Thursday, February 01, 2018

A snowy Friday...

TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! This was the view I had while driving Branden to the train station this morning. It does say 0 KM because since nobody was on the street... but Bran and I, I stopped snapped the pic and then drove off. First things first. The movie date with my 2 friends didn't happen and I think that was the best, smartest and safest idea. Last evening, one sent the 3 of us a Line message, saying the weather forecast is actually worse than originally expected and asked the rest of us, should we cancel? I thought the same thing. No need for any of us getting in a car accident... just to see a movie, kwim? Not worth it. Our safety should come first. And so we all messaged and all came to the conclusion... that yes we should cancel our Friday morning movie date. And that was a good idea... because it keeps us 3 mama's safe. : ) So we talked about 6pm-ish Thursday/last night and decided that last night. I woke up this morning and sure enough it was all white outside. Snow all over... once again and the roads looked like this. @_@ I packed up Branden's lunch and he got dressed and ready and I drove Branden to the train station. The roads were ugly. Really bad looking. They were this and you can see it was still snowing and it's snowing even right now as I type this. I can only imagine what the roads will look like tonight... when I get Bran around 5pm-ish because stuff starts freezing solid by that time and I hope the roads don't look like an ice skating rink outside with black ice. @_@

After I dropped off Bran, I stopped and snapped this pic of the rice field that surrounds the backside of our train station. And look at the snow on my side window. Branden even wiped it off. Anyway it's been a cold bitterly cold day here in my town. The sky is a pale gray color. And as for Noah. I got an email from Noah's school around 6:20am and it said they were on a "snow schedule" meaning school for our local elementary school starts at 10am. So Noah was home a lot longer than usual. Which was nice. I did get an email from Bran's school... but it said, school is still happening. But that the high schoolers... don't need to wear their fancy but dangerous slippery loafers that they usually wear....they could wear sneakers because of the slippery conditions. So Bran wore his Vans today with his high school uniform. 

Anyway, I finished all my house cleaning by yesterday afternoon. I did that because I was planning on the movie today and like to get my work knocked out of the way first. So, I do not have any house cleaning to do today at all... since I did it already. I am making chicken curry nabe tonight with lots of yummy healthy veggies and some udon noodles. Perfect for this cold weather. And I did run to the local grocery store in town at 10 am after dropping off Noah at school because tomorrow February 3rd is Setsubun. And I was looking for something for my kids for that. Just something cute and festive and yummy. I love these cakes anyways but was happy they decorated these up for Setsubun. I seem to buy these every year, lol for Setsubun. I like them because they're 95 yen each they are chocolate roll cakes quite long/good sized with delicious chocolate whipped cream and when they're nicely sliced the amount of just 2 of these... stuffs my family. So that will be dessert for tonight. Anyway, it's barely 1pm now. I just finished my salad for lunch. I finished all my house work yesterday like I said, so I am gonna just chill and rest on the couch now until I pick up the kids later this afternoon/evening. Noah 3:45pm and Bran 5pm-ish. I will chop up the veggies around 3pm real quick and preset the rice. But basically, I am totally free and will now go and watch Hoarders on TV.  Gosh these people on Hoarders are so weird. Anyways, have a great Friday and nice weekend. Stay warm.