Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Throwback Thursday. Noah and his swimming trophy...

I put my weekly TBT's on hold during the summer break. But with the kids back in school, I'm back at them once again. : ) Today's TBT takes place from September 2013! Noah has been swimming since the age of 3 years old. Kids can't start swimming school... near our area... unless they're age 3. Sure you can join a baby swim class. But we weren't interested in that. So we waited and in June we signed him up, but he couldn't begin until July 7th. The second he was officially age 3 is when Noah started. Getting to watch his older brother swim for years before... Noah could. He could barely wait to start himself. So, since age 3, Noah had been taking swimming lessons. Twice a week. And our swim school will *only* pass you if you complete and show you know the moves and take a test and pass the test. He passed many flower levels and then worked his way down the number levels. From 15 or so all the way down to level 1. He had countless tests since age 3. And finally finally finally. In 2013, Noah took and passed the level 1 test!!! What success! He was awarded a trophy for basically finishing his swimming school. His picture hung at the swim school for a full month. And after that, he swam competitively for the same swim school against other swimming schools in our prefecture. Yep, age 8 is when Noah finished every single level. How did Noah feel receiving his trophy? Totally excited!!! : )

Congratulations my sweet boy, you clearly have the skills! 

Yes, you are a kid! Get silly if you want! You earned every bit of that trophy!

You silly nerd!!! I love you Noah! : )