Saturday, October 07, 2017

Fall clothes shopping for the boys...

Where did I last leave off....regarding Fall and Winter clothes shopping for the boys? That's right. Like I said, I start in September and slowly get both the boys ready. Bit by bit. So by the time it finally gets down right chilly. My kids will be ready. Remember Branden and Noah each picked out 2 sweatshirts from the Gap store in September. And that's what you see here hanging outside one day in September. I put them in the quick wash. Air dried and they're hanging in both of their closets. For whenever it's cold enough, they can pull them out and have them. Fresh and clean and ready to wear! 
Also Noah's 4 new pair of jeans, I also washed on the quick setting and hung to dry. They are also in his pants drawer and although he hasn't worn his jeans just yet. They will be waiting for...whenever he decides it's chilly enough to wear them. Noah has been using his sweatshirts though already. : ) 
Although Branden did get a new pair of Vans for this season already. Noah needed a new pair of sneakers. He's officially wearing adults sneakers now. No more kids sizes for him. This is a first for Noah. Anyways...we fell in love with this sneaker. The 25cm was too small. We loved this shoe, but wanted the 25.5, we tried it in the black pair on the right pictured... that was the same exact model just different color.  Also important to note...before we purchase anything in person... we always check first. Because if you can find it cheaper! These were 6300 yen at the store but only 4200 yen at Amazon. That's about a 2000 yen or US$20 savings. So we went home after deciding on which size we wanted. And ordered these at home. And because we got 2000 yen off because we opted to buy from Amazon. Noah was able to get 2 pair of shoes same style just 2 different colors. We saved 4000 yen on both pairs. So...yeah we were very happy about the huge savings in money because we opted to buy online at Amazon. 
School socks for Bran. 6 extra pair was a good idea. 

School socks for Noah. And since his shoes are 25.5. We picked Noah adult men's socks now. But very cute ones and they were like 280 yen for a pack of 3. So very good deals. 9 pair of socks for Noah. 

4 new pair of undies for Noah. Can't believe he's wearing 170 cm undies now. I personally find kids undies run small. This size fits him perfectly. 

Noah's shoes came fast. 

Lime and navy New Balance sneakers. 

Exactly what we wanted and a US$20/2000 yen savings? Smartest idea ever to buy from Amazon. Versus in the store. And no...I am not an Amazon Prime member or anything. I'm just a regular member. Fwiw. : )

This says orange/black. But they're orange and navy. Believe me...I checked. Also, I noticed during undokai, that bright sneakers at our school seem to be super popular this year for boys. So...with the savings from buying online...Noah was lucky to get 2 new pair of brand name sneakers for Fall/Winter. 

What very pretty sneakers. And these were not even available at the store we looked at. But they were however available online. Noah loves this pair the most!!! But he is alternating between both pairs of his New Balance sneakers.
This was that quick meal, I mentioned on my Costco cart pic blog. What I made with the rotisserie chicken. Everyone got some slices of rotisserie chickens. A good amount. And some Spanish rice. Some shredded cheese, some lettuce and sour cream and salsa. And we wrapped up our food with flour tortillas as we ate. It was so delicious. And quite healthy having a roasted chicken. And a very easy meal to pull together in no time. : )

Anyways, we're still not finished with the kids Fall and Winter clothes shopping just yet. But we're getting closer.