Monday, November 20, 2017

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

So far, I have only been to Costco this month (November) twice. This particular cart pic was taken on November 6th. I bought a huge pack of lean 100% ground beef because I made fully loaded nachos that night. I also made, homemade cheeseburger night at home and I also made a huge pot of chili beans and skillet fried up some lean ground beef and whoever wanted their chili beans with beef could add it. Everyone but me, had their big bowls of chili with ground beef and beans and sour cream and toppings. I had mine with everything except the beef. The salsa and tortilla chips were also for the nachos too. And the cinnamon rolls were for a couple mornings worth of quick weekday breakfasts with huge glass of milk for the kids and coffee for us adults. The peanut butter is because cookie season is upon us. : )

Okay fellow seems  Costco has us covered as always. Thanks Costco. Costco Inzai has a huge amount of turkeys for sale. And I am sure that is the same for all the other locations throughout Japan too.  I made sure to buy my bird on...November 17th. And he has been defrosting in the fridge since this Sunday afternoon. And I flip him over daily so he can slowly defrost on both sides. Gobble gobble gobble. I can hardly wait until this coming Thursday. And as luck would have it. It seems it's a holiday in Japan??? Because both my kids do not have school this Thursday...which is Thanksgiving for us Americans. So...this is so awesome to be able to have my kids home on Thanksgiving. Super excited about that!

And my final pic of this post is a cart pic from last Friday. November 17th. What's in my cart? A 15.8 pound turkey. I usually go for a 20 pounder but since my dad will be on vacation for Thanksgiving this year. I went for a tad smaller bird. Another pack of ground beef. I made spaghetti and meatballs. Tacos. And cheeseburgers. The big hunk of orange cheese Colby/Jack is because they had no shredded Mexican style cheese at my Costco and so I bought this...and just shredded it myself for taco night. The sliced Tillamook is for turkey sandwiches. The black olives is for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the huge box of potatoes are for mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. The dinner rolls. I freeze them in freezer bags. Some went for garlic bread with the spaghetti and meatballs we had. Some will be dinner rolls for Thanksgiving, although I am also making cornbread for Thanksgiving too. The pasta sauce 3 pack. Only 1 was used for spaghetti and meatball night. That's it really.

Anything else to add? Plain regular salt Lay chips in the yellow bag is now available at Costco again like they used to sell them years ago. However...I forgot to buy them while at Costco last week. But no worries I bought them at the store in the small town near me which sells them for super cheap. I bought 2 bags of Lay's for the leftover turkey sandwiches. I will be baking 2 pumpkin pies on Wednesday from scratch and also running to the bakery to buy 2 loaves of bread for sandwiches, some lettuce and tomatoes also for the leftover sandwiches too. And I am sure I'll go back on Friday too and buy 3 loaves. Loaves in Japan are small...just 6-8 slices.'s not like 24 slices a loaf or anything. : )

Weather... how's the weather? It hasn't snowed in my town yet. But every morning when I drive Branden to the train station... the weather has been between 34F and 36F degrees. Every single morning at 6:20am. I have had actual frost on my windshield the past 2 mornings. It is hella freaking cold at that time. The sun starts shining after 7am-ish. But at gray skies and freaking hella cold. Anyways...if I don't get the chance to say it...since today is already Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!