Friday, December 22, 2017

The boys are on Christmas break from school now. And yep, we baked 3 more dozen Christmas cookies today...

Just a quick little catch up from me... super duper quick! Both Branden and Noah started their Christmas break from school yesterday/Friday December 22nd. They do not go back to school until January 8th.

The kids and I baked a 2nd batch of homemade Christmas cookies this morning together all 3 of us. Half are pictured here. Three dozen you guys! We now have tons of fresh Christmas cookies from scratch to munch all weekend. Noboru is munching one right now... as I type. We baked pretty vibrant Christmas trees and stars again. I also made 2 pie crusts this morning after we finished the cookies. So tomorrow morning, I can bake us 2 fresh pumpkin pies for Christmas dinner this coming Monday. Baking them 1 day ahead just saves me time.

All things from Amazon (Japan and the US) and Sephora and stuff arrived from the US and yes the DVDs made it, phew. And everything is wrapped up and under the tree. We have absolutely nothing to buy. Nowhere to run. We're all set.

Last night we had curry soup nabe, all 4 of us. A family favorite of ours. And tonight we are having nikujaga. Tomorrow night we will eat homemade American style fried chicken made by me. Noboru *loves* my homemade fried chicken and Japanese folks, usually buy it from KFC at Christmas time in Japan, so he's stoked for mine tomorrow night. Mashed potatoes and gravy. And dinner rolls from our favorite bakery. And some broccoli. We'll have a pretty simple, but delicious homemade meal here at home for Christmas eve. And for Christmas dinner. We'll be having a spiral sliced honey ham. Marinated with a honey and pineapple juice concoction that is just so delicious. We'll have homemade gratin potatoes, cornbread. Broccoli. Black olives. Salad and pumpkin pie. And we'll be eating ham sandwiches for days after that. Yum. : ) Have a wonderful Christmas all of you.  Eat lots of good food. Be happy, kind and smile. : )