Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tickets have already been bought for tonight's movie...

Today is Friday, December 15th for us in Japan. I know it's only December 14th in the U.S. mainland. But for us it's already the 15th. And you know what that means. Today is opening day for Star Wars The Last Jedi. Now you all know... our family loveslovesloves Star Wars movies. And we have been on opening day the last 2 years. And obviously today would be no exception. Usually we will buy our movie tickets... online a few days earlier. However....Noboru had enough points for a free movie. And so the rules for our specific movie theater nearest us.... using your points to redeem a free movie ticket. #1 you can't buy online if that's the case. and #2 you can't even buy the day before... if you will redeem a free movie ticket. They will ONLY let you redeem the free movie ticket the same day you plan to see the movie. So that's save 1500 yen....of course I do not mind.. 1 tiny bit to wait until Friday morning. So sure enough the second after Noah was driven to school at 7:30am. The movie theater opened today at 8am because some movie was starting at 8:30am. I checked last night, so I would be prepared. So...the second I drove Noah to school. I immediately drove to the small city nearest our tiny town. And I went inside. And got 4 movie tickets for tonight showing of The Last Jedi at 6pm. Paid for only 3 movie tickets. Redeemed the one free movie ticket. Picked our seats and everything. I see that 8 other people have already picked seats for tonight's 6pm showing.

Branden finished his semester tests yesterday/Thursday. He crushed all his tests... this week. He did so good. Bran has NO school today. He got to sleep in this morning. And by the time he woke up, I had already taken his brother to school. And also came back with tonight's movie tickets. Noboru is so cute...he watched the last Star Wars yesterday on DVD here at home... so he would be reminded of what happened last time. The kids and I did that a few days before. So we're all ready. We're all set. So super excited for tonight. 6pm. Noah gets out of school today at 3:15pm. And I already told Noah, Mommy will be in the parking lot from 3pm. No worries. Just walk down the hill with your class. And we'll go home. Ready to start our weekend. And ready to enjoy the Last Jedi. We have all seen about 20 YouTube conspiracy theories about...who is Rey? Is she Luke's daughter? Or Leia and Han's daughter and therefore Kylo Ren's sister? Or is she his cousin meaning....Luke's daughter? Or is she a Palpatine? Who is Rey. That is like the biggest mysterious question we all have. And of course I will not tell ya'll who read my blog. I will not ruin it or tell.

Tonight's supper? I am making a baked ravioli. Like a layered lasagna, but with ravioli. It's so good. But most importantly it is so fast and easy peasy clean up with just 1 baking dish and plates involved. I will prep dinner at 2pm. And I will whack it in the oven when I leave to go and get Noah. I shouldn't be gone long..20 minutes most and both Noboru and Bran can be home with the baked ravioli as it bakes in the oven. We will start the drive to the movies around 5:10pm. Anyway...everyone have a wonderful weekend. If you also go and enjoy Star Wars the Last Jedi this weekend....right on!!! Enjoy it too! I know I have a few posts to get up still. But honestly with Christmas so close....and family time at it's most highest right now...I'm sure you all understand. : )