Thursday, October 05, 2017

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. One pumpkin for carving. And 3 pumpkins from the pumpkin patch...

We love Halloween at our house! We watch scary movies all October long! I make sure my kids have a humongous assortment of Halloween candy, since trick or treating is done in our housing community here in Japan... but it's done in the daytime. @_@ And it's only done at a handful of houses. So for the most part, we celebrate Halloween in our own special way.... by watching fun scary movies. We don't open our Halloween candy until October 31st. So we have something *really* special to look forward to every October 31st. And I always make something super special and fun for Halloween dinner. Again though...when you're living in a foreign country and the holiday isn't really celebrated like how you do back in your home country. We sorta just make it our own special type of fun celebration. And we love Halloween at our house. We do it so kids love and look forward to Halloween every year. : ) Anyways....I bought our Halloween pumpkin this year. I bought it September 25th.  How exciting to know we already have our Halloween carving pumpkin already! Meanwhile... 
We live in very rural Japan. Like seriously a town with less than 5000 people. Tons of farms. Rice farms. There's moo moo cow types farms too. Anyway...I always wished one of these farmers would start growing Halloween type pumpkins. And every year nope! Until this year!!!! Anyway...I'm a chatter box. Ya'll know that. I also always believe polite! You truly never have any idea who it're talking to. : ) So anyways...for I pass all these farms. As I would see a farmer busy farming, I would roll my window down and say..."beautiful weather we're having today" And they'd smile and say... yes! You know what I mean. Small chit chatty stuff. And in winter I'd roll my window down and say..."It sure is cold out, stay warm today if you can" And they'd smile and say,,,alright! It's truly so cool to be living and raising our kids in a town that looks like the town where the 2 sisters in Totoro lived. : ) Anyways...I have been seeing one farm grow Halloween pumpkins, this year for the first time ever. And I have been like dazzled. I have watched them grow. And while I have greeted them as I pass by every time, like I have been doing for years and years. I never asked about their pumpkins because I figured...they were spoken for. They were selling them somewhere. Anyway...they pulled all the pumpkins. And they were gone. Sob sob sob. Hahaha. : ) So anyways...the day we went to visit Branden's school. When was that? Last Saturday, September 30th. Anyways, as we passed that morning, I waved at the farmers and they waved back at me. They probably thought... there's that happy peppy American woman! Hahaha. : ) Anyways...I saw they had a massive amount of leftover pumpkins pushed to the side. Didn't think much about it. We drove off to the big city and then when it was over we headed back to our teeny tiny Totoro town. What timing. There was the farmer, old husband and wife duo. And Noboru smiled and waved. Noboru's not really a waver, I am. But they were waving at me and he waved too. And he stopped the car to chat. Just for a second. Anyway...I mentioned to them...those sure were gorgeous pumpkins that they grew this year. And I asked...what are ya'll going to do with these discarded leftover ones right here? I pointed. And they said...the crows can eat them...or animals. Those are throwaways. I never asked for them. I would *never* be so forward. But I did say...oh they're too pretty to be eaten by the crows. They both you want them? You are more than welcome to them all..please please take as many as you want! I, I couldn't. I shouldn't. They please take them. So, I said. Yes please. Can I have 3? They said...take 6! I smiled and said. 3 is fine. I told them, we live in such and such housing community on the last street and I will put them on my front porch. You can drive by and see them if you like. It made them happy that a few wouldn't go to waste. So anyway...long story short. Always be nice, always be kind. No matter what. You never know. In my case...I lucked out to get some "throw away" discarded unwanted pumpkins. But I *love* them and I am so happy to have them. : ) Noah and I went to look at the pumpkins as Noboru and the farmers chatted some more. I had my phone camera, so I took these pics on the sly. See this pic though...tossed near the trees. These were indeed the throw aways. But they're beautiful and awesome to me!!! : )

Just look at these beauties. In America...pumpkins are so dirt cheap to buy. But in Japan, that's sadly not the case. They're pricey. And also super hard to find. So to be able to get pumpkins from a pumpkin patch...and for free?!!! Holy cow! What good luck. : ) 

Since I received the pumpkins on the last day of September. September 30th. I decided to place these 3 pumpkin beauties out on October 1st. And yes that's a scarecrow on top of the mini pumpkin pile. And just look at the hanging baskets in full bloom. I have 4 hanging baskets but it's hard to get all 4 in 1 shot/pic. Plus the Fall wreath on the front door. It's very nicely decorated for Fall. I love how it came out!!! It's truly so gorgeous!

Happy Fall everyone!!! We have 3 pumpkins outside. And 1 for carving inside the house. I love this time of the year! : )