Sunday, December 10, 2017

Our weekend. Nabe. Christmas cookie baking. Family movie night and more...

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was really nice. Spent the whole thing at home. Didn't leave the house even once. We hunkered down for the entire weekend. Last Friday, like I said, we had curry soup nabe. It was super simple. Super healthy. And absolutely perfect for a freezing cold Friday night and the start of the weekend. 
Friday and Saturday everyone munched on the chocolate chip walnut cookies. We were set to bake the Christmas cookies Saturday afternoon at first... But since my family had 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies to finish. We baked our Christmas cookies on Sunday instead. Friday night we watched Young Sheldon and then we watched the movie... Guardians of the Galaxy part 2 again. The kids *love* that one and I admit Noboru and I do too. : )

Saturday morning. I made the kids a 6 egg cheese omelette. And for Noboru and I, we shared a 4 egg cheese and jalapeno omelette. We both like our food spicy. And so we loved it. We had omelettes and toast. Saturday morning. Branden studied. Noah and I set up the Christmas trees. 
Saturday nights supper, I made a big tray of beef and cheese enchiladas and a small tray of chicken and cheese enchiladas too. 

Enchiladas and some Spanish rice. We had cokes with ice to go with our meal. Quick showers and  a bath Saturday night. Before movie night once more.
Because of the highly anticipated new Star wars movie coming out next Friday world-wide. American cable TV... has been airing all Star Wars all weekend long. They did this last year too. We watched Attack of the Clones on Saturday. Does that little logo... say the TNT channel or the TBS channel? Bottom left hand corner? Anyway...some cable channel. Such a great movie.
Sunday as soon as breakfast was done. Noah and I got cracking on the Christmas cookies. Bran was in the kitchen but...he was study for his 2 tests this Monday/today. 
We baked 3 dozen Christmas cookies. Noboru took some to work today. Branden took some to school today too.  

Christmas trees. We prefer our Christmas cookies without the overly too sweet sugary frosting. So we just use the pretty sprinkles. It's perfect for us. Just the way we like ours.
And Christmas stars. Like on top of your Christmas tree. Awww. Very pretty. We will be baking more of these this coming weekend too. Besides us going to see the new Star Wars movie this coming weekend. 

Anyway...anything new to add? Noah has his elementary school marathon tomorrow. Also...our New Years cards got here today. They came out so cute!!! I am so glad I did them early. Tonight, for supper we're having a great big pot of beans, that are already made, done by 11am today. And a great big pot of pork green chili that should be done in about 10 minutes. Why? Because with me being at the school tomorrow.... for Noah's marathon. Us having tasty delicious leftovers for tomorrow nights supper will be super appreciated. So that's why. : ) Thinking ahead and planning ahead. Regarding meals. Really helps us all. : ) Anyway...I'm gonna go give the chili a stir. As for Bran....he has been home since 1pm today. He has half days all this week. Because of it being test week at high school. Talk to you guys in a few days. Not tomorrow though... because you know we have Noah's marathon tomorrow. Bye for now. : )