Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Winter clothes shopping is pretty much done now. 2 huge orders from Gap/Old Navy arrived...

In an effort to finish with our Winter clothes shopping. When Old Navy/Gap USA had a huge sale, I placed 2 orders. One was at 45% off and one was at 50% off. This says, Style Delivered.  

Yep this is definitely from the USA, because It says Gap, Old Navy, if you remember Old Navy left Japan last year. And Japan doesn't even have Athletics. So yep...a package from the US for sures. : )
I picked up some sweatshirts and some winter vests. I liked this sweatshirt. Because even though winter can be gray and gloomy weather-wise. This shirt just looks so cheerful and I loved it. 

I love this quilted black vest so much. 

Denim seems to be getting lighter and lighter. I do have a jean jacket...but wanted a lighter color denim jacket and am so happy I ordered this. 
This red plaid quilted vest was so gorgeous. It was an instant immediate love for me. I ordered it immediately. 
Black quilted vest far left, red quilted plaid vest center and my new lighter denim jacket far right. 

And my sweatshirt. I love this sweatshirt so much. 

I liked this sweatshirt and the gold wording.

I also liked this wine colored/ maroon colored sweatshirt with silver wording.

And this just makes me smile. Every single time I see it. So as for me, I am done for my winter clothes shopping. I don't need a single thing. For myself. 

For Noah, loved this long sleeve in yellow with navy arms. Noah needed lots of long sleeves since he wears regular clothes to school.

Loved this maroon colored long sleeve with gray arms. 

Loved this shirt for Noah too. Orange sleeves baseball style shirt with cute message. These were all like $5 US on sale. 

This one I really liked a lot. Evergreen colors arms and bear print and pine tree print on the body of the shirt. So super cute.

Old Navy sweatshirt.


This was on a heavily reduced sale and was just $4.99 at Gap. And sold out the next glad I got this for Noah. 
My 2 sweatshirts arrived in another huge order.

Some of Noah's long sleeved tops. 

Love these. Noah is now all set. He has 5 sweatshirts. 7 long sleeve tops now or 8. Two new sweatpants. New jeans. This kid is all set now.  

Noah also got this gray Old Navy top on the right too.

This is even cuter in person.

Cute long sleeve for Noah. Remember Bran is all done winter clothes wise...especially since he wears a school uniform 5 days a week.

And the sweatpants. Knowing that my kids are now taken care of..regarding winter clothes now. Huge peace of mind now. Now we can just relax and enjoy the weather getting colder. 
And sorry I almost forgot... my Hello! sweatshirt. : )