Monday, January 08, 2018

Bits and Pieces...

How has everyone been doing? Things have been excellent over here. Both Branden and Noah returned to school today from Winter break. Yesterday was a holiday for us in Japan. Coming of Age Day. I decided to not blog for the past week and just enjoy my time with my family. What is this picture of? Otoshidama. New Year's money given to kids from family members. Branden and Noah each received 15,000 yen each. Considering we didn't go all the way to Osaka to visit Noboru's family, it wasn't so bad of an amount. Lucky boys. : ) 

Branden and his best friend since yochien wanted to meet up at Narita shopping mall. Since G moved away from our town. They picked a spot to meet up between where he lives and where we live. So January 4th, is when Branden met up him G at the Narita train station around 9:30am or so. They bummed around all day. They went to lunch. A hamburg restaurant. They had Baskin and Robbins. And even each had a small serving of udon some place too? @_@ Teenage boys! Ha! : ) Noah and I meanwhile made pizza dough in the morning, after I dropped off Bran at the train station and we had breakfast. And we hung out here, but we decided to go to Narita mall too and also to Don Quijote. I did LINE message Bran and said...Noah and I happen to be in Narita too. Noah went with me to look at some skincare and cosmetics. I didn't buy anything... but I did want to have a good look. And so for being such an amazing 12 year old and helping me and looking around with me and keeping me company, I treated Noah to some icecream at Baskin Robbins after I grabbed myself a caramel machiaato first at Starbucks downstairs. Before taking the escalator upstairs to get Noah some ice cream. So I did message Bran and told him like I said..."we happen to be in Narita too. And if you would like a ride home, totally fine. I'm here, we're leaving the mall at 3:30pm and going back to our town. If you would like a ride cool...but also I do respect you're a teen if not, you can take the train back home too." It was getting bitter cold. Bran replied and said he would take the ride. I did offer to give G a ride to the train station.. but he said, it was okay...he would hop on the free shuttle directly to the train station. So I waved G good bye. And Bran walked to my car with Noah and I. 

By now Noboru was home. And I rolled out 3 pizzas. 1 extremely large pepperoni pizza for the kids. And a smaller hand-tossed each for Noboru and I. 

We each had a pepperoni, mushroom and diced up jalapeno pizza each, we each only ate half and the rest we had for lunch the next day. Such crispy crust. 

I have somehow managed to acquire 12 foundations. And if they all worked for me 100% perfectly then that would be fantastic. But, they don't... so I decided to cut that number in half. So I went through them and the top row don't work for me at all and were tossed. 

These were all tossed. 4 drugstore foundations. And 2 high end foundations had to get the boot. The Revlon color is just too pink. The Loreal True Match is in the yellow range *but* I find the regular True Match super pink too. And the Lumi is super duper pink and unnatural. The makeup For Ever face and Body that was discontinued. I bought it because Youtuber KathleeenLights said it was her holy grail. And I hate it. It smells like paint thinner or paint or something super strong. And the color on this Ultra HD was too dark and wrong. None of these worked. And yeah I did spend money to buy them... but there's no use of wasting up space in my house if they either break me out or are overly pink tinted. Then they gotta go. I wish American drugstores had testers like we have in Japan. 

These are the ones I am keeping. And I am seriously thinking about getting rid of the It Cosmetics CC+ and the Urban Decay Naked Skin. Why? The CC+ smells like lemon scented toilet deodorizer that hangs in American toilets. I'm sorry but the It Cosmetics smell.... revolts the crap out of me so bad. It dies down after it's applied. Granted. It does give a nice finish on your face, but the smell. So, I am on the fence about that. And the Urban Decay one is pink tinted or something is off on the color for me. Pink or orange cast. It does not blend seamlessly in my neck or on my face. And it cakes up on me too. What is staying? What am I keeping? I love the Koh Gen Do aqua foundation. This is an exact match for my skin it is a fair olive color. Nars Fiji is an okay color match. It is yellow enough. Absolutely no pink tint to it at all. But it isn't an 100% dead ringer like the Koh Gen Do is. I also like the Make Up Forever Ultra HD in this bottom shade. It looks really nice on. I also really like the way the Neutrogena looks on me. Drugstore. It has no scent it has never made me break out and it is not pink. It isn't an 100% color match. But every time I wear The Neutrogena Healthy Skin...I look in the mirror during the day and think...this is such a nice shade.And nice formula. I do not think I want to own more than 5 foundations this year. So 6 are remaining and I may end up tossing the It Cosmetics one and the Urban Decay one too. Because if it doesn't won't work no matter how long you hold onto it. All you can do when you buy the wrong one is you learn from it...and move on. And I do not want to be a hoarder. 

Yep that Urban Decay 3.0 is supposed to be yellow because the point 0's are yellow and the point 5's/ .5's are the pink ones. But I find this does oxidize on me and does turn pinky orange after about an hour. Meaning 2.0...3.0 etc is yellow. But 2.5 and 3.5 is the pink tinted ones. The ones that end in .5 are pink and the ones that end in 0 are yellow. But it still didn't work.

On Monday, yesterday, Coming of Age Day I took the boys to McDonald's. We also bought a few groceries. And stopped by the drugstore in the little city nearest us. 

I think recently I mentioned I am currently on a makeup remover kick lately. I purchased 2 yesterday. I have been looking high and low for this cleansing oil by Pharmaact. I read online that this drugstore cleansing oil doesn't advertise or market their product. But it's just as thick as the DHC one and the Shu Uemura one. And it smells like green apples. I checked at the Narita Aeon mall and couldn't find it. I searched the super mega Don Quijote in Narita and could not find it either. I emailed their headquarters. And they replied. Hahaha. They said, they used to be carried at Yacs drugstores all over Chiba. And so...while in the small city nearest our tiny town. I popped in there and sure enough. It was there. And it is as thick as the Shu Uemura cleansing oil because I have the purple one and compared. And this Phamaact oil does smell like green apple too. It smells amazing. I also heard fantastic things about Biore Cleansing oil. And I too... read on from a Japanese woman who now lives in the US and has used this for like decades. She said this smells like green apples and I read it on a blog by a lady in NY and she too said it smells of green apples. Oddly enough...both my cleansing oils smell like green apples. Totally unintentional.

I love how Japanese skincare with pumps always have stoppers to stop it from pumping out. Typical collar on the left but so useful and the Biore stopper on the right. Both work beautifully. 

Also purchased a lip balm. A YLBB tinted lip balm and a chocolate chip cookie lip balm. In the scent of the regular/original Country Ma'am Cookie.