Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Throwback Thursday...

Today is TBT day and it also happens to be October 26th, which is of course Branny McB's birthday today. So I thought... what a fitting day to do a TBT dedicated to my first born! Branden you were regular size at birth, but as you grew month after became a chubby baby. But that's good. That means you were healthy and a good eater. You were born in Honolulu, Hawaii. You lived your first year in the states and so when my pediatrician said you could be started on solids one at a time. You loved the idea. Your first food was Gerber rice cereal. That was a favorite. You loved Gerber baby peas. Those were also one of your faves. The first 3 times I gave you Gerber baby peaches you hated them and wouldn't eat them. You do like peaches now though and did from around age 2. However you really liked Gerber spiced apples. You loved KFC mashed potatoes and gravy, if your dad and I were out during the day with you and you needed something warm and quick to eat on the go, we liked that we could pick up a teeny tiny one of those for you in a pinch. : ) You loved original Cheerios, the no sugar kind that was your #1 baby snack, Noah's too. I would always have some in my diaper bag with me. And also I always had some Gerber baby wagon wheels with me too. Which is what you were munching on in this pic and what's on your table. As soon as you got teeth and didn't need to gum things anymore. You could eat and enjoy everything. Fresh fruit. Baked or roasted meat cut up in tiny little bite size pieces. 
This is you in Japan somewhere near Osaka. We went from Chiba to Osaka to meet up with your dad's family and we all went for a weekend to an onsen there. We were living in Chiba by now. 
This is you Branden and uncle Jun behind you. He went with you to make sure no deer bit or gobbled you up. HA! You and uncle Jun went to feed some deer. We were still on that family trip near Osaka at some beach onsen resort type place. Uncle Jun was not married yet during this time. Though Noboru/daddy was and my SIL/auntie K was. 2 of the 3 kids were married at this time. You have always loved animals. Dogs, cats, deer, birds. All animals.  
You were always building blanket forts in the house when you were little! You thought they were so cool and fun! Here you were watching your mini DVD player inside your top secret hide-out. : ) I always let you build forts and hoped you would get bored with them the next day, so the house wouldn't look cray-cray. But...I also wanted you to be a kid. And do kid things. And so, if I had to see forts in your room and a few forts in the living room. That was okay. : ) You also got your brother into this blanket fort stuff too! : )
You have always loved the water. 

You've always been kind and nice and had lots of friends. Love that dimple! 

You at the summer festival at your yochien.
You getting ready to go to yochien. It was raining. Good thing you had your ultra cool duckie umbrella. And yes, I made sure to buy a new duckie umbrella by the time Noah enrolled in the same yochien. : )  Because kids are kids for such a short amount of time. They're so amazingly innocent at that age. And they most definitely would not want to use a duckie umbrella when they're in high school. LOL. You wouldn't be caught dead with one right now. But when you were loved it. 

You snuggling in your bedroom. Bottom line kiddo. We love you Bran. I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that you turned 16 years old today!!! I have loved every baby stage, every toddler stage...every child stage...every baby tooth that you lost, I kept and gently placed money under your pillow. Every knee that you skinned I washed it, antibacterial-ed it and put a bandaid on it. Wiped your tears. I have done monster checks in your bedroom when you were little, checked under your bed and inside your closet. Let you sleep with a know...just in case any monster should come during the night....and I have truly loved watching you grow right before my eyes!!! Now you're 16 years old! You're in high school. You're so much taller and bigger than me and daddy now. And while I respect that you're getting older. I love that you're also in many ways still the same too. You still love spending time with me. You still talk...truly talk and tell me stuff. I always listen. You still love coming down to family movie night on a Saturday night. Yet, I know when to give you your space too. So, I hope you look at the pics on here and smile. I already know what you're going to say... you're not going to mind but you will say..."mom those pics are so cringey!!!" And that's okay. Because the distant future you will think...what a thoughtful thing my mom did. And so no... not cringey at all. I love you kid! : )