Monday, October 16, 2017

Bits from our weekend. Going to the movies and also hitting the outlet mall...

How was every one's weekend? Ours was pretty awesome! It was such a relief to have an actual full weekend to ourselves meaning...not having to go or attend a town undokai/sports day or an actual elementary school sports day or a Culture Day, YKWIM. It's important for kids and parents be able to get 2 days off a week to refresh...recharge. And start the school week yet again. So yeah...while we will *always* attend these events if our kids are in them and with a smile. It is certainly best to actually get a 2 day weekend. And just chill and relax a bit. So that being said. For us having a normal weekend. Thank the lord. And yes!!! Nice to just chill. Anyways...2 of the 5 DVDs arrived to my house via on Wednesday, October 11th. I have yet to see Everything, Everything. We will be watching that this weekend. So I am completely looking forward to it. Last Friday, we were all happy the weekend started. And enjoyed a nice dinner here at home. However we were all sorta tired. So we decided it was best to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Saturday. By the way, it's been raining in our town since last Friday. And it's raining even right now as I type. So non stop rain since last Friday. Friday we all just rested after dinner. Watched The Orville on TV after everyone took showers. Saturday. I baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I made a nice supper. And Saturday evening, we all popped some popcorn on the stove. And we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. How did we like it? We loved it. It was honestly better than the first movie. : ) 
Yep, Everything, Everything was indeed a #1 New York Times best seller. I can't wait to watch this with the family this coming Saturday evening. : ) 

Annabelle Creation. Not sure if you can see the date on top in white above the poster? And yes, this movie might be long gone from movie theaters in America. But it barely just came to movie theaters October 13th. Ahem...or should I say...Friday The 13th??? Dundundun!!!! So for Americans in the US, this movie might be old and crusty and just about to be released o DVD... but for us in Japan, it's brand spanking new. So, on Wednesday October 11th, Noboru bought the 4 of us our movie tickets online for Sunday's movie showing. You have to pick your seats. If you are in Japan, then you know this. You just can't sit randomly anywhere in a movie theater. : ) So yep...we have been eagerly awaiting this movie to come out here and as soon as the movie seats and tickets were made available to purchase online, we did. We picked the 12 noon showing, Sunday October 15th. It is also important to note this movie is only being played at 3 places in Chiba prefecture. And 1 place in Ibaraki. As you know we live on the edge/border of Chiba and Ibaraki. And actual Chiba city or Ibaraki city...Ibaraki city is tons closer for us. So we went to the movie theater in Tsukuba City, since that is tons closer for us than Chiba City is. So fwiw, our closer/closest movie theater is in rural Ibaraki and that's the one we mainly go to. This movie theater we went to on Sunday was a different movie theater...and located in the bustling city of Tsukuba at a shopping mall. There's a movie theater in the mall. 
Concession stand. 

We picked 2 large half and half popcorn's and 4 medium drinks. The popcorn's are half caramel and half buttery salt and there is a cardboard divider separating the two types of popcorn.
We love when there are 2 side seats. We also prefer and pick those 2 seats. That way the kids can sit in front of us and we know that nobody can sit near them and we sit directly right behind them and we know that no stranger will sit near us either. So we love those seats and always pick to sit there. Anyway the movie was awesome. And it ended around 2pm. After the movie our plan was to head to the Ami Premium outlet. We wanted to get some jeans and winter clothes for Branden. 

These are slim fit.The style of jeans.

And these are slim stretch. Branden tried on many different styles on Sunday. But he prefers the slim style and so he got 2 pairs of Gap jeans on Sunday. 

Two different shades of blue. Bran wears a school uniform, 5 days a week. So, I am relieved at least that now he has enough for a weekend. I do want Branden to get another pair of pants or jeans. But I am relieved at least that he has 2 new pair that he loves. 

Branden also got a new pair of Gap sweatpants and a new Gap long sleeve top. 

