Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Happy TBT everyone!!! Since it's November...I went to my November pics from years ago to get today's throwback. Noah swinging on the swings on our playground that we used to have for our kids in our backyard when they were little. It was a sunny but cool crisp Fall day. Good thing Noah had on his warm and fuzzy fleece lined jeans and a long sleeve and a sweatshirt.

I loved that the boys could play in the privacy of our fenced in backyard. Get all their energy out. And if they got tired of swinging and riding their tire swing and sliding down their slide or rock climbing wall on the jungle gym. Yet still wanted to be outside in the country fresh air...they could play with their DS games together. Play some Mario Kart. Come in for lunch time and if they felt like playing after lunch then they could for as long as they wanted and if they wanted to come in and bake something with me or watch TV or play upstairs they could do that too. 

Another pic also from November. Branden and I baked a batch of chocolate chip pecan cookies. They wanted you to see the chocolate chips and pecans before we gave it a few quick and final stirs. 

Noah taking a rest...meanwhile his brother was swinging on the swings. I loved that I could always just peek my head out one of the 2 huge patio windows and see what my 2 boys were up to while they played and had fun in the backyard. 

A crisp November morning. My pika pika ichinensei Branden was about to be driven to school by me and I thought...better take a quick pic. It wasn't full on winter mode. But it certainly was...a crisp Fall morning that definitely felt cold.

Family movie night in November. And yep...we still have family movie nights... even now. I just want my kids to know...doesn't matter if we go to the movies. Or we watch a movie at home. The important thing has always been....togetherness...we enjoy a movie together. We have special snacks. And we get all snuggle-y buggle-y and we have pillows and fleece blankets. And it's just our special 2 hours. We take time out for our family. No computer, No phone calls. Just us. And just fun. We need to carve that special time out for our family....and that's just something we have always done. 

Yep that time it was a 3D movie. And boy oh boy did the boys LOVE that. : )  Anyway just a few miscellaneous snippets from a November of years past. How cool! : )

Anyway...anything new to add? Yesterday I went to Noah's observation day at the local elementary school. It was pretty good.