Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening day...

Last night our family went to go and see the Last Jedi on opening day at 6pm. Everything went off without a hitch. Dinner was finished baking by the time I brought Noah home from school. We 4 all ate. Baked ravioli. I quickly put everything into the dishwasher. From 3:20-5pm we were home eating or relaxing before the movie. And at 5pm we left to the small city nearest our tiny town and we arrived there around 5:40pm. Folks were buying tickets for various movies. Thank goodness I already did that...that morning. So the males all went to the restroom, the 3 of them and I went to the girl restroom by myself. And we all met up in front of the concession stand. We quickly got all our movie theater stuff. Popcorn and sodas. And we went and got ourselves seated. There were only about 25-30 people watching Star Wars the Last Jedi and that was so awesome. A total bonus and plus for living way out in the inaka/countryside. And most folks were sitting in the center/middle seats/section. So nobody even remotely sat near us. So super nice.Look how happy the kids were in this picture!!! Branden, omg you guys....all Friday he kept saying...I can't wait for The Last Jedi....I can't wait. Clearly he was super happy about seeing it. So were the rest of us too. : )
In our seats. Everyone already turned their cell phone volumes way down and Noboru was doing that in this picture too. a couple minutes we will be having our minds the Last Jedi!!!!

Got snacks...check! So anyway....what did we think of Star Wars the Last Jedi? Oh my freaking gosh you guys!!! It was amazing! And no we did not find out who her parents were. Someone very important dies in this movie. I will NOT say who, no spoilers from me. THIS movie was so good. In the Star Wars The Force Awakens. My feelings were...I hate or dislike Kylo Ren a.k.a. Ben Solo. Why would he kill Hans Solo? When Hans clearly loved him so much. So yes my feelings were from the last movie. Kylo Ren... strong intense dislike. But this movie.I liked Kylo in this new movie 90% of the time...and then disliked him very much 10% of this movie. He seemed much more human in this and I could see the inner conflict in him. So a definite improvement from the last movie. Rey, I lovelovelove her. She is so freaking amazing. Other characters. Were lovely, like Rose. Also, loved seeing Carrie Fisher's real life daughter have a small role in this. I like Billie Lourd a lot. Just finished watching her on American Horror Story Cult this season. She is amazing and talented all on her own. So yep...loved seeing her in this. And loved that she wore her mom's princess Leia cinnamon bun hair-do from the 70's. Loved it!!!Didn't say who dies. Didn't say how it ends. Didn't say what happens. Only said that I liked both Rey and Kylo in this. And this movie was freaking fantastic. If you do get the chance and you like the Star Wars franchise at all. Definitely go and check this out. We will most definitely be buying this on DVD whenever it comes out. 

After leaving the movie theater in the small city nearest us, we drove back to the rural town we live. This is a tad blurry but it's so funny. Because it's honest and it's true. A train was running through our town and as you can see, there is no convenience store or building or bright buildings around. It's pure dark rural town lit up by 1 lone train. Noboru *always* says...the trains in our town remind him of the cat bus in Totoro at night that went looking for Mei in the movie. LOL. : )  Anyway Star Wars the Last Jedi? Two thumbs way up from us. : ) Have a fantastic weekend everyone. : )