Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Throwback Thursday, picking out our pumpkin 2008! And last night's Tsukimi-Moon Viewing...

Branden and Noah about to pick out their Halloween pumpkin that year in Chiba, Japan at Costco.
Here in Japan, we have a thing in Fall called Tsukimi, which literally means Moon Viewing. The best days this year are October 4-6th. So if you wanted to glance out your window from home during one of those couple nights the moon should be full round and absolutely gorgeous on those nights! We all looked out our back patio window as we were having dinner and saw the moon starting to peek out yesterday evening, October 4th. It was round and beautiful! It truly is a fantastic time to enjoy the Harvest Moon in all it's glory. : ) If you haven't had time yet, there's still time. It's only the 5th here. You can check tonight and maybe even tomorrow too, at the most. : ) We will be checking tonight also. : )

What a truly gorgeous Fall moon!!! Happy Moon Viewing everyone! : )