Monday, December 04, 2017

Bits from last week...

I know, I purchased Noah 2 packs of undies 3 weeks ago? A month ago? Well, 4 pair... weren't enough and I knew that but they didn't have any better designs in his size at the store I bought from this time I went to another branch of the same store...because I wanted to toss all his 150cm undies away that he outgrew. So, I went last week and bought Noah 2 extra packs of 160cm undies. That way he has 8 pair of undies now and that's enough. I tossed all his 150cm undies away. And now he's using just this size now.  I also made sure Branden got new school socks and new undershirts for school too. 

With winter weather approaching fast. I picked a slightly longer length of socks and again Bran only likes this particular style of undershirt and since these are more common in summer. They only had 1 pack of undershirts. I bought what they had. But 6 pair of school socks...a total score. Will keep my eyeballs peeled for undershirts for Bran to wear under his uniform shirts... for high school. He has about 8 of them (undershirts), but some needed replacing. 

I made a really big pot of pork green chili last week. And this random pic captured was...a breakfast burrito that I was making for my kids. Branden got 2 and Noah got one. These are humongous sized. Scrambled eggs, tons of pork green chili and shredded colby cheese. The kids were totally filled up for their day of school with these in their tummy's. They took beef bologna and cheese sandwiches to school that day too. 2 for Bran and 1 for Noah. A container of fresh fruit too, 2 mikan each for each of them. Bran took chips and cookies... because it's high school and those are allowed. But Noah just took the sandwich and fresh fruit. : ) 

What have I been watching on TV? We do enjoy TV weekly after supper, kitchen clean-up and showers. We love Young Sheldon, my entire family loves this show. Here is young Sheldon knocking at his grandma's house. He is very close to her. She lives near them, but has her own house.

This is Meemaw. Also known as the actress Annie Potts. I always think of the beautiful Annie Potts. As the older friend (Iona) to Andie (Molly Ringwald) in Pretty in Pink. Who gave Andie her prom dress. And her shooting that shoplifter in the face with a stapler. And the kid said..."you missed my eye by an inch" and Annie Potts said..."half an inch!!!" LOL. 

Sheldon grew up in Texas. And he wrote to NASA, one location is also in Texas. And waited for a return letter. And in his typical Sheldon way...he was very upset... not getting a return letter. Drove the entire family bananas. So one weekend Sheldon's dad said they were all going to drive to NASA and get Sheldon his reply. They sat and waited patiently for hours at NASA. They were getting blown off big time. Until Sheldon's dad burst into the office and got Sheldon heard. Finally. In this pic...the dad just burst into the office. After wasting hours in the waiting room.

Sheldon had his say. Explained what he had to. The guy said...Sheldon's stuff was just too advanced. That answer...totally satisfied Sheldon. And so they left. 

Sheldon's very nice mom and dad. 

The entire family...even including meemaw...driving back home after visiting NASA. Sheldon told his father....thank you for driving me there. It was super sweet...the whole mood in the car. This show is just so good. 

His brother and his sister. And Sheldon in the middle. I do love the Big Bang Theory. I have watched from day 1. But this show...Young Sheldon. Is so fantastic. It's hard not to fall in love with this family. Sheldon is so completely different than anyone else... in his entire family. But they still love him, just as much as everyone else. And they support him fully.