Sunday, December 03, 2017

Family movie night at home...

We have been having "family movie night at home" since my boys were toddlers. For like 14 years, we have been doing this. Why did I start it? I didn' parents started it with me. Every Saturday night back when I was growing up... my family and I would watch The Love Boat and Fantasy Island afterwards. We would have popcorn. Most Saturday nights we would order a pizza from a small mom and pop place, which this gave my mom a rest from cooking. The weekends were our time for relaxin'. Our time to enjoy our time as a family. And I remember when we'd have Twilight Zone marathons too. And we'd all pop a whole bunch of popcorn on the stove and hunker down in the living room. And be all cozy and watch the snow fall. Colorado winters were/are quite cold and snowy and it was fun and magical to sit at home with my family with a packed pantry and fridge and enjoy the Saturday night movie or TV program. So...I just always did the same with my kids. This weekend. We scanned the TV. On the FXM channel (Fox Movie channel in the USA) was showing Oblivion. Now...I don't hate Tom Cruise at all. But I usually don't watch his movies. He's usually in action movies and those really aren't my type of movies at all. However...this movie, is the exception. I really like this movie. My kids like it too. We have seen it twice throughout the years. we flipped through the TV guide channel. The boys picked this. And so we And so we sat and enjoyed this little gem. With freshly popped popcorn. And some Strawberry M&M's and choco mint M&M's. 

The Dairy Queen commercials are always so funny. Anyway...this doesn't need to be a book. I just wanted to share what me and my family watched this weekend. We watched this on Friday.

The movie Elf and Willy Wonka have been playing pretty much all week on my American cable. I am wondering if my kids will be picking that to watch this coming weekend or what they will pick as this coming weeks family movie. I'll let you know. : )