Monday, October 02, 2017

Branden's High School Cultural Day...

Saturday, September 30th. The last day of September was Branden's high school's Bunkasai Day. Which means Cultural Day/Culture Day. Most JHS's and high schools in Japan have some form of bunkasai event. Our local JHS one was/is pretty lame. Absolutely no food. And basically we just sit in nice cushy seats in an auditorium for the entire day and watch program after program. Some play instruments. Some sing. But high school bunkasai's are super fun. They sell food. It's more like a fair or festival. Booths selling lots of food, cotton candy, caramel popcorn. They sold farmer fresh veggies in the morning. There was a haunted house. All sorts of cool stuff happens at high school Cultural Day. This is also a time for final year JHS students to get one last look at the high school they are hoping to be accepted to. So many JHS kids wearing different uniforms attended too. And parents with them. We remember that last year this was us visiting this high school...feeling very hopeful that Branden would be accepted. And he was. This year however.,...the pressure was off. And we could just attend the Culture Day feeling relaxed and just enjoyed it. They sold Indian chicken curry, which was delicious. Noboru and I each had a small bowl. They sold a small or large. The small was 50 yen and the large was 100 yen. The choco bananas were 50 yen. All the money goes back to the school and the specific club and/or course of kids were selling whatever it is you bought. The 1st year "English kids", which is Branden's course. Sold Light bulb drinks pictured here. Noah bought one, Branden bought one and I bought one. They glowed and had blinking lights on these. The 1st year English course kids light bulb drinks were a hit and everyone wanted one! Good job Branden and rest of his class. You guys picked a great thing to sell. And no, in that picture of a girl sitting down, that's not what the high school girls uniform looks like, at all. You can tell by the longer length, that's a JHS skirt. I was very careful, not to show any high school uniforms from my son's high school.
This is the English course kids wing/part of the building. You hear English chatter as you walk down these halls.  I am so happy my son is getting the education that he's getting by attending this high school. It's a very pro American feel's very pro foreigner friendly *regardless* of the country you come from. The kids at this school are really different. They're very open minded. There are so many foreigners attending this school as well as the teachers too. The teachers here are special. They're good teachers. All of them.

In our town at the local elementary school and JHS...they like Japanese singers. Japanese idols, nothing wrong with that. But at this school... it's hard not to notice the difference...they seem to have strong preferences to western singers. The Beatles (England) I see American singers Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, The Strokes, Katy Perry. Canadian singers Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne. There is a Russian 2nd year girl, who speaks 3 languages at this school, which is so amazing. A half Japanese half Brazilian who is stunningly gorgeous (looks a little bit like Noah) who fluently speaks Portuguese and Japanese and is in the English course...granted her English is so so. But she basically speaks 3 languages. A hafu boy who speaks Japanese and Thai. Oh yeah....the day of Culture Day...other hafu from other high school's who have a friend who go here and got an invitation... also showed up because this is a school known for lots of hafu. And a boy showed up on bunkasai day. Noboru noticed him. He was hafu but looked more Asian, but he was hafu. Anyway...he was wearing a different high school uniform. He went ahead and introduced himself to Branden and said..."you're Branden,  I heard you're half Japanese and American, nice to meet you." He said that he was half French and half Japanese. Another hafu girl. Who graduated last year. She looks 100% white, but she's hafu, she also came to speak with Branden too, she was very nice to Bran. People attending the bunkasai could only enter with an invitation.  Now these high school hafu know each other now...and are friends...and are networking. And that's very fascinating and very cool. I'm glad that this high school...makes it a safe be a hafu. A safe place where it's considered... an actual good thing to be able to speak 2 and 3 languages. It's a very safe and fun environment for kids like Branden to be going to school. There's a 2nd year girl who is half Canadian and half Japanese. And her brother is trying to enter here, next year. She and Branden are extremely good friends. They're totally buddies.

Like the sign says in the English Wing...World Food Court. And the sign in white on the floor says...This way...with an arrow pointing. We popped our heads in there...Noboru, Noah and I. And there were 10 girls selling...and I think out of all 10...9 of them were hafu or mixed. And 1 was 100% foreign. Really super cute beautiful girls. All super friendly. So kind. And they just gushed over Noah. "He's so cute!!!!!" OMG...look at him!!!!" And you could hear them say..."that's Branden's brother" Or a whisper..."this must be Branden's family."  Branden was selling in the 1st grade English room. This was the 2nd grade English room. These girls were selling cinnamon rolls and muffins. These girls were such sweetie pies! Nicest girls ever!

Us 3 taking a break. Noboru about to eat a hot dog. 

Noboru and Noah taking a break, we 3 sat down for a bit. We were so happy to be there and support Branden! And all the other kids too.
The goodies we brought back from Branden's Culture Day. We left around 12:30pm. Got back home via the car about 1:30pm. Branden had to stay at school until 4pm. And he caught the train back home, which Noboru went and picked him up from the train station. Long story short. Cultural Day was awesome. The kids who attend this school rock! They're bilingual and trilingual, how amazing is that. And they just put me in awe. They're truly such amazing kids!!! The teachers are having fun teaching here. They're smiling. They look happy. Again...we love this school so much. Anyway...that's the long and short of Branden's 1st year/10th grade high school Cultural Day.