Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Going to the movies to see The Justice League...

There are just so many good movies out right now. I asked Branden and Noah on Thanksgiving, if you guys want to go and see the new Justice League movie, then let me know and I'll go and buy the tickets on Friday/the next day and we can go and see it, Saturday. Both the boys were like, yes!!!! We want to see that!!! I said okie dokie. And so Friday morning, as I was out running an errand (buying 2 more loaves of bread from the bakery, so we could finish up our turkey, which yes we did) and also bought some mugicha and also some jasmine tea. I did buy 3 movie tickets. And left the movies as soon as I purchased the tickets Friday morning. I showed the kids the tickets as soon as they got home Friday after school. And boy were they stoked for Saturday. I was too. Our movie started at 11:55am. Nearly/almost 12 noon. And we already had our tickets. We left our house at 11am. Because we live way out in the middle of the deep countryside. And have to drive up to the small city nearest us. To our nearest movie theater. We arrived around 11:30am. And everyone went to the restroom. And around 11:45am, I went up and ordered our snacks at the concession stand. Branden said, he wanted nachos and a large coke. Okay, got that for Mr. Dimples. And Noah said... he wanted a half caramel and half buttered and salt popcorn. Okie dokie, got that. And for myself, I picked a small caramel popcorn and a small drink. Both the kids shared the nachos and they both shared the large popcorn. They always share their movie snacks, with one another. : ) 

Hello Branden, hello Noah!!! A pic from our afternoon at the movies Saturday, November 25th. Branden and Noah were most excited to see Aquaman!!! I swear it must be all the swimming my kids did when they were little! LOL. 

We grabbed our snacks and entered the movies. We found our seats right away too.

Everyone turning their phones off.  What an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon. At the movies as a family. I wish Noboru could have gone with us, but he had work. But he'll be at the next movie with us though. : )

Anyways, what did we think about The Justice League? It was so good!!!! Aquaman, the gorgeous Jason Momoa was amazing in this!!! Wonder Woman was so wonderful in this too. I love Gal Gadot. She's so super cool and gorgeous! Let's hear it for brunettes!!! Woohoo! But for me...I felt that The Flash stole the show. He was absolutely hilarious. He cracked me up a bunch of times. Possible spoilers now... so avoid or read at your own risk. But when they were thinking about bringing back Superman from the dead, they really needed him. The Flash said..."is he going to come back as Superman or more like Pet Cemetery?" LOL! And when Superman was brought back...at first he was discombobulated and attacking Wonder Woman and Batman and everyone.... and The Flash said..."ewww Pet Cemetery!" LOL.  The Flash was just very relatable.

The next movie we will go and see is, the new Star Wars. It comes out in Japan December 15th. Which I think.... that's the same date it comes out in America too. Our family is huge Star Wars fans. So we will go and see it immediately. We have watched every single trailer for this like a billion times already. We can barely wait!!! So super exciting.