Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017...

How was everyone's Christmas? I sincerely hope it was merry and bright for all of you. : ) Ours was quiet, as usual... very low key and WONDERFUL. I did take a few days off from the computer because I wanted to focus on my family 100%. So I'm sorry for the delay and all. But like I said, I know you all understand. And even now. While my kids are on Christmas break, I won't be blogging as much and as often. And many of my posts will be delayed. But that's just because... I am enjoying our time. I know once January 8th rolls around, I will be running around and busy and the kids will be too. So for now...I am just enjoying the relax time that we are having together. : ) I am sure you all understand. So anyway...the Christmas post 2017. I baked 2 pumpkin pies. Handmade butter crust. And they came out fantastic. That was dessert for Christmas dinner... done the day beforehand.
I appreciate that Christmas dinner is a little simpler than Thanksgiving. It's still amazing. But it's still way easier. I made a delicious honey ham. Basted it 3 times during the time it baked in the oven. The flavor is *so* good. Branden and Noah peeled all the potatoes for the homemade gratin potatoes. I taught both Bran and Noah how to make my gratin roux. Noah grated the cheese, he's *such* a good kid. Bran made the roux, granted I stood by, but they both learned. Noah baked the cornbread. We 3 plated the salad together. I made the broccoli. We listened to Gwen Stefani Christmas songs. Pentatonix. Some Christmas songs by Sia and some Christmas songs by Sam Smith too. While we baked and got our Christmas dinner made. Noboru unfortunately had to work. He's taking off *many* days in April, so that's why. 
My plate. Honey baked ham, gratin potatoes from scratch, some hot buttery cornbread, some broccoli and for dessert a slice of pumpkin pie with some whipped cream. 
Some of the many packages that got shipped to our house starting from the first week of December. Which I hid and then wrapped while the boys were at school. The boys had a fantastic Christmas and got everything they were hoping for. : )

A watch....
All Fall... Branden had been asking for a watch. I knew he would get one. I told both my kids now that they're older. If there is something you would like on Amazon, email me the link. You may or may not get it for Christmas. And this was the watch Branden had been wishing for. Dreaming about. Obviously he would get it. : ) But, I kept a poker face all December about it. : ) 
Bliss. When you get that special something-something. Ykwim? When you're a teen. It's magical. : ) 

He took these 2 pics himself and Line-ed me them and much he loves his watch. The boys got a good 6 or 7 presents each. Not hundreds but enough for them to each feel special. But this was clearly his most favorite gift. 
This will be released to movie theaters in Japan, January 2018. This one was a joint gift.. for both the boys. So 6 or 7 gifts each.. plus this one was an extra for the both of them. : ) 

This travel bag on the left was only like $5 or $6 bucks. But it has really high reviews. When ladies leave reviews on Sephora they're usually super honest... if they hate it... they say, they hate it. But almost everyone who has bought this Sephora clear travel bag loves it. They say their stuff zips right through the TSA so easily. Plus none of their toiletries leak. They said the lipstick pic has glitter. And that is true, so cute. I also loved the sunglasses and passport pic. It made me think..perfect for travel. Also, I have and use makeup brushes at home. Normal size ones. However, I do travel quite a bit. And when I do fly to Guam or to Hawaii or take small trips to Hakone etc. lugging long/normal size cosmetic brushes is a pain. I have been wanting a nice simple set of travel brushes. I have been checking in Target when I'm near one...but haven't seen a set I liked...looks-wise. And I have looked in Japan too. Again didn't find a set that I liked looks-wise. This set comes in basic black and in this neutral color. I usually prefer black colored stuff if given the choice. But for whatever reason...I did not like the look of the brushes in black at all. Like at all, at all. However...I loved this set in neutral. And I usually hate pink colored *anything*. So...even though these are neutral and more tan than pink...I surprised myself that I liked this set. Also I noticed in the reviews online...most ladies, girls and women were reviewing the neutral sets. So maybe...this sets is more attractive for American women...or I don't know. But this color got me too. And like I said...I do travel quite a bit and I needed a nice simple set. A set that didn't cost a fortune. And a set I like and will actually use. 

And that lipstick has shimmery glitter to it. It's such a cute but basic useful travel bag. 

Love these. When I travel I can just throw these in my cosmetic bag and go on vacation for a week or two. Perfect size for when I travel.

Eye shadow palette from Tarte.

I love makeup, that doesn't look like you're wearing makeup. I have been wanting this neutral palette for ages. I can use every color in this because they're all neutrals and I gravitate towards neutrals. So all in all...we all had a nice quiet Christmas here. We all 4 got what we wanted. It was a nice dinner. And the best thing about cooking a big meal at Christmas is that you pretty much don't have to make dinner or lunch the next day at all. And we ate ham until Wednesday afternoon the last was ham sandwiches that day...for Wednesday night's dinner last night... is when I made something different. But pretty much...lunches and dinner for a day or two...are taken care of because we made such a big dinner on Christmas. : ) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. And ate plenty of good food.