Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Last Saturday. Buying a gift for a Secret Santa. Drone flying fun. No more Advent calendars for us. And omg, that Christmas Pepsi...

Last Saturday, I slept in until 7:30am. I was so refreshed. I woke up. Set the hot water pot downstairs. And while it was heating up. I jumped in the shower, washed my face with some Basis face wash. Shampooed my hair with some Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Washed my body with the regular scented Biore body wash. And got out. Got dressed. Did my eyebrows with my ABH pencil. And wore no other makeup that day. I went downstairs with a towel on my head with my clothes on/fully dressed meaning no house clothes. And had a nice hot coffee. And read through a stack of emails. Read the online news. Blow dried my hair. Then made some pancakes. Everyone smelled breakfast and came down the stairs. We ate. And I told everyone. We would be leaving by 10:30am. To go and buy Bran's secret Santa gift for the girl whose name he picked randomly in the Santa hat. It's a secret Santa for his English club. The limit is 1000 yen/US$10 bucks. We went out and purchased her gift at a body shop place that sells really nice stuff. Bath bombs, super nice ones. It's a shop in the little city nearest us. Not a LUSH or Body Shop chain. We just live too far from those. But this shop... I have purchased stuff from there... before. I love the quality and scents. We bought her a very nice gift set. All in the scent green apple (there were yuzu scented, rose, all sorts of scents, but Bran picked green apple for her, because he said that smelled so nice). It had bath bombs, 2 of those, a hair wrap thing, when you're in the tub. Some lotion. It was all wrapped up and gorgeous. And it was exactly 1000 yen. I know this girl will love her gift. Bran has to give it to her.... this coming Thursday. I also asked the girls working there, to wrap it Christmas style and they did a fantastic job. We came home. Had lunch. And the 3 of them went and spent about 2 hours in our backyard. Noboru flying his drone. 
You know how the Kingsmen are the British special team and the Statesmen are the American team. Well there is a roping lasso guy in the American team. And ever since my kids have been watching the trailers for that. Bran has been roping things in his spare time, ps they have zero idea I bought them the DVD already. Oh and also important to note. About 3 weeks ago...I saw the new Christmas edition Pepsi. Noah's holding one in this picture. I didn't buy it... but I first wondered if it was Crystal Pepsi. But by one glance... you can tell it's super cloudy. So I knew it would be nothing like Crystal Pepsi at all. Also it looked cloudy, okay I just said that.... and for some reason it looked super overly sweet to me, because it was cloudy, don't ask me why. Something just gave me the vibe of...I do NOT want to try this. So when we were at the mall buying Bran's secret Santa gift. We all grabbed a drink at the store before we left for the drive home... back to our rural town. I grabbed a sugarless jasmine tea by Ito En. My most favorite drink. And the kids each picked a Lipton Lemon tea at first and I thought okay. And then they saw the Christmas Pepsi. I told my kids....you have never tried it...and if you wanna try it...you can for sure, your choice. : )  But I did say....to me...imo... it looks way too sickeningly sweet. They still wanted to try. So...they put their teas back and each grabbed one of these. When we were in the car. We could smell this overpowering sickeningly too sweet smell. Smelled like...Chipu Chaps. Strawberry Chipu Chaps. Or...something but OMG...it smelled super sweet. I didn't say anything, because it's already been purchased and it is...what it is and sips have been taken. Noboru picked a bottled iced coffee, fwiw. As we were driving down the rode. Branden said. It tastes funny. I said...what do you mean. He said...tastes weird. We drove some more. And then Noah said word for word..."I don't like it...it's too sweet...tastes like cookies mixed with cough drops." @_@ That image is STILL in my head even now...cookies mixed with cough drops? OMG. And I thought...just Chipu Chaps was bad enough. In any case...if you ever wanted to drink a liquid strawberry Chipu Chaps...try the Christmas Pepsi. On the other hand...if you don't like overly sweet, like me. Avoid it. I am so glad I avoided it. However I did still...smell it...and smelling it... was more than enough for me. Blech. 

