Thursday, December 21, 2017

Noah's Cross Country Marathon at the local elementary school...

In Japan at many elementary schools, kids do a Cross Country race, in Japan we simply call it their marathon. Our school in our tiny town does the same thing at our local elementary school. Grades 1 all the way to the 6th grade. All grades, every child participates. There is a lead up beforehand... where the kids all practice for a good 3-4 weeks beforehand. Our school has the kids runs laps around the school field. The day of the big race. The kids at our particular school run around the natural terrain of our part of Japan. So the kids in our town who attend this school they run laps around rice fields. All grades run 1 lap. How far, the specific distance is determined by which grade you are in. And all 5th and 6th graders run the farthest and they have to run 2 huge laps. It's exhausting for them. But they all manage to do it. When Noah was younger, in the 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade Noah was super into running. He loved it. He lived for it. And he won many medals. But after the 3rd grade he told me, "mommy I'm not into running anymore" And I said...I love you no matter what, win or lose. I just want you happy." And so after the 3rd grade, he has always ran for pleasure and with a great big smile on his face. No more medals granted...but he's so happy running. He came in 17th place out of both grade of boys so about a total of about 50 (25 from each grade). So not too shabby. This pic was taken after we parked Noboru's super tiny mini minivan, can park here perfectly. My car is too big to fit on this tiny narrow space. But his car fits so nicely here. Noah's Cross Country day was Tuesday, December 12th.

We came right at the time the 4th graders were finishing up. And we saw the 5th and 6th grade girls run first. I cheered and clapped for some of Noah's good friends. And then the 5th and 6th grade boys went next. They were the final team running in the cross country. : ) This pic is of the 5th and 6th grade boys. Go Noah go!!! Have fun!!! Those cars belong to parents watching the kids run. We too parked along the rice field roads. The streets are closed off around here for thru traffic on race day. Good thing we all live in such a tiny town. That us parents can just park along the outskirts of where the kids all had their race. : )

This was Noah's final 2nd lap. His first lap was all smiles. And this lap, I have a nice smile captured too. But I let Noah pick out his 1 pic that he would like to share on here and he picked this one. : ) He said...because it shows him running. Awww. We love you so much Noah!!!