer and dryer in the individual unit/townhouse. We couldn't move in though...until 5 days. So we stayed in a hotel until we moved in. Meanwhile, I got my drivers license since I had an address. Opened a bank account. Noboru bought me a car, a black 2014 Volkswagen Jetta. Got license plates. Car insurance. What else, we moved in to the townhouse. Bought a shower curtain. Bathroom mats. Two laundry baskets, one for the kids and 1 for me. Laundry soap. Dishes. Had the power turned on in our townhouse. Ordered internet. Honestly you guys? It felt like we were on a hamster wheel on the fast speed for the 3 weeks. It was not fun. It was work. There's lots of work... getting your life set up in a different country... then what you were living in for the last 15-16 years. Even if it is my home country.

This is Noboru driving the rental SUV. This pic was taken about a 2 minute drive from our townhouse. Can you see the horse?
We made the decision last Fall for my dad to leave Guam and move to where the kids and I lived when we would move to the US. Because #1, there's really no point for my dad to be in Guam anymore... because he only moved to Guam to be closer to me in Japan. And with the kids and I in the US now. He didn't need to be in Guam anymore, there was just no point anymore. Plus, I have never in my life lived in this state. We picked this state because we liked it. And we didn't pick the capitol or surrounding areas because they're  heavily populated like normal bustling cities are. And considering my kids and I were used to living in the inaka/Japanese countryside. Moving to an average sized populated city in America, would probably send us running back to Japan. LOL. So, we mindfully and purposely decided to pick an extremely quiet, very rural area to move to. Granted there's still wonderful conveniences. Like shopping and places to eat. But there are an awful lot of horses. And tons of land. Wide open spaces. We picked the best place for us. 
Enrolling the kids in school. What a surprise. I was in communication with a school head by email. Granted she is a school head... for the next city near my new city. But what she told me was. As soon as you move. Because the school year in the US is nearly over, go ahead and pre-enroll your kids for the Fall semester. She told me to bring, proof of vaccinations for the kids. Proof of US citizenship. And their last report card from their previous school. We moved to the next city over because it was more countryside and we wanted that. And a better school district. But, I figured the same would apply. The boys would get pre-registered for the Fall. So, Noah's middle school is a 2 minute drive by car from where we live. Noboru and the kids and I went to pre-enroll Noah first. And we were completely shocked when they said that we would like Noah to start the following week? @_@ Holy goodness. We walked into the office. Told them hi and we'd like to enroll Noah. They asked us which city are you moving from? We said, we're moving from Japan!!! The entire 3 office ladies all swiveled in their chairs and faced us. JAPAN? They all said. Yes, mam, we've moved from Japan. Here is Noah's American birth certificate, American passport. Here are his American vaccinations that he had in Guam. And here is his report card. She gave me a huge folder. Said sign all these forms come back the next day. She took photo copies of all the documents we brought. We then went to the high school. And got the same complete and utter shocked look.... when we said...hello we'd like to enroll our son Branden. Which city are moving from. And when we answered Japan. You could hear a pin drop. The high school gave us way less forms to fill out. But we gave Bran's birth certificate, passport and US vaccinations and she made copies. That night, we went home and filled out forms for Noah and Branden. The schools told us this.... There is only school until June 12th. And they wouldn't get credit for going to school until June 12th but...they suggested since we're from Japan. And the boys have never gone to school in the United States before it would be a good idea for them to attend now and get adjusted now. And then in the Fall. By that time they're used to it. So we agreed.

So Bran was in the 10th grade in March... but because of his age, he is with his same age classmates who will finish the 10th grade in June 2018. So same grade as Bran. Branden started American high school last Thursday. He's a sophomore until June 12th. How does Branden like it? OMG, you guys he freaking loves it. Because both my kids are 100% bilingual. And I was such a stickler on their reading and writing in Japan in English. Neither of my kids are in an ESL class. And neither is in a remedial class or anything. So Bran has been in high school for a little over a week now. Noah was supposed to take an assessment test last Friday, but the counselors were busy with an assembly. So Noah took his assessment test this Monday and we asked the school counselor. Actually Noboru did. He asked her how Noah did. And she said, he's right up with the kids in his grade. Noah has been in school and attending classes since Tuesday of this week. He's got a little group he hangs with and eats with and stuff. Middle school here is 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade. Noah is still a 6th grader until June 12th. And in the Fall he'll be a 7th grader. With his age kids.

Noboru left back to Japan today. This morning. I'll update more when I can.: )