Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bits and Pieces...

Americans love peanut butter! It's true, we do! And we have a love for peanut butter ice-cream. I am pretty sure... there are at least 3-5 different types of peanut butter ice cream in your average American grocery store, at any given time. And as you know, I even make my own here in Japan with those big tubs of Kirkland vanilla ice-cream as my base. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find this for sale in the little city nearest my town last week. Skippy brand peanut butter popsicles with a peanut butter soft inside/filling. So, for testing purposes, I had to buy some. Noboru happened to be with me the day I was in that store and asked him if he wanted one. He was like yikes...and no thanks. : ) Hahaha. So just picked up 3, for the kids and myself to taste test. What did we think? Branden said they were a 6 out of 10 for him. 10 being the best. Noah....said that he didn't care for these at all. And that to me, says a lot because he can usually find something nice to say about anything and everything. So for him to not like these. I was now curious to try for myself. I tried mine last and I have to say... I wasn't blown away by this. And would I repurchase this? Never! And this is coming from a peanut butter loving that should tell you something. Let me explain in better detail. For starters peanut butter icecream is delicious and this was more so a peanut butter popsicle. No big deal...I knew that, when I bought it. But...the outside or regular part of the popsicle had a very bland flavor to it. Meaning if you didn't know it was *supposed* to be peanut butter may never guess peanut butter. So the outside Popsicle main flavor was bland and didn't really taste like anything. The inside filling was weird. Granted it tasted a bit more like peanut butter, but it was just really unimpressive. 
Anyways...regular life still going on here daily. Of course. And on this day I made green chili enchiladas.

1 large chicken breast. Boiled. shredded and seasoned. Corn tortillas bought from Kaldi, slightly skillet fried beforehand and blotted with paper towel. Shredded my big hunk of cheese. And started to roll them.

Baked in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. This gave me time to make some Spanish rice. And get some ice out for our sodas.

Chicken cheese green chili enchiladas and a side of Spanish rice some chopped up lettuce on top of my enchiladas for a healthy little crunch. And a coke with ice. Yum! : ) My family love these!

Ordered 2 new pair of Vans for B. Because his feet keep growing. He keeps growing.

ABC Mart is an official retailer/seller of Vans here in Japan. 

Bran is now a size American men's 11 in shoes. And a size 29 cm. 

A preppy navy blue pair and a black and white checkered pair. 
Beats just came out with new ear phones/buds. 

Bran picked black.

Noah picked blue. The sound on these is absolutely incredible. Even better that the last model of Beats ear buds. 

Thanks Dr. Dre.
Cart pic from our Costco run last week. 2 rotisserie chickens. Dinner rolls. Big shrimp and bacon. That's it. Our total came to like $40 or $45. We can have shrimp 2 or 3 times in March now. And we had rotisserie chicken sandwiches last week with these rotisseries for supper that night. The kids also took some rotisserie chicken sandwiches to school the next day too in their packed lunches. 

Noboru and I went to Coco Ichiban Curry House last week for our once a week lunch date.

Anything new to add? My hair is done now...thanks to me going to the hair salon last Friday... and I am happy to have gotten it over with. My hair is as straight as a pin now and freshly colored and trimmed too. I was there from 9am until 1:20pm. A lot of sitting. And 2 hot coffees and 4 chocolates (for free) and an amazing shoulder neck and head massage too (for free too). Still an a-line lob. : )

Branden and I decluttered... the heck out of his room this past weekend too. We were relentless with it. We still have to do it 2 more times to call it done. But a step in the right direction.