Okay Bran...dad's taking video of you now...that drone takes the best, most smoothest high resolution video. 

Oh my gosh...I'm in the house prepping supper. And throwing the lunch dishes in the dishwasher. 

Branden's gift for his secret Santa person. Squeak. I'm so excited. High school in Japan is so fun, you guys. There is a light at the end of the JHS in Japan tunnel. : ) 

Saturday's simple supper. Chicken teriyaki bowls. Chicken breast, button mushrooms, broccoli on a bed of white rice. Mine was smaller than Branden's and Noboru's. Noah's and mine were about the same size, pictured here. Theirs were double the size of ours, which they need. Saturday was a very chill day. And I'm not just talking about the weather either. It was so relaxed and restful. We made sure to buy his secret Santa gift. They spent some time outside. I meanwhile stayed inside our toasty warm house. We had a nice simple dinner. And enjoyed 20/20 on TV. The Meghan Markle interview called...The American Princess. Loved this 20/20 very much. After that we watched ghost stories on another channel. Saturday was a very nice day.

Oh and...we're not doing Advent calendars this year. When my kids were little they looked forward to them every SINGLE day. Could *not* wait for their daily chocolate and the count-down to Christmas. But last year...I could tell...maybe at age 15 and 11. They just weren't as excited about it last year. I went and bought them the coolest Kylo Ren Advent from Star Wars... from Kaldi, last year. I always immediately bought them right before Thanksgiving. A few times last year...my kids would go... 2 and 3 days and they wouldn't open them. And would open them and eat 3 in a row because they had missed a few days. A clear sign...yes that they just weren't into it anymore. And I quietly got to thinking. Maybe they just outgrew them. And if they did. That's okay. I have always bought Advents for my kids because it made my kids SMILE. Not because it was blog worthy. Do you know what I'm saying. And yeah at the end of last year...I was deeply thinking...maybe I shouldn't buy them next year. So now to this year. I'm at Kaldi...sipping on that free coffee mini sample. Looking at all the Advents. They didn't have any Star Wars ones for older kids this year. Hmm. But I saw a Toy Story one that looked very cute...but my kids seemed a bit old for that...and a Mickey Mouse one. I called my boys...on my cell to their cell. This was a few Saturdays ago. And I said..."Branden...ask Noah if he'd like a Toy Story Advent or a Mickey Advent? Mickey looks very cool and retro." And...he asked Noah..."it's mom...she wants to know if you want a Toy Story Advent or Mickey?" I could hear Noah thinking in the background going...ummmm. And Branden said..."Just get Noah one...I don't need one mom...I'm just not into them anymore, but thank you" And Noah finally answered after hearing that and he said..."can you tell mom, I don't need one either" Like a sucker punch to my gut ya'll...My face maybe looked slightly devastated, shocked or in mild to mid pain???? LOL....Because the Kaldi lady was staring at me, she knows me well and likes me, always chits chats with me and I her but this particular morning she was looking at my face and...she looked a tad worried. LOL. Was my jaw wide open...or on the ground? I never ever ever... want my boys to feel guilty...or feel bad about growing up and getting older. I **want** my kids to get older. Duh. And be happy about it. That's part of life...so while I was still on the phone..as best as I could muster... I tried to...give a non-chalant..."oh...okay not a problem. Talk to you later." And I left Kaldi without any advent calendar this year. And yes, I did tell the Kaldi lady..."seems my kids don't want any of these this year" She's about mid 50's, so I am sure she has kids much older than mine, so I am sure she could relate on some level. And for a few days I was sorta secretly sad. But now...I'm so totally over it. Onwards and upwards. I write these little snippets on my blog... of my true daily or weekly musings. Because maybe...just maybe someday...it will be your kid who has outgrown an advent someday in the distant future. And maybe you will feel a sad twinge too. And you will remember me writing about this from my heart...with all my most sincere feelings....my refreshing candor and honesty. And hopefully knowing someone else went through it too...will make you smile that's it's just something we as parents...we all go through.