Thursday, March 08, 2018

Bits and pieces...

Today the weather in Chiba and Ibaraki was crazy for our area. The elementary school warned yesterday, that there would be super strong winds and pouring rain today. Possible school delays this morning too. However, I know that our local elementary school did *NOT* want to delay the elementary aged kids school start time at all. When I woke up at 4:50am this morning, I could hear wild howling winds and pelting pouring rain. It frankly sounded like a typhoon out there. Looked like one too. But Branden went to school as planned, such dependable trains. I dropped him off at our usual time at the train station before 6:30am. The weather? Felt really warm. Freakishly so. But again pouring rain and outrageous winds. Dropped off Branden. Noboru wondered if Noah's school would be delayed? It was a fair question because... In the past 30 days Noah's school put all elementary kids on a delayed schedule twice for rain. And today's weather was *way* worse. But I knew....for a fact that the local shogakko was not going to cancel elementary school or even delay it under any circumstances. Why? Because our 1 and only JHS/chugakko in town had graduation today. Yes, and was this the.... worse weather day to ever have a graduation day in? Sadly...yes. But this was their celebration day. We have 2 ninth graders on our street, both boys. One has a 5th grade younger brother. And frankly if school was put on a storm schedule. How could they drive their 5th grade son to school at say 10am for example if graduation at the local JHS starts at 8:30am? Impossible and not everybody lives with extended family nearby. And Noah's classmate...a very good friend of Noah's...that friend...he has a 9th grade sister. So many graduating 9th graders in our town absolutely have younger siblings. And it would piss off all 9th grade parents with younger kids...if their younger kids could NOT start school on time at 7:30am. As a parent with 2 kids. I "get it" I you love both kids and must keep track of both their schedules and not just 1 schedule. So yep....I know...hell or high water...the elementary school would be on their regular schedule. Because of the JHS graduation today. And if chickens and/or cows go flying in the air due to high winds... so be it. Exactly 7 days from now... 1 week from now it will be Noah who is graduating. And our family all dressed up and inside the elementary school for our final time...experiencing Noah's graduation. I hope the weather is better for us next Friday, than today. I really feel for the kids graduating today. Because the weather was just not cooperating today at all for them. : ) Anyway....This pic was from February 27th. After shopping around Costco. We decided to have lunch there, my husband and I. He had 2 hot dogs. I had 1 slice of cheese pizza and we shared this caramel pecan soft serve ice cream. 

Spring break is happening soon. Noah will not have school after next Friday and neither will Branden. So lunches at home are necessary. Mac and Cheese and 4 frozen cheese pizzas. We also always have instant ramen and/or yakisoba UFO type things, quick fast things for lunch. What else is in this cart? Pasta sauce. Mozzarella cheese and great big hunk of Colby/Jack cheese. 
I baked the family a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, last Saturday. They loved it. 

All this week Bran has been getting out of school between 10:30-11:30am. And gets home around 12 or 1pm... depending on when he catches his train or if he's going to grab a Starbucks with his friends on the way home or make a MickeyD's stop along the way too. So, this week...I had a hard time doing the weekly grocery run. Because I drive 50 minutes to Inzai. One way. So, I have to be *extremely* careful with my time. Which lucky for me.... the one thing I really really excel at... is time management. I left my house by 8am March 7th. Made sure I was at Japan Meat/Joyful Honda by 9am. On the elevator to the first floor. I park on the roof because they have free charging for my electric car. I bought all the weekly meat. Checked out and was back in the car after 21 minutes. I then popped into Cainz, bought toilet paper and shampoo. And had enough time to zip across the street to Costco before opening. I was there before the Costco doors rolled up. I grabbed my cart and picked up these 2 items. Tortillas and dinner rolls. Noboru threw the other quick meal thing in my cart and we were in the car super fast. 

I snapped this pic after we loaded the things in my car. This pic is date stamped March 7th 10:16am. basically I was in and out within 16 minutes. Damn! I crushed it!!! Super crushed it! Told time management skills are amazing. I truly zip in and out ....get my list scratched off and leave. I was home around 11:40am. Noboru said..."I can't believe you did all that and got back to town with so much time to spare." 
Noah's 2 besties waiting for Noah to grab his bike. I snapped this pic on my security cam/ monitor. There are only 36 kids in Noah's grade/class. And in that only half are boys. However only like 7 live in our housing community and these 7 play together *all* the time. And I do mean all the time. Every day that the weather is nice. No rain, no snow. They're off riding bikes. These rural Japan kids... play like kids in the 70's and 80's played. They ride bikes. They play soccer. They go to the playground. They go fishing or zarigani/crawdad hunting in warmer weather. They're all Line friends too. This specific day they went to one of their friends house to play Nintendo Switch. LOL. : ) 

You can see Noah's green Gap sweatshirt in front of his friend in the right. He grabbed his bike and the 3 of them rode off to go and play Nintendo Switch. : )

Anyway, it's Friday here. Obviously... I already said that. : ) I'm so glad the weekend is here. What have I done today? I washed all the cozy fuzzy warm couch blankets on the couch and then tossed them in my dryer. They're now all nicely fresh. And all fluffy and on the couch waiting for 2 kiddos to chill and relax in them later this evening. I washed everyone's bath towels last night and just tossed them in my dryer before bed and yesterday in the daytime, I did 2 loads of clothes (lights and dark clothing) and don't have enough for a full load yet. So laundry is done for today. And you know Saturday is the day I wash both the boys bedding, sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases etc. I'm also planning to bake some cookies tomorrow too. I made a double batch of pork green chili and beans yesterday, so tonight we'll have bowls of pork green chili, with some beans, some tortillas. It's going to be delicious and awesome since I made it all yesterday. Phew. So no dinner for me to cook tonight. : )

Yesterday Branden had high school tests. Geography and music and French. Branden loves his French class. And today he has 3 other tests. Today he has Japanese (his final Japanese test ever ever ever) and he had an English test (not his final English test, not by a long shot) Hahaha. And some other test. I'm completely drawing a black on what the 3rd subject was for today, oh well, sorry about that. Branden just messaged me and he and his 2 besties are at McDonald's right now. Having combos and celebrating getting through their tests for the week. They have more tests next week too, but just on Monday and Tuesday.  Have a good weekend. We're just going to relax at home this weekend.