Also...for whatever reason... an usually high amount of Japanese high school and college aged girls and ladies (stylish moms) were buying men's sweatpants and not women's and no none of these ladies were big girls it wasn't a size issue at all. @_@ Perhaps the girls sweats were too pink and stuff. I don't know the reason, I can only tell ya what I saw. The boys were basic and gorgeous and preppy colors. They came in 2 styles of navy and 2 shades of gray (one lighter and the other more of a darker charcoal gray) there was also a charcoal black (was the name on the tag), it looked like a light black... were the choices. So very wearable color choices. Perhaps why the ladies preferred these versus a pink pair with hearts on them. Anyways...after seeing the 4th skinny girl pick a pair of men's sweats. And after seeing Bran just try them on and see how cute they were with the words down one of the legs. I said to Noboru and Noah...I'm gonna go try a pair on.  And...I'm sorry... but they were just too cute for words. I picked a smaller size than Bran. But yep...I asked Bran if he minded if we could be twinsies? And he said...I don't mind at all. These were so popular at the Gap outlet. Are we done winter clothes shopping for the kids yet? Not yet. And we're going shopping for Fall/Winter clothes again this coming weekend too. Hopefully we can be done and get it all over soon as humanly possible. It's not fun for any of us, having to waste a day in the dressing rooms's just something we gotta do.  But...the weather has switched to cold. Remember how last time I said...Noah was wearing sweatshirts, but not needing to wear his new pants yet? Well...Friday the 13th morning...the weather outside was so cold was the first official day Noah wore jeans, and a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. He hasn't needed to wear a coat just yet...but you know... he he a new one. From Gap at 45% off too. Anyways...hopefully the kids can get sorted and finished with winter clothes soon. 
There are many Ohsho restaurants in Chiba prefecture, but only 1 in Ibaraki. After finishing with shopping at the Gap outlet. We were all starving by then. And so we went and had Chinese food at the Ohsho, in Ibaraki. We didn't get home to near 7pm. Everyone took turns showering. And Branden went to his room to chill for the rest of the night. Noah went to his room. And I kicked it on the couch until bedtime, Noboru kicked it in the living room with me, watching TV too. How was our weekend? Pretty nice. We saw 2 new to us movies. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy part 2. We saw Annabelle Creation and we even managed to get Branden 2 pair of jeans, 1 pair of sweatpants and a long sleeve top too. His size in tops is still a size large at American stores like the Gap. So...same size in tops as last year. So...he still has about 5 long sleeves in size large from last year, that are practically brand new, though he's still getting new ones too. And his legs/height has changed a lot since last year, though he was still tall last year too...Branden grows like a weed. So...he needed new jeans, the ones from last year were highwaters. He's already 5 foot 10 *and* a half and he's only 15 years old and *still* growing!!!!! He'll more than likely be 5 foot 11 by Thanksgiving, at the rate he's going . All the teachers at his school ask you play American football? And his gym teacher asked Branden when he first saw him, do you lift weights??? And at the movies to watch Annabelle Creation the lady taking our tickets... flat out asked to see Branden's high school ID because she thought he was an adult!!!! Branden has a very American body frame, tall, broad shoulders and muscular, where as in Japan... Japanese guys tend to have very petite narrow extremely thin body frames. And that's fine too. But Branden has a very different body type than most Japanese 15 years old's for living in Japan. @_@  Anyways...long story short. A fantastic weekend. We're getting there regarding Fall/Winter clothes shopping for the kids. And we're still going for more shopping this coming weekend too.

Today's Tuesday. I did my weekly grocery shopping yesterday. I also scrubbed toilets and also did a load of laundry yesterday too. The jeans and sweatpants Branden just got from Gap, I washed on the fast cycle and dried them so he can wear them anytime now. We had chicken chow mein last night (Monday). And tonight, I am making karaage (Tuesday). Tomorrow we're having curry soup (Wednesday) I prepare that like nabe in the center of the kitchen table, the family loves when we eat dinner like that. And the day after we're having tacos, ground beef and also chicken ones too (Thursday). Friday will be homemade cheeseburger night to kick off the start of the weekend.

I have a load of bath towels in the dryer as I type. And a load of clothes in the washer. I also washed both Branden and Noah's bedding on Saturday afternoon. I have been washing every one's bedding weekly now that my washing machine is big enough.