Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday. Reflecting on Noah's elementary school days, 1 day before his graduation...

I thought today, 1 day before Noah's elementary school graduation. I would do a TBT. It seems so fitting. Perfect time to do it really. In light of tomorrow's graduation, today is all about you Noah and your elementary school adventures. I remember before you started the first grade... you were 50% excited and happy to start elementary school and getting to go to school with your big brother... also you were 50% scared of meeting all new classmates except the 1 and only other kid that went to the same yochien with you. The rest of the first graders all went to the same local hoikuen together. And you were *so* nervous to meet them. And this picture, I snapped the day of your entrance ceremony. You were now 10% excited to go to school with your big brother, but you were now 90% petrified to be in a class of new faces. As everyone who reads this blog Noah are a very gentle soul. Extremely kind. And a little shy when first meeting someone but as soon as he knows you, then he's really chill. I reassured my kind sweet boy at age 6 when he was just a pika pika ichinensei. "Noah honey, you are okay" Mommy will be right in the gymnasium and I will wave, so you can see where I'm sitting, okay?" "Not to worry dear heart"..."I will be there." You mustered a few smiles and I quickly took these pics. And since Branden was already at school. Daddy, you and I hopped in the car. And we made sure that you made it to your classroom and got you all set up. And your stuff all put away.
While Branden has always been very chill and calm and zen about everything, you were always my worry-wart. And I love you both. Exactly as you are. Branden knew how "doki doki"/nervous you'd be. He asked all his friends to clap so super loud for you and cheer for you and boy did they ever. And when they did roll call. And called out your name. They all clapped and cheered so loudly and my heart was bursting with happiness and relief for you. And I could see your kind shy smile. I had absolute peace of mind knowing your big brother could watch out for you... for 2 years in elementary school and he did. He never let anyone be mean to you. He's just that kind of protective big brother, he's not ever been a bully because Bran is a good kid too, but he's just protective about Noah. And when it was time for him to leave and go to JHS, you were by that time.... totally more than okay. Okay to be there alone, so relieved he could be there with you for your first 2 years of shogakko. Anyways... all these years, I have enjoyed watching you come into your own element. And now you are a 6th grader. Yes you are still a little shy. Ha! You probably always will be. But...we love you exactly as you dearest Noah. I can't believe you will be graduating tomorrow. It frankly blows my mind. 
Thank you Branden for always being the best big brother...that any little brother would be lucky to have!!! And are shy yes, but that's okay. You are also kind and nice and absolutely gorgeous. When they announced your name at the..."Goodbye to the 6th graders" event last week" all grades voted what you were known for the most....they said..."Noah is known for always being kind and friendly to *everyone*" and that is so super true. They described you perfectly. And entered elementary school wearing gray. And I made sure when I picked out your graduation outfit, that I also picked out gray too. How truly fitting. At our local elementary school graduation ceremony....everyone wears their future JHS uniform for elementary school graduation. But since...Noah is going to the United States and has no JHS uniform like how they prefer kids to dress for graduation. I made sure to get Noah a suit. And considering Noah is as white as chalk (just look at his legs and face in this picture), I prefer get him a suit in gray, because it just suits his fair skin/coloring better. 

Tomorrow my dearest Noah, you will complete another milestone. Your elementary school education will be complete. I will watch you walk into that gymnasium one last time. I will clap and cheer and cry my eyes out! They will be proud tears. Not sad tears. They will be happy tears. They will be...I love you tears!!! It will be my very last time to ever step foot in that lovely amazing elementary school. And it will be the last time to ever be near all the other awesome parents and kids we have come to know all throughout these years. A chapter will close for you tomorrow.  And I will be there. On the sly...I will be waving to let you know where mom is sitting to reassure you as always. We have 2 cameras all charged up and ready to go. One of those takes very good digital videos. My suit is all ready. Tomorrow will be awesome! Just take it all in. Enjoy it. You will remember tomorrow for years and years to come trust me, I know. The journey to getting to this point... has been been absolutely amazing. Because this elementary school was so fun! You cooked. You had class turtles. You went on some amazing field trips with your class.  And I'm just so proud to be your mom. And know, that another adventure awaits you in America. So good luck tomorrow! We love you much!!! And yes, we're taking you to Jolly Pasta tomorrow night for your graduation dinner! Since that's the place you requested. Good luck tomorrow. We love